Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 | Paint fumes... and more paint fumes!

Hellloooo People.

Fun Fact:
Reading is full of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans--They all think I'm
Jennifer Lawrence. #idontseeit

We spent the entire week at Jahjaira Nina's house. Painting. Do you
know how hard it is to get paint off the bottom of your feet?? me
either because I haven't tried yet. I'm too tired. But I got it all
off of of the rest of me...mostly, it is really hard to get off of
your nails too. Luckily white is an appropriate nail polish color for
missionaries. ha, we actually had a really good time serving this
week. I love doing service for people!!! It just makes everyone happy!
And the family is Less Active #bonuspoints! It's quite funny how we
got roped into this project actually. Jahjaira is in Reading 2nd ward
where the Sister Trainers serve. They called us last saturday and
asked if we had time to come help them. We very willingly agreed to
the task...funny thing is...the STL's never came back to we
employed the spanish elders--they are in a trio so with the 5 of us,
things got done as quick as anyone could hope. Now, the reason it took
us an entire week was the part were Jahjaira kept adding on more mini
projects. We ended up painting here entire main floor (baseboards,
doors, window pains etc), the hallway up the stairs and most of the
second floor. HA. I ended up having to do a pretty sweet balancing act
to get the ceiling corner of the stair well. I think Sister Suckow
took a video, maybe you'll see it some day. Another fun part about the
project is that word is spreading--apparently we are pretty good at
painting so we've got a couple other people that want us to paint
their houses...haha. I love being a missionary.

Yesterday in the middle of ward council--the fire alarm went off. A
little kid in the 1st ward pulled the lever (kronk). It was rather

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hola Familiaaa,

What a wonderful week we've had. There is this cool thing that happens
in missionary work, it's a cycle. You work your hardest and sometimes
you have rough transfers, your numbers are low and no one wants to
listen to you, but you keep working your hardest and anchoring back on
times that brought you great joy when you need to and finding joy in
the tiny things like people not slamming doors in your face and
picking mulberries in a tractor, then bam, next transfer rolls in with
miracles flowing out of the windows of heaven!!! ahhhhh! Reading is a
wonderful place. The zone leaders finally drew the boundary line
between us and the elders here in Exeter and turns out we get more of
Readding!!!!! The elders are a little irked but that's not how christ
would feel about it so I can't feel too bad for them right?.
Basically our days have been chuck full of tracting/finding. There are
so many less actives (400 just in our ward), potentials and formers in
our area we've been booked every minuet of every day! On wednesday we
spent the entire day on one street.!! We didn't have anything planned
but knocking and by the end of the day we had 1 member present lesson,
2 new investigators, a less active lesson, and a return appointment
with a potential! We were on fire with the spirit!
We also met YahYah the Ice cream man that day, get this: He sits on
his porch and all the little neighborhood children swarm to him with
their quarters. he takes their money one by one and walks into his
house, the children wait patiently ready to explode with anticipation!
Right when they think they can't wait any longer, out comes YahYah
with some homemade Ice cream or Water Ice over flowing the plastic cup
he so carefully placed it in. They jump to get their ice cold treat,
thank him with their over joyed smiles and scurry along down Cotton
Obviously we joined in the joy! YahYah lives right next door to Sister
Ballard (LA) and she insisted we try some ice cream! So we took a
dollar and got some cookies and cream ice cream and strawberry
lemonade water ice. OH MY GOODNESS, it was so tasty I thought I might
collapse and  die! Really, I'm taking all yous to meet Yahyah when I
take you to Reading.
Thursday Sister Suckow was sick so we were in for most of the day,
around lunch time she perked up a bit and wanted me to teach her how
to play tennis (we have a tennis court here at the Maddison! I've been
trying to convince her we need to go play tennis for excersize but she
wont buy it) anyways, she grabbed the racket and fuzzy green tennis
ball, I warned her not to hit it too hard, "it dosn't take much to
make it go far" maybe she didn't believe me or maybe she dosn't know
her own strength because when she swung that racket while standing a
little too close to the kitchen table--the ball flung into the sky
with mighty power and came in perfect contact with the the only
ceiling light fixture in the entire apartment. Down came just one of
the light bulbs, crashing into a million pieces onto our new area
map-in-progress and the floor. I suppressed a chuckle and went to go
help her clean it up. Apparently I'm just as absent minded as she--I
gracefully swept the tiny shards of glass into my bare hand. all was
well until I tried to rid them into the trash can...As I gently
brushed off my hands, the glass got a mind of its own and refused to
fall into the can, instead it found a home right under my skin. It
only bled a little bit and it didn't hurt after gardening that night.
On Saturday we planned more time in the city. Then the Reading Second
sisters (Shaia and Pike) called and insisted our assistance in a
painting project! Off we went, grabbed our painting clothes and onto
west reading! You know, it's funny how people think missionaries can
literally just do paint their entire house. I mean, we
CAN do it...we'll do it with a smile and to the best of our ability
but just know that it won't be professional--most people are ok with
that though. We primed and primed and got a free Big Mac. Then the
Spanish elders joined the ranks and we ended up getting a lot done!
We're going back on tuesday to hopefully finish the project. That
night we went to play soccer with the Reading 3rd (spanish) ward.
One of the funnest things about reading is the unity all of the wards
have! They all set up weekly activities and invite all of the other
wards! it's an awesome finding tool and it's a great opp to invite
your investigators and LA's to a casual church function. So...I'm
really quite bad a soccer...but I guess I look like I'm good enough
that people think they need to tackle me when I have the ball?? I
didn't know that was a thing in soccer but I seriously got taken out
hard multiple times Saturday night.
Battle wounds:
bruised ankles
bruised knees (dont worry I can still kneel to pray)
a calf that refuses to work properly/without a little sting of pain
a pretty purple cleat mark on the base of my middle toe.
How cool is that?!
On Sunday we got to got to Anthony's (the spanish elders investigator)
Baptism! It was so wonderful! Even though he is Dominican, he reminded
me a lot of Kollie (do you remember him?????) They have the same sweet
spirit about them with immensely big hearts.
We ended the night at Carina Sanchez's for a late dinner. Carina is my
favorite person. Look her up on facebook.
Here's a miracle: We reached the standard of excellent for member
presents this week!!!!!!! HALLELUJAAA!
Fun facts:
-Singing hymns in spanish is wayyy better than english
-My new ZL (Elder Park) played basketball with Brody Berry in
Hawaii...he also carries a spoon with him at all times "just in case"
-we planted lima beans at the welfare garden
-I believe that there IS a right way to make ramen...and it includes
following the   directions on  the package. :)

We had an experience the other day, we were looking for a LA and
ended up in this house with 2 apartments. the doors weren't labeled so
we knocked the first one. no answer, it didn't really look like anyone
lived there. So we started walking up the stairs to knock the second
door. Before we made it to the landing the spirit very abruptly said
"get. out. now." I turned and looked at sister suckow, "Let's go." I
said very calmly as she had a look in her eyes that looked much like a
deer in the headlights. We scurried down the stairs and back onto the
sidewalk before either of us took a breath. I'm so grateful for the
companionship of the spirit--Without the spirit with us, we can't do a
whole lot if anything at all.

I love you all! Sounds like you are having a real fun time with the
tiny pants! :) make sure you show her my picture at least once a day
so she loves me when I get home. we can't have stranger danger bailey
welcoming me home!

Love Sister Bailey!

Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14/14 | Hello from Reading!!!

Hellow familypants.

Don't worry about me being jealous about your epic fishing/bat
killing/hiking week because yous should really all be jealous of my
week instead! First we started with an incredible amount of packing
and cleaning and moving and transferring and fun stuff like that. I am
so so so so so so happy to be here in Exeter. I thought I wouldn't
like it as much as Reading 1 but any area where you get AC in your
apartment wins! Big upgrade from the 1 desk fan and a box fan we had
in the old house. :) #happymissionary.
We finally got all settled Wednesday, Thursday was District Meeting
with our new district. It's us, the Pottstown Sisters, Reading 2
sisters and Exeter West Elders. Super funnnnn! Ok remember Sister
Shaia!??!? She is in Reading 2 now so I get to see her like 100 times
a week! I AM SO THRILLED!!! When I found out she was getting
transferred here, I literally started jumping up and down for a good 5
min. wayyyyy too excited :).
So then on Friday, I got to go on exchanges with her!!!!! BESTTTTTTT
DAYYYYY EVVERRRR!!!! We started in Douglasville first thing in the
morning, searching for people in our new area book. We found a
potential that invited us back for an appointment next week! We were
way pumped! His name is Doc and he's a crazy catholic that wants to be
mormon...he just doesn't know it yet :) From there we did
accountability and facebook grabbed a bite to eat then headed into the
city. I LOVE THE CITY!!!! The whole time we were there sister shaia
kept freaking out because it was like a big flash back to when she was
serving in Philly. We got work donne! I planned out an epic maze
through the city for us to go on to find all the people in the area
book ;). We started with Sister Fisher (LA) we brought sister knight
with us and turns out they know each other (that's what happens when
you live in Reading valley for 100 years I guess) It was a good lesson
and I think Sister Fisher is going to be making a turn for the better
(sister knight was going to bring her to church on sunday but neither
of them showed up...curious), Then we stopped by Sandra, she's been
pretty hard to get a hold of lately but was all ready for a lesson at
the drop of a hat when we randomly showed up! We refreshed on the
restoration and talked about her up coming baptismal date. She's super
excited but she didn't make it to church Sunday so we're going to
have to push her date :(.  We had a massive list of people to find and
only got through a little bit of it because people were actually
letting us in!! It was incredible! We found a less active that ended
up coming to church yesterday!!! His name is Llewelyn, when we got to
his house his son answered the door and said, "oh hey come on in!"
then turned and hollered "Dad! it's the sisters!!" I love being
greeted this way! He was sitting in the front room and looked at us
and said, "My goodness, you two are the first people from the church
I've seen since my wife died!" We chatted with him for a moment and
set up to meet with him next week. His granddaughter was there and he
told us she wasn't baptized, I'm not sure how old she is (probably
close to 8) so maybe we'll have the opportunity to teach her too! On
Saturday, I had planned to finish the list of finding people in
Reading, but we hit a road bump or two. Just pray for sister suckow
ok? She's going through a rough time so we met with our District
Leader, Elder Anderson, and they gave her a blessing.  At that point,
we decided to just go home, I could work on the new area map, and that
would be productive. We had to catch the Zone Leaders before we left
the city to give them their church keys we had borrowed. When we found
them, they had a bag filled with recess and gatorade for us! It was
this tiny act of spiritually prompted kindness that turned our whole
day around. Just as fast as we pulled away, I pulled over again, I
turned to Sister Suckow and said, "Listen, we've got these gatorades
and snacks, lets just stop by the people we have on this list on our
way home." She was so joyed from the kindness of the elders that she
agreed. As we worked down the list, we ended up finding many of them
had moved, but because we were out walking down the street, I was able
to talk to many people! Some accepted our number, some thanked us for
our testimonies but said they were comfortable in their church, and
one invited us back to teach him next week!!! Our day turned into a
success! Our last stop was a member who has been struggling. Despite
her challenges, she told us of all the people in her neighborhood that
she had shared the gospel with! We were so excited, I asked sister
suckow if she was up to find just a few more people. Again she agreed
and off we went down the street. As we passed a house, a member from
the spanish ward poked her head out the door and yelled, "Sisters!!
Want some pizza?!" The Spanish Elders from our old district were there
helping them move. We went in and were able to help her unpack (they
were just moving in), but the real miracle was this: I hadn't planned
for a lunch break because we had too many people to see--you know in
the Doctrine and Covenants when it promises (many times) us that when
we are doing the Lords work we will be provided for in all aspects.
Specifically in 84, "Therefore, take ye no thought for the morrow, for
what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be
clothed. (D&C 84:81)" THIS PROMISED WAS FULFILLED! We were provided
for and it struck me so hard that The Lord is with us and watching
over us when we are diligently doing his work. After we helped a
little, Sister Chavez wanted to show us her garden, so we walked
around the side of the trailer. There was this plant and she pointed
at it and said, "I dont know what that is but it's ugly and I want to
pull it out" Sister Suckow reached out and touched it, then touched
her face as she contemplated what this plant could be. Bad move. a
couple minuets later she was uncontrollably itchy with a strange rash
on her hands and was poison something that starts with a
'S' that she touched. Sister Chavez didn't have any Benadryl so we
sent the elders to CVS around the corner. She took the Benadryl and
some other quick acting med they got (I don't know what it was but we
trust them because one is a CNA and the other is a Pharmacist) At this
point I was feeling a bit defeated, I was done dragging my companion
around for the day so I took her home to rest for a little bit before
our dinner appointment.
We had dinner with Canadians. Guys; CANADIANS ARE A HOOT!!!!!!
seriously I haven't laughed so hard at a dinner appointment probably
ever. And it was exactly what we needed :).
Saturday night we headed back to reading to play soccer with the
Spanish ward. The wards out here are really cool, all of them in the
reading area (reading 1, 2, 3 (spanish) and exeter) just do a bunch of
activities together! So we went to that and oh my it was so much fun!
I am literally the worst at soccer (i just can't get the whole running
while you kick thing down) but it was wonderfully fun! Also I've never
sweated so much in my life as I have out here in PA. #sohumid. and you
cant escape it because you can't just sit inside all day if you
Sunday was awesome, we had ward council at noon and church at 1:30,
super late but we are back to a regular schedule instead of the
flipped that Reading 1 is on right now (because there are 4 units
meeting in our building right now...ehhkk) We didn't get home till
like 6! Crazy, then we made our new area map. funnn.

So that was my week. I feel good about it. :) oh found a goood talk
called "Becoming Perfect in Christ" Go read it, favorite part: you can
be exactly obedient without being perfect. <That needs to be framed in
massive letters in every missionary apartment!!! <3 it!

New area's are fun! Especially when you are doubled in! ha its truly
an adventure but luckily the Elders who were just here are in our old
ward so we can ask them questions as needed. have a happy week and
give Bailey 100 kissees from meee!

Love yous,

Sister Bailey

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/7/14 | What a week!

So many things to share with you family!!!! First of all get this: Sister Suckow and I are being doubled out!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat! But not to worry we are just moving across the valley to the Exeter Ward. Remember when I told you about all of the ward boundary changes and shuffles, well that's when the Exeter ward was created. The Elders from our ward (Reading 1) got scooped up in the changes and so did the Elders from Reading 2 into the new ward. The sisters from the Pottsville branch got scooped up into Reading 1 with us, thus two wards one with 2 sets of sisters and another with 2 sets of elders. That would not do! so with transfer calls came the news that we would be swapping living quarters with the old Reading 1 elders (Elder Goates and Elder Thomas). Luckily I got to go on exchanges with one of my all time favorite sisters, Sister Manson, on Wednesday to Pottstown. What a wonderful time it was! While I was there I came to the realization/had a spiritual confirmation that I would be ok with the changes that would be made in this transfer. (I knew something kookoo was coming) and even though I am leaving Reading, I'm not actually leaving Reading :) We just get the south side of this wonderful city--what an adventure this will be! In fact: we are technically moving into Reading! here's our new address while I'm thinking about it: 

230 Aldridge Ct
Reading, PA 19606

I wouldn't even be mad if you wrote me :) speaking of, I got your festive package this week! yay! It came while I was in Pottstown---during the Hurricane...(WE HAD A HURRICANE! pretty neat) so Sister Suckow and Sister Cox opened it (to "make sure nothing got damaged in the storm") and had some fun :). Thanks bunches! I love the cute print you sent mom! I would have made a cute facebook post with it but it got wet....and creepy looking. ha, oh well. 

We had a wonderful Forth of July. Lots of food appointments with members and festivities. We got Colombian Empanadas (YUM) and the biggest avocados I've ever seen! We're talking as big as your head! (maybe) and you just cut it into forths, sprinkle some salt and eat it like a melon. BIG TIME YUMMERTON. These crazy people in Reading were doing fireworks in the streets alllll the day long! it was insane! Plus the world cup is apparently still a thing so there were lots of those parties going on too. It's hard to avoid that cup. Our mission president is the nicest man in Pennsylvania because guess what he did, he gave us all permission to stay our till 10 pm!!!! WHAT?! That's crazy talk I know but we do what President says and he said to go watch fireworks. So watch the fireworks we did! #exactobedience When 9 o'clock rolled around, we were on our way up the mountain (hill?...I don't know the difference anymore :( ) to the pagoda! So many people were there! It was pure magic, overlooking the whole valley and seeing the streets light up with fireworks! We could see the ones out in West Reading and at the Fightin' stadium. Wow it was a once in a life time. We ended up leaving around 9:30 because we knew it would take a while to weave through those festive Reading streets and we were cold...yep we were freezing! It was like 60 degrees that night! crazy. But don't worry it got realll hot again already.

​(before the works started...isn't it just beautiful here!)

We got transfer calls Saturday morning while we were at the welfare garden, so the semi-goodbyes started. We had dinner at the robinson's that night, had some farmly adventures as you saw in the pictures Sister Robinson sent :). By the way....That tiniest chicken on my shoulder, I WANT ONE! I think I'll get one for a pet when I get home and I'll name it Penny, or Mitt, or Jessica. We can iron our the details later I suppose. 

Here's more of my feelings on Independence day #merica: 

It was a wonderful experience to be able to celebrate an Independence Day in the mission field. Like most holiday's you get to celebrate as a missionary, you really get to dig deep into the reason for the holiday. I was almost brought to tears of gratitude for our founding fathers in my studies Friday morning. I read a talk called "Our Divine Constitution" by President Benson. In it, he compares side by side the constitution with scriptures from the Doctrine and Covenants. It was incredible! I had always herd that our Founding Fathers were inspired but I never realized how inspired they actually were! He talks about the account of President Woodruff when they came to the St. George temple. The part that stood out to me in the account was that they didn't ask if he would see that their temple work be done, They inquired WHY their work hadn't been done already! After all they had done to pave the way for the gospel in its fullness to be restored, of course they would want their temple work done. Anyways, through my studies, I was able to gain a fuller understanding of how much God's hand was and has been in this promised land. I am so grateful for our founding fathers and all they courageously did for all of us. I've always questioned 'why me? why was I born in this free land with so much opportunity??' The answer has come (and is still unfolding) to me slowly, I think the Lord has blessed me so much not because I was the best at anything in my preparation in our pre-mortal life but because he is going to require much of me here in mortality. I am grateful that I can be there for him when he calls, when the Lord needs something done, I hope he knows he can depend on me. I am grateful for this gospel and especially for my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I just love that book president and I know it's true with all of my heart. 

I love you family! I'm so grateful for our 'Merica and the gospel and I love pennsylvania and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! yahhhh! 

some good new: Sandra is in our new area! so we can teach her into the waters of baptism :) (I told you about her right?)
Also Sister fisher (LA) is in our area now :) 

Have a heppy week! Love yous! 

Sister B 
Me and the Reading Parrot, His name is Tyler...what can I say, birds just love me! 

​Fork in the road.--I think I'll make a facebook post out of for it, it will knock your spiritual pants off.

Pretzel Doughnut....Those Amish have done it again! #sogood

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6/30/14 | Happy Almost July!

Hello Utahns! 

Are you all cool with moving back east with me after the mish?? I think I'm tuning into an east coaster as we speak!!! I just LOVE IT HERE! But don't worry you will still like me, east coasters aren't even rude like everyone thinks they are, they are actually wayyyyyyyy nice! Guess what, it's Hill Cumorah Pageant time! Everyone out here get's really excited about it and they get twice as excited when I tell them that I've seen it too! That just makes them light right up and we get to talk about what a wonderful thing it is! I bet it's a wonderful thing to be so close to for the missionaries up there. 

Oh I've been meaning to tell you, every evening when the sun just sinks below the horizon, the skies light up with fireflies and it is pure magic! I haven't caught one yet but I've had many children catch them and try to get me to hold it...uhhh no thank you little person. I even had a little girl follow me into her house holding one, she ended up basically throwing it at me and loosing it in the house...whoops. 

We had a lovely miracle happen yesterday. We went to go teach one of our new investigators (Steven). He lives with a less active family (the Pedrosa's) from the Spanish Ward. When we got there, he hollered from his bedroom saying he was too busy to talk to us. We were about to leave but Sister Pedrosa invited us in to talk with her! We got to know her a little bit and she expressed to us how she is doing her best and is trying her very hardest to come back to church. We ended up sharing the "continue in patience" mormon message with her and she was almost in tears at the end. "That was exactly what I needed to hear!" she told us and gave us big hugs before we left. 

I love the people in my ward and all of the people we work with, but there is something very special about the spanish speaking people we run into. The ward members love us because lot's of them have never seen sister missionaries and just want to talk to us. And it breaks my heart when we try to talk to people on the street then find out they don't speak english. They always give us the biggest smiles because that is the only way we can communicate with them...I wish I knew enough spanish to tell them they are children of a loving Heavenly Father and refer them to the Elders. Maybe I'll have the zone leaders write that out for me so I can learn it! 

I went on exchanges with Sister Pike this week and that was really good! We got to teach Lori and Dori so that was fun! I just love them! We worked real hard on exchanges and that felt really really good. I love being obedient and working so hard that you fall right asleep when you are done planning at night :) 

Let me tell you about one of my favorite families, The Robinsons. They have a lovely Pennsylvania farm (which is the best kind of farm). They have a billion boys and two of the cutest girls I have ever met. Their boys climb up on the beams they have in the ceiling of their front room and jump on whoever walks in the room to scare them. It is hilarious. Oh and just so you are picturing this right, they are big football playing boys. They remind me a lot of my baby brothers so that's fun. Last time we were at their house for dinner they told us about 100 anti-jokes. After dinner Brother Robinson asked us if we wanted to milk a cow....
Naturally we said yes! (it's on my bucket list) it was the funnest thing! Mom, we could totally have a cow, especially a little jersey cow like this one (her name is rosebud) and we could keep her down by the creek and I could milk her everyday! you would love her more than you love those cats! I'll even let you name her :). Anyways, I also got to feed a baby (half week old!) calf with one of those massive bottles! And I held a chicken...the same girl that threw a firefly at me basically threw the chicken at me too. Have any of you ever held a chicken...probably the weirdest think I've ever done, they are a lot heavier than I expected. The robinsons also give us tons of eggs so we never go hungry. They have a son serving in Ghana and Sister Robinson has a theory that if she feeds the missionaries once a week, her son won't go hungry. I think it's a good theory. She read me a letter he sent home and we both started crying as she read it. He said that he hadn't eaten in three days but he was glad about it because how would he know how "his people" felt if he was eating three meals a day and they weren't eating at all. What an incredible thing to think about. He sounds like a great missionary and I know his family is being blessed. They also have wild Mulberry trees growing in their yard, they always have us pick about 100 to take home with us and let me tell you, they are the best berries I have ever tasted! I'm sure that's what they have growing in the celestial kingdom :). 

I read D&C 88 this morning. It is incredible. In the heading it says that it is the Lord's message of peace to us. It is lovely go and read it. We had interviews with President Anderson on Tuesday. They were wonderful! We talked about the "spiritual stand-still" lots of missionaries hit mid mission. I told him I was feeling some of this, I feel like I'm here (picture me holding up my hand at about eye level) when I could and should be clear up here (extend arm). He told me to read and study Moses 1. In it, Moses is literally with the Lord, face to face and when the Lord leaves him, he is left weak and feels very alone. In verse 10 "And it came to pass that it was for the space of many hours before Moses did again receive his natural strength like unto man; and he said unto himself: Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed. 
He learns, which is why the Lord sometimes leaves us (not entirely but sometimes he backs up a little for this reason) Then in vs 13 Satan comes and tells Moses to worship him. This is the test and Moses answers saying "Who art thou? For behold, I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten; and where is thy glory, that I should worship thee?"
Because he had been with the Lord he has the knowledge and power to rebuke Satan. After the test in vs 25 the Lord returns to Moses and says " Blessed art thou, Moses, for I, the Almighty, have chosen thee, and thou shalt be made stronger than many waters; for they shall obey thy command as if thou wert God."
Moses is stronger because of this experience. This pattern of the Lord being with us, leaving a little for a time, and again returning his spirit to us is the pattern he still uses especially with his missionaries. It is the time when he leaves us or lessens his spirit that we have the choice to get stronger and become even better or (sadly) some spiral downward, loose some faith and decide to not be exactly obedient and other things that don't allow the spirit of the Lord to come back to them in its fullness. So in my studies this morning I read this, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
If we do this in our time of loss and need, he will "draw near to us" and we will be spiritually renewed. :) --I hope all of this made a little bit of did in my head. 

Hope you have a fantastic week! Happy Independence Day!!!! Yayyyayy America! Oh guess how to say this word-- Schuylkill -- Googling it probably wont help you :) 

Love, Sister Bailey 
Oh I almost forgot; this is James, he and his mom got baptized on Saturday! The other sisters taught them. They are the best people ever! His mom has an incredible story, she got cancer when he was 7 (he shaved his head to match her), then she got the flesh eating disease and ended up loosing her arm. Through it all the sisters found them caroling one night in December and they embraced the gospel with open arms! James is just 11 but he has one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. You would love him. (He's going to play in the NFL one day, I'm sure of it) 

Phillin the Phont for James and Liz's baptims! 
I would send another pic of us....but we don't have any normal pictures...oh well ;) Lvoe you!