Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 | #sohappy

Good Morning Crew!!!
This week was one to be happy about!!!
WEll it started out pretty gloomy with a few snowed in days and stuff but that we don't let that stop us from teaching!!

On monday we went to North Philly to play in Sister Pickett's old area to play! It was so fun! We had the yummiest pizza and visited some of her old investigators! Philly is a relall fun place that I will take all of you to one day and you will think that it's the best adventure :)
Tuesday and Wednesday were bu shi whan.
Thursday was transfers and we got three new elders in our district: Elders Leavitt, Merkley and Murphy. They are nice.
On Friday Hannah Lehman came out teaching with us and it was such a cool experience! Hannah is making big steps in her life :)
Aannnndd Saturday: BEST DAY EVERR! Ka___e was Baptized!!!! The service was so good and the spirit was so strong! She was so excited and so happy!!! Right before the baptism we were teaching Ko___, so we invited him to the baptism and he really liked it too (he get's baptized on sunday!!!) Listen to this: Sister Bettilyon was even there at the baptism! Cool huh :) Sister Lower facetimed her :) I was so happy to see her! It felt like Christmas all over again when I saw Jenna!! hahah Sooo happy. Ka__ and A___ had us over for dinner that night and it was so amazing to see the light in Ka___'s eyes! She was beaming!!! The change I have seen her go through has been so cool to see!!! And A___ too! It's hard to believe that he ever hated the Sister Missionaries!
Then on Sunday Ka___e was confirmed :) It was lovely and she stayed for all 3 hours of Church!!! So proud! For Dinner the Lowers invited us and Ko___ and Bishop and sister Busath over...Then the elders didnt have a dinner appointment so they called sister lower to see if they could just come for dinner and of course she said yes..they eat over there all the time and elders seam to do silly things like invited themselves over to dinner quite often..haha. bless their little 18 year old hearts :)
I was sitting next to Ka___a in church and she leaned over to me and told me about how Z___ is doing. First of all he is in Oklahoma for a month working (I'm not sure if i told you that...) But he brought his book of mormon and is reading it every day!!! He texted her sunday morning and told her that he read Mosiah 1-6 already! Then he said "Tell me what you learn at church today! And I want an eternal Family!" Isn't that so sweet!!! She had told him the night before that he should pray and ask if the book of mormon is true. He said that he would but he already felt in his heart that it was the word of God! We are planning on teaching him via skype with Ka___a this week and He will be prepared and ready to be baptized as soon as he's off the plane in philly! :)
Today we are going to Wilmington Delaware with Ka___e and A___ for the funnest Day everr!!

I love you family!!! have the best best week! Smile a lot (especially people you don't freaks them out), Read your scriptures errry day (even you Pikaababy) and do (at least) #100funthingsaday 

Love, Sister B

Ka___'s Baptism!!!

and the happiest missionaries in the united states! see that mirror on the walll...yeah we velcroed it there :) cause we're crafty like that

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/20/14 | Happy Day

Goooooddd Moorning!!!!!

Turns out we had the Flu this week :( very borving. But guess what that we had 2 really cool blessing miracles this week!!! 

We taught Z___ and K___ this week at the church building. K___ had asked us to teach the plan of salvation because Z___'s uncle had just died :(. So we taught it with this cute little diagram thing Sister Pickett made and the spirit was so strong! It was awesome! Z___ was asking so many questions and kept saying "oh that's so cool, I've never heard that before!" So at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he said "I would love to be baptized!!" yayayyayyyayyayay!!!!!!! We set his date to be February 16th and we are so excited! K___ told us afterward that Z___ said that he loved the lesson and got a feeling that he had never felt before and felt so much better about his uncle passing. :) #sohappy.

Second really awesome miracle: We were inside all week long (except for when we snuck out to teach when we didn't feel super sicky) and the Zone focus was new investigators this week. Our district was accountable for 8.  We didn't think we would be able to get any new investigators and were really sad. We made it through 5 hours of church and had planned to go out after but were feeling too sick and tired. So we sat at our table (that now sits in the middle of  our newly arranged apartment) and pulled out the good old area book....and called and called and called. Formers, potentials and anyone else we felt prompted to call. After doing this for 2 whole hours, we had...wait for it.....EIGHT new investigators!!!! Elder Marse was so happy! This is his last week as our district leader (he's getting transferred on wednesday)  and was so worried that we wouldn't meet our accountability as a district. But we did and we were all so happy! We know it was such a real miracle!! yay! 

Well, That's all I've got to say for the week! Love you 100!! 

Sister Bailey :) 

this is us with elder taylor (our ZL) about an hour ago. we found him in the family history center when we were looking for computers to use to email today...he is getting transferred.
Made this planner for Elder Bailey I sent him a birthday backage :) its awesome but he wont get it till tomorrow 
drew this inside of spanky's planner
and Elder Mask's planner

People just find out that i'm creative and ask me to make them planners...weird. The ZL's are having me make one of their new investigators a scripture case box's going to be realll cool
Elder Taylors planner
Sister Picketts Planner i made her 

Sick week = craft week :)
I made this for K__e to give to her at her baptism! :) its  Saturday

Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 | How do you turn a beef & bean burrito into a breakfast burrito?

Hola Familia,
This week was AWESOME! So many good things happend! First of all we were able to teach, by various miracles and blessings, 34 Lessons!!! This probably doesn't mean anything to you because you haven't served missions (except for dad and mike...and I suppose this is going to VladaChao and Sis B--so y'alls will know what I'm freaking out about! ) We have a goal of 40 next week but we might up it if we get half way through the week and need to adjust.
Let's seee.....K____ is getting baptized on the 25th and she is SO EXCITED! We stopped by last night cause we were in Kennett and she said the prayer and expressed to our Father in Heaven how excited she is! It was so wonderful! She's doing good, her and A___n and wait for it.....A__R, came to church yesterday! (That's right sister b, I got amor to come to church!) A__r is adrians son and he likes smoking and doing nothing. but listen to this, we were at their house the other night and he was listening in (like usual) and then was getting all dressed up to go take a smoke and so I asked him if he would rather stay and read the scriptures with us instead of go smoke and he said yeah and stayed for the lesson and said the closing prayer. yah!
K___e is still set to get baptized on the 2nd! yayy! he is so prepared! I don't really know what else to say about him...We have been bringing Sister Albadine with us to teach him and she has been a wonderful addition to our lessons and always bears testimony of what we teach. She actually let us teach him at her house this week (because president has asked us to start doing that--teaching investigators inside members homes) and she brought him to church and stayed with him at the elders baptisms yesterday even though they were in spanish! Wow that woman is on fire! (Crazy right Sister B??!)
Maddie was going to come to church with us this week but at the last min her dad couldn't take her :( She was so so so sad and upset about it (which is actually good cause it means she had real intentions on coming) So we took marissa maxwell (laurel in the ward) to her house last night for a little lesson :) She's doing good and wants to get baptized. Unfortunately she is 17 so her parent's are going to need to be ok with it tooo and right now it's not looking like they will be.
Amy got home last night and we went out to lunch with her today! She is doing good!
Ok funnnnny story time: on tuesday, we went to see sister L___d and Sister C______a. They live in a nursing home and we went to the third floor where sis c lives and we couldn't find her. One of the nurses said she might be down stairs. So we go down stairs and a bunch of old people are gathered in the commons room...being serenaded by an Elvis impersonator...HILLARIOUS! So we find Sister C and her husband had come to visit her and asked if we would stay and sit with her a bit...okkk fine. So we had a grand time and he even sang my favorite song! How great thou art. (SISTER B I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!)

Another time we went to the nursing home this week (all the good stories happen there) We were visiting Sister C, She spends most of her time in the big room with other people cause she likes to talk, First of all, she gets SOOO excited when we come! (she has Alzheimer pretty bad) She always tells us how pretty we look and so on. So we talked with her for a bit and shared a spiritual thought (oh by the way are the olympics going on right now??? they have a tv in that room and i think i may have seen some speed skating action) As we were leaving we walked past a sad old woman that I have seen before and always say Hi to, She never responds but this time she just lit up with a huge smile! She grabbed my hand and kissed it and spoke some happiest gibberish and then grabbed sister Picketts hand and just held it for a while, we talked to her for just a min and there was such an amazing feeling. It was like our spirits connected! I know that she knew that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and that she felt the spirit in our presence! Oh I hope all of you can have an experience like that!! Mrs. Boss and Pika: I CANNOT wait for the two of you to serve missions! You will have the best experiences and grow so much and you will love it and be the happiest and everyone will love you because you love Jesus! OH and Boo boo can serve a mission too cause seriously everyone will just love her cause she is soooooo niiiicceeee!
Oh we moved back into the Moldy Manor this week on tuesday. Boy was that a task! So much cleaning up after the workers trashed it! No bueno. We had put in a service elder request for them to come help us take out the ac unit from the window (it literally weighs 500 pounds) and possibly put our bed frames back together...we didn't really know how and thought that they could just do it while they were here. Good logic right? So on Wednesday, we get a call from the AP's saying that they are going to come help us out instead of the service elders..weird but ok elders. So they show up and think our apartment is the coolest one they have ever seen and such. Helped us out with the heavy stuff and then they were about to leave. Elder White asked us if we felt safe living here. I told him no (I was still convinced that we would die of mold poisoning like sister b) so he asked if our apartment had been dedicated. I wasn't sure but it probably was considering sisters had been living here for about a year now. He said that was ok and that we could rededicated it. Sounded like a good idea to me so we all knelt down and Elder White dedicated our apt to be a safe haven for us and prayed that we would be safe from crazy bacteria while we lived there. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he said. Anyways, after the prayer, I felt so happy and safe in our apartment and we've both been so happy living there this week.

We found the best place to shop for groceries. It's called Swann's pantry (sis b its the place where sarah dise shops) and errry thing is like 1-2 dollars. and they have real stuff like naked juice and drumstick ice cream treats and party pizzas. Side Note for Jenna and Mike: Sorry I never believed you about Party Pizza's being the BEST thing on this planet. They are so good and I love them.
I love you all alooot. Have a fantastic week and is Nicky Gub home?!?!
Answer to Riddle: Put a fried egg on it. oh and ketchup helps (maybe that's what I had for breakfast this morning...don't judge #itwasgooood

The District
annnndd Elvis

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello My Dearest Family!!!
How is your New Year so far?? My last year ended pretty badly, It included bringing my very favorite Sister B to the mission home and saying sad goodbyes. Sister Smith was there too so that meant more sad goodbyes. 
But 2014 started off just the Happiest!!! I got my new compa! Her name is Sister Pickett! She is from Ceder City and came out with Sister Bettilyon. She has been serving in the Hood in Phillly! So West Chester is quite the charming change for her :) 
We are still living at the B___'s. :) Which is quite lovely. Except for the part where all my stuff is still split between the apt and their bu shi hwan.
So as soon as Sister Pickett got here, we decided to kick some numbers out the window for the rest of the week. And we did!!! we exceeded all of our goals for the week in just 4 days!! including snow days where we couldn't leave the house! Crazy miracles! We met with and taught our new investigator K___! He is from Liberia. We had the best lesson with him and invited him to be baptized on February 2nd! He accepted and is so excited!!! We stopped by yesterday to see how he was doing and he's already reading the Book of Mormon and his prayers sound like someone who has been a member his entire life!!! 
We had an appointment with S____ on Friday too but she got caught in traffic or something and cancelled. So we stopped by on Sunday and her entire family was there! We only stayed for a little bit cause we came unannounced but we shared a scripture out of the BOM and prayed with them. While we read the scripture, Her daughter K___ (college student at St Josephs) was almost falling off her chair she was so intently listening! E____ (s___'s husband) even participated! So we set up an appointment to go teach them the restoration this week and they will all be there again...THIS COULD BE OUR FAMILY!!!
Wanna hear something else cool (number wise)---so yesterday was fridged cold...freezing rain kinda deal. Church was cancelled because of it but it warmed up enough in the afternoon for it to be safe to drive around. So we were able to go out for a couple hours. Just in those 2 hours, we got 1 member present, 4 other lessons, 3 LA's and 2 new investigators.....WHOAAA Miracle I know numbers just dont really matter but it's a very clear way to see the Lords hand and see the blessings that you recieve when you do the very best that you can ;) 

I love you all (especially you sister Battle hymn of the republic!--Sometimes when I'm bored I pretend you are still here and we are doing 100 fun things a day!!) Have a fantastic week!!!