Monday, October 20, 2014



This week was really hard. But good stuff happened too. 

Listen to this: Last week, a less active member named John called the bishop and told him he wanted to come back to church! So the bishop sent us over :)  His friend Kim, who is not a member, is interested in the church too! We got to go overon Friday night and teach them the Restoration! It went really well. I love teaching. and guess what a miracle happened! Sister Casey invited Kim to be baptized! and she said yes! We don't have a date for her yet though. Here's the miracle part about it: That was the first time sister C has invited someone to be baptized without her companion making her do it! YAY! That is a leap. 
I got to go on exchanges with Sister Menlove!!! That was by far the happiest thing of the whole transfer. We did 100 finding and found a new investigator named Ed! He is the sweetest man! He was so excited to see us (he has met elders before) and told us he is going to catch up on his book of mormon reading before we come!!! how cool is that?! No one ever says stuff like that :). 
We also met a girl named Liz Marie, we were trying to set up an appointment with her but she just wanted to come to church :) That's crazy exciting too!!!! 
Here is the funniest story in america:
We went to have dinner at Sister Knights house on monday evening. She is rather old. While we were eating dinner, she stops and exclaims, "Sister Bailey! I saw someone who looks EXACTLY like you in the ensign!!" oh boy, I had just read that ensign for studies and was positive no one looked like me in it. She runs to get her ensign and searches diligently to find me inside. Now, everyone, I want you to get a copy of the october ensign and turn to page 5. Sister Knight proudly holds up the picture of the girl praying and says again, "it looks just like you!" I didn't really know what so say…sister casey just about spit out her food while trying to hold back laughter. Seeing my disbelief, sister knight proceeds to make me pose like the girl in the magazine so sister casey will agree that it looks just like me. So apparently Sister Knight thinks I'm Asian…ha. It's not the first time :). 
Oh goodness family. Missionary life is crazy hard sometimes. Especially when it comes to companions. But it's all worth it. I've just decided that I'm in the very middle of the refiners fire. which is good because that means that whenever this specific hard stuff ends, things will be 100 better and I will be better too. I've been studying how to be happy and have joy because sometimes it is hard. I studied Sister Winders "Finding Joy in Life" for the 100th time. And I also found a good one by Marvin J. Ashton called "Be of Good Cheer" Also very good. 
Fall is being super beautiful here :) I love it. I've been thinking a lot about you familypants this week. I sure do love you a lot a lot. You are all so lovely and happy! keep being the best family in the whole united states! Love you forever!
Sister Bailey 

The Happiest Halloween Cat! #greeneyeslikethecat

Fall Selfie

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