Monday, January 26, 2015

1/26/15 | Heyyyy

Happy Monday kids! Do you remember this sign?? I found it when I was serving in morrisville and took some pictures by it. We ran into it again (since we live by it now :))

I've been doing a lot of studying and extra studying and it is really really happy making. I love studying. We had a really good district meeting this week about the holy ghost so I continued that in my studies for the past few days. It is seriously mind blowing the stuffy stuff you can learn when you study. I'll have to share it with yous some time. :)

We had a killer week! It was awesome! One of our investigators, Damien, came to church on Sunday! A member brought him home and mentioned the word of wisdom to him. So he texted us and asked what it was. We were able to teach him right then and invited him to pray to know that it came from God. he agreed to. A little later that night he texted us and told us that he had prayed and asked, the holy ghost had confirmed to him that the word of wisdom is from God! We committed him to live it and he said YES! He is a dream investigator and I know it is because he is truly prepared! He also told us how excited for his baptism he is!!! He reminds me of kollie if you remember him from west chester. 

Today we are going to center city with the elders and a guy in our ward. He is a profesh tour guide of downtown and he is taking us on a tour :)! As for the Noreasters you may have been hearing about...the storms coming through philly have been rather pathetic luckily :). We must scare them off. 

I don't have a lot of time to write but i'll attach some of sister cost letter home :) it explains pretty well how our week went in her perspective! how fun is that?! 

📝 Mission Update 01-26-15 : Sister Cost Style --

Miracles always seem to happen on Sunday! So we got to church on Sunday and we arrived early for our usual PEC meeting every other Sunday. After PEC we anxiously awaited the arrival of our investigator Damien. Damien finally arrived with Sister Sameniego and we were so thrilled. We sat with them during Sacrament meeting. Then Sister Escadero and her husband walked in. For those who are a little behind and don't know who Sister Escadero is she is a member of the ward and we are currently living in her basement apartment. They had us in their home on New Years Eve and I was able to tell them about my conversion. They are very very nice people! Brother Escadero however is not a member, so when he walked into the chapel as Sacrament was about to begin my faced lit up entirely. I thought to myself "Could this day get any better?!" What a blessing it was having him there! 

When church was over we met back up with him to see how things went. He told us he learned more about free agency during Priesthood and explained to us what agency was. I told yall this guy is really smart, like he just gets it. He reads the Book of Mormon and he knows how to liken it unto himself, he retains the things he reads and he tells us all about how it applies to him. He has recently been reading in Mosiah and loving it!! He texts us from time to time and asks us questions about the things he reads so that he can understand them better. He is a miracle and we are so blessed to be helping him come closer to his Father in Heaven through our Savior Jesus Christ!! After we departed and we were about to head out to a lesson at the Menezes home with another one of our investigators Tyrese the elders came and grabbed us and told us some guy had walked into our church and he was looking for the truth! WOWWW! Like what was even going on?! We went over to the other side of the building and met him. As we arrived Elder Millerberg was telling him about the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy then they turned him over to us. Elder Zolman introduced us to him and told him we are "The best Sister Missionaries (he) has ever served with!" 

We told him our names and talked to him a little bit more. His name is Gary Dean; he is in his 50's, married; wife is jewish, we don't know if he has children, he lives in a house with some people who are Atheist and one who is a "preacher." He told us he has lived here a really long time and had never seen our church before until just 2 days ago he was looking at the sunset and noticed a steeple. He called his dad to find out what the "building with the steeple" was and how long it had been there. Prior to any of that jawn he had been driving around looking for a church to join. He was looking into the Presbyterian religion, but he really wanted to know if the building with the steeple was what he was looking for in his life. We talked to him about the gospel and the joy it brings to our lives, we bore testimony of it being Christ's church and he was so touched by the spirit. He told us a little about his life and the trials he has been facing, then we exchanged contact info. We are going to start meeting with him as of Tuesday! He  is yet another miracle in our lives!

Then we went and had our lesson with Tyrese at the Menezes home. We taught Tyrese about the gospel of Jesus Christ using the gospel nails. Tyrese is so awesome, he has been ready for baptism for quite a long time, the only reason he is not getting baptized sooner is because he wants his girlfriend Bruna to be there, but she is in Rexburg at BYU-I for college until April. We are hoping she will be able to get home so he can be baptized then, if not he wont get baptized until July. Keep him in your prayers, in fact keep all of them in your prayers, you can never have too many people praying for you!! After our lesson with Tyrese we went to dinner at Dana's house. Dana is going through a bit of a tough time right now with her fiancé right now and it is leaving her pretty depressed. So our company was very much appreciated! She is going to be okay though, we just know things are going to work out. We told her this is just another one of lifes trials she has to face but if she understands who wants her to give up the fight she will have an even stronger desire to hold on! Dana and Jose are the best and we sure love them a lot! 

When we left Dana's house we had another wonderful miracle happen. So Sister Sameniego gave Damien a ride to and from church and she invited him over for lunch afterward. On the way back to her house Damien asked if he could stop by the store and get a cup of coffee (we had not taught him about the Word of Wisdom yet) Sister Sameniego thought "Well this would be the perfect time to talk to him about the Word of Wisdom!" She however didn't right off the bat. She stopped and he got his coffee. When they arrived at her house her husband Nelson was there -Nelson if I have not already told you about him is not a member, but he has been meeting with the missionaries for years and he knows more about the church than I do I'm sure! He is really awesome and he is the funniest guy ever- so Nelson told Damien "Damien don't you know you are not allowed to drink coffee?!" Sister Sameniego was like "Nelson!" Then she elaborated on why he was not allowed to drink coffee. Afterward Damien texted us and asked us to explain the Word of Wisdom, so we explained it to him and when we were finished explaining it to him we committed him to pray to know that the Word of Wisdom is of God. He said he would. We then asked him once he had a confirmation from Heavenly Father that it was if he would live the Word of Wisdom and he said yes. Later on that night he texted us and told us he had prayed about it and that he would commit to live it!! Such a miracle!! He truly is GOLDEN and we are super blessed to be apart of helping him grow closer to Christ! 

I have decided the mission is kind of hard for someone who does not like change. We have a lot of changes coming up this transfer we think and I am slightly worried, but I know all things are inspired of the Lord out here and what ever it is will be something we need and will be for our benefit. God is so good to me. Sister Bailey read something to me the other day that really helped me: first she asked me "Did you think when you were set apart you were just going to be a missionary and get the missionary thing down?" I actually kind of did sad to say so I said "Yes." She said "God does not expect you to just come out here and be a missionary, he expects you to come out, put forth the effort and BECOME a missionary!" I needed to hear that. I often wondered since God is all knowing he knew I was going to come out here and have these struggles, so since he knew those things why did he want me to come out here in the first place? She answered that question right there. He does not expect that I have everything down right now, but he expects that I continually improve myself and put for the effort to get everything down. Everything in life takes time!! I am learning to be more patient with myself! Another thing that was told to me recently and that helped me out immensely is that "God knows we cannot be 100 percent obedient to his commandments, that is why he sent Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, as we continually repent (meaning feel deep sorrowful for our sins and short comings and ask for forgiveness) we are willing and have the desire to change and follow Christ. He loves us and he will forgive us. As long as we are seeking improvement through repentance and prayer and doing all other things to become more like Jesus Christ we are obedient, and through that we qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost! We need to constantly strive to become more like the Savior to have happiness. 

Have I told you how much I love my mission and how much I love the people I serve around?! I am learning and growing so much it honestly blows my mind how much I am learning and growing. I am grateful for the trials I encounter because they truly do make me stronger. The Lord will make weak things become strong. He is ALWAYS there for us; we are NEVER alone!! He will be there to catch you if you fall. Put all your trust in him, I can promise you he will never let you down!! This is the true church of JESUS CHRIST!! I am out here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania doing his work and I know he is with me bearing me up in my time of need, he is making me become strong in Christ. I rejoice in being his servant and I would encourage all who are worthy to serve a mission. It will be the best thing you ever do in your life. Again "When you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God!" Get lost in the service of others, nothing will bring more joy to your soul! Do good to those despitefully use and persecute you! I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, I love the Holy Ghost and the blessing he is in my life ( I say "he" because he is a he, he is a personage of spirit. He is the third member of the Godhead!) I know I am being lifted up by the angels that surround me, they are helping me, giving me strength to fight off the lies and deceit of satan! I will come off conqueror and when the time comes I will return home with honor! I love you all so very much and cannot thank you enough for your love and support! Read the scriptures and pray daily to be protected for the satan, go to church and partake of the Sacrament to renew your covenants with Heavenly Father, if you have fallen away COME BACK "there is room for you here" I know God loves you and he wants you to have happiness in your life! I can testify to each and every one of you that only true happiness comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ! I say this in the sacred name of OUR Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen!

I echo what Sister Cost has testified of! I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you 100 degrees of goodness! 

Sister B 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/19/15 | MLKDAY

Greetings from Philadelphia!

I guess yous all heard about the ice storm that rolled through yesterday. Don't worry it wasn't anything to scream about. Just a little bit of freezing rain in the morning, enough to smash our sacrament numbers down to like 15. The cars were grounded so we got a ride with Sister Escudaro (the member we live with). Right before third hour one of the YW came up to us and asked if we would come to YW today. Of course!!! Turns out it was her turn to give the lesson and didn't prepare anything :) so she conned us into giving the lesson. Actually I just gave the lesson because Sister Cost gave the lesson solo last week in gospel principles. So during the opening song, I'm skimming over the lesson, and those come follow me manuals are money!! Seriously there is nothing really to plan for because it plans is for you! When I get home Imma sign up to be a YW teacher the rest of my life. The lesson went well, we read the happily ever after talk by President Uchtdorf and did a little happily ever after activity. Talked about disney princesses and ugly ducklings. it was grand. After church, we got a ride home with the Menezes to their house so we could teach Tyrese. He's their daughters boyfriend we are teaching. While Sister Menezes was cookin up goodness, we taught Tyrese the Plan of Salvation! I love teaching that lesson! He is progressing so well and always asks the best questions! I'm so glad he is comfortable enough to ask so many good questions! ha He laughed at me a couple of times because I was so excited to answer his questions with the scriptures :). We ended up getting stranded at the Menezes because of weather conditions till the evening. Then we went to Jarrettown for a youth fireside with Starr Dunbar, a LA youth we are working with. 
Rewind to tuesday: We had the best lesson at the bishops house with Damien (the one getting baptized on Feb 8th) We also taught him the Plan of Salvation and he asked 100 good questions too! You can always tell when someone has real intent and has been keeping commitments in what kind of questions they ask. He wasn't able to come to church yesterday though because of the weather :( 
We met with Sister MacDonald again this week (the one we are getting to the temple). She is doing good. We commited her to fully live the word of wisdom (she has been struggling with coffee and that's the only thing holding her back) When we were going to leave, she asked me if I was related to any royalty. I laughed an was like what??! Then she goes on to explain that I am just so graceful in the way I carry myself that I must have royal blood in me. haha
Sister MacDonald called us a couple days later and accused us of praying for her to not have the desire to drink coffee. I was like, ah dang we haven't been actually, but we haave been praying for you in general. Then she tells us that she just woke up the day bbefore and has no desire to drink coffee at all!!! What a miracle!! We were so so so exccited! 
District meeting was really good this week. We were learning about revelation by the spiirit, so for the role play we were street contacting someone that had something on theeir mind and we had to address it without knowing what it was. Sister Handy and I were contacting Elder Seeley. We prayed first and pondered for a sec, waiting for the spriit to help us know what we needed to say. Then it came to me, I approached him and introduced us as missionaries, told him that we had a message about how he can make it safely home to his heavenly father. Elder Seeley started to cry and called a time out (we called times whenever the missionaries addressed the concern). He told us that the person he was being had just been in a car accident with him mom, his mom was in the hospital and he was fretting over how he would get home. It's crazy how the spirit helps us know what to say. Going in, I didn't know any of that stuff but the spirit told me what to say and it was specifically to use the word "home." pretty cool. 

We had Zone conference on Friday. It was so so so good. Seriously the best zone conference I have been to. Sister Broadbent (the mission shrink) talked about mission stress. President and Sister Anderson and the AP's introduced the new goals and stuff for the year. good good stuff. Got to see a lot of my favorite mission buddies so that was fun. Oh, they had me lead the music for the meeting and it was the best thing ever! For the closing hymn we sang our mission hymn. It was just so powerful to be on the reccieving end of so many powerful missionary singingness! Ah you all would have cried with joy! 

So that was basically our week :). We just got back from getting manicures! A member took us :) Also the elders came too and got pedicures! haaaa i'll send a pic. Love you guys so so much and I hope you have a happy week and lots of other stuffy stuff stuff. 



Car Selfie

Guys, I just discovered this week that an omelet is just an egg taco.
So I made some in mini and called them tiny egg tacos. YUMMERTON

Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 | Why am I living somewhere that the air hurts my face??

It's pretty cold here. but nothing like last year. I feel like I can take pretty much any cold compared to last winter. I hear yous are having a pretty mild winter eh? lucky youuuu! The work is picking up hard here! I love it! ITs like we are finally being blessed to see the fruit of our labors! We got 3 member presents this week!!! We are so thrilled! The first one was with a referral from Sister Samaniego. She met Damien at the bus stop a while back and gave him a Book of Mormon and a Bible. We had the lesson at her house and it went so well. He is so prepared. We invited him to be baptized on February 8th and he said yes! We've been able to keep in contact with him as much as possible through the week and he's been reading! He already prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and got his confirmation. He didn't make it to church this week though cause he was out of town but he is still reading and praying. 
Our second member present was with Nelson Samaniego, Sister Samaniego's husband. He has been taught by his fair share of missionaries but on Friday night, Sister Samaniego called us and told us Brother Samaniego said he was ready to be baptized! We were so so so excited! We went and taught him on Saturday but in the lesson he told us he wasn't ready yet. He didn't know why. We commited him to be baptized and he said yes but not to a specific date. We commited him to read and pray and he did come to church yesterday, so that's good. 
Our third member present was with Tyrese. He was introduced to the church through some friends some years back and met a member of our ward at a stake dance. They started dating and he has been coming to our ward for some months now. His girlfriend just left for BYU Idaho but we taught the lesson at her families house. It was so good! We got them all involved and he was asking questions and I can tell he really wants to know! We commited him to read and pray and be baptized! He said yes! We tried to set a date in February but he said he really wanted his girlfriend to be there. She isn't coming back till her spring break in April, so we set the date for April 12th. Its a little far off but I know he will make it.
Sister Cost did a lot better this week. Ha, last night she told me I'm working her harder than she's ever worked in her life. I think that's good. We read Beware of Pride for comp study this morning and I think she was mad at me. She said it was hard things to hear. I hope she let's her feelings motivate her to diminish her pride. I have really been so much happier this week. I've been stiving to not be so hard on myself. Lately I have been making myself pretty miserable because I'm not perfect. But I've found that when I make a constant conscious effort to understand that we can't be perfect in this life, and have more gratitude, I am so much happier. :) 
I re-studied one of my favorite talks this week, "Becoming Perfect in Christ." But I ended up getting stuck on the definition of "perfect" There are 100 definitions! the first one I found was "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be" That last part really stuck out to me because it equals Striving! That is one of my favorite words! So when we are striving--that is perfection. Another definition pertains to bookbinding; "denoting a way of binding books in which pages are glued to the spine" In latin perfection translates to complete. So when we are 'glued' to christ, we are complete :). That was kinda a nerdy study but I liked it :). 
On Friday, we knocked into an Indian family. They let us right in and then told us they were Pentecostal (red flag). We taught them the restoration and they were kinda nice. I'm starting to wonder if the word "prophet" mean something funny in indian because these people laughed a little bit when I said prophet just like the last indian family...hmmmmm. anyways, they had lots of good questions and the spirit was there!! She started talking about the gift of tongues and I'm over there thinkin, "oh kay PLEASEE don't start speaking in tongues!!!!" luckily she didn't but she asked if we believe in them. I said yes and explained how our beliefs differed on the subject. Maybee I asked her why god would want us to speak a language that no one understoood?? she wasn't too least I didn't say the word gibberish in that question ;). 
Hope you all have a happy happy week and I hope you are all reading the Book of Mormon!!! time is running out!!!!! (i'm on 2 nefi!) 

love you all 100,000,000

Sister Bailey  

Us with Thyna Menezes! We love the menezes!! They are my brazilian family

Playing a song just for youuuuuuus!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Helloooooo and Happiest New Years to yous! 

Us Pennypackers had a pretty good week over here in Philladelphia. So goldens have to do this thing called the D.I.E.T...I think it stands for dynamic initial entry training or something. It includes 12 week and a bunch of other things like memorizing D&C 4, the standard of truth, D&C 128: something and all of the chapters in PMG (just the title and what order they are in). So for the past 8 weeks I've been checking in with her progress because she insisted on doing it by herself. She's made flash cards about 100 times but they haven't helped. On Tuesday I sat her down and said, "Listen, you need to start memorizing these things because you are running out of time and I will not be one of those trainers that sign off your diet regardless of it if is actually complete. Will you let me help you?" She sighed and said yes. She had the PMG chapters and lessons memorized within 30 min. I told her that if she could still remember them by that night I would sign them off, obviously she remembered because I have method to my madness. That was that. 
On Wednesday we had an appointment with a less active, Sister Frisby. She usually has some sort of weird task for us to complete when we come and calls it service, which we're cool with but this time she sits us on the ground and says our service for her that day would be folding plastic bags..."whattttt??????!" she laughed and demonstrated and explained that they fit better in the closet when they are yeah either that or you are clearly mental! So that went well and we were able to teach her a lesson using the new years mormon message. Its really good (and funny) so go watch it. We committed her to work on her family scripture study and she ended up coming to church on sunday and bore her testimony and talked about how they've been doing it! wahooo! After that we went to Sister Macdonalds. Her husband, Jude, just died the end of november and was not a member. Her and her son are the only members. We've been slowly inceptioning going to the temple into her mind and that night, sister cost was talking (I don't know if i've told you this but this girl TALKS....a lot! ha anyways) about the blessings of the temple and that is truly is urgent that she get herself there! She has already taken temple prep so I was really listening hard (to sister macdonald and to the spirit) to see what her hold up was. The spirit was really strong and sister cost was running out of convincing words about the temple. Silence fell and all the sudden it felt as if Brother Macdonald was sitting right next to me. Nudging me and saying, "tell her I'll be there." I opened my mouth and said, "Sister Macdonald. I feel really impressed to tell you that your husband will be a the temple with you when you go." Immediately she fell into my arms and cried, "why why why why would you say that????!?" she cried some more and said that she knew my words were true. That he would be there with her and that they could be sealed. She set a goal to get to the temple by easter :). She also came to church yesterday and bore her testimony. 

We spent New Years Eve with the Mauers. It was so. fun. We had to leave early (a: because missionary curfew is the same all year round b: we had a second dinner appointment [don't you hate it when that happens Elder B??]) Second dinner was with the Escudaros! We live with them :) but get this! Sister Escudaro is the only member! It was a really cool experience because their son was there too and so was his friend. We were able to tell them about missionary work and bare our testimonies. It was really cool. 

Then the year ended. Just like that. As I've been reflecting on the year I've had...whoa guys...I've had an incredible and intense and crazypants year!!! I was thinking about how it was exactly one year ago on new years eve I was at the mission home, dropping off Sister Bettilyon :( That was one of the worst, saddest days of my life but I am so grateful for all of the trials I've had this year. 

Anyways, Thursday came and we scrambled with all of our notes and studies to put the finishing touches on our Zone Training training. We ended up being late but we can't let little things like that ruin the beginning of a perfectly new year ;) all went well buuuutt they probably won't have us teach at ZT again. hA. After the meeting we hit thee pavement! We ended up finding a little Indian family! Shobba and Blesson, We taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized! It was so good! Oh except for when I was teaching the part about Prophets, Blesson (he's 12) busted up laughing randomly...Sister Cost and I look at eachother realll puzzled and Blesson excuses himself, still laughing hysterically. He came back a few min later and apologized. Apparently he had thought of something that happened earlier that made him laugh...12 year olds are weird but it was rather funny. We had dinner with our favorite people, the Mebius's and went to Coorilation; which is always questionably productive. Here's a funny thing: Elder Zolman (one of the ZL's [oh wait! side story to my side story, I left my yoga kittens calendar in our old apt that the elders moved into and apparently they have been enjoying it. They saw that Elder Bailey's birthday is on January 16th and apparently that is Elder Zolmans birthday too! He's the same exact age as you Spence...which is weird to me but it's almost as if you are my ZL spencer!! haaa] anyways, elder Z was telling us about this lady in his last area that told them that if you look at the sun for 40 min a day, you won't have to eat food. yah clearly she is crazy and probably blind. So the day after he told us that, We were driving and the sun was super annoying in my eyes so it made me recall this story. I turn to sister cost and say " hhey remember that crazy lady that thinks you can stare at the sun instead of eat?? youu should try that." We have a good laugh and continue on driving. a few min later sister cost goes, "WHOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!!" She nearly sccared me to death and made me crash the car, I'm like "whatt???" then she exclaims, "ARE THOSE DOGS PURPLE?!!???!???!" apparently she had been staring at the sun and it made the golden retrievers look purple. ha it was funny and 2 lessons were learned. A: goldens will do anything their trainer's suggest and B: Just don't stare at the sun. We told the elders about it later and they got quite a kick out of it. 

Friday we weekly planned and Sister Bennett and Sister Manson joined us then I left witth Sister Bennett for our exchange in Center City. It was good, we had an appointment cancel but got to teach a lady named Sister Antoine (LA). She has had some addictive behaviors get in her way in the past but is clean right now. We were trying to commit her to come to church and such. The lesson was going good but I was doing that listening hard thing again. A moment of silence fell and I told her, "Sister Antoine, don't let your physical body get in the way of promised spiritual blessings." It wwas cool because that tidbit directly from the spirit was the thing that really spoke to her. She repeated the words I just said a couple times. We recommitted her to come to church and she said yes! We ended with a prayer and went on our way. Being in the city was really great, it really made me homesick for Reading though. We also got to go volunteer at this old people place called the watermark. We got there and the lady that assigns them stuff to do was in charge of the old people exercise class for the week so she had us come to that :) oh my it was a tender mercy! I was super car sick feeling and head achey and we did all this stretching and deep breathing stuff that made it all go away! it was theeee besttt! Then she had us take down NYE decorations and we got to talk about missionary work with her. We went into the auditorium where we were ggoing to be working and i looked up and gasped! There was the temple!!! It was a better view than The Roof in SLC! it was cool. when we were leaving, all the old jewish people were setting up for their sacrament meeting...which got me thinking: why do jewish people take their version of the sacrament if they don't believe Jesus is the Christ?? riddle me that. Anyways, Sister Bennett and I had a good evening and talked a lot about how I can help sister cost thrive in the mission field. The next morning we went for a run to the temple sight! it was super cool, i wish I would have had my cameraa...or  camera card. oh well. We exchanged back and went to the bishops son's baptism. Then out into the world we went! Knock knock a knockin! We met 100 rude people that day. Which I've come to be able laugh about but it still hits sister cost pretty hard. Speaking of the people in our nook of Philadelphia...Let me clear some things up: You asked if there were lots of italians in our area, like I said, they are more concentrated in South philly but we do have a lot of them. and according to Sister Cost there are more black people than white people here. She's right, I just don't notice anymore. So there's that. Speaking of ethnicities; We taught the Comegys  that night. One LA, one Investigator and one potential investigator. Their house was invested with roaches and other buggy bugs so they didn't want us to come in (they are subleasing a room in the grubby house) but we weaseled  our way in cause missionaries are sneaky like that. we ended up teaching a really good lesson about the atonement because Nick (PI) had an issue with a bishop he met in the past. It went well except for the part where Nick stopped me randomly and asked if I was German. I said no, "oh you look super German, where is your accent from?? is it Norwegian???" Ok yeah no, I'm just a white girl from utah. People do ask me if I'm German a lot here. Mom, dad, are yous sure wwe dont have ggermans up the blood line?? look into that. Nick and Andrea ended up coming to church yesterday too! 

The Elders had a baptism yesterday, Esther Carnby. She is the coolest lady. She's from liberia and we got to help her in and out of the font. We also got to see her put on her wig. that was cool :). After that, Brother Menezes came out with us to teach a brazilian lady Sister cost and manson found on exchanges. She wasn't home though ;( Then we went and got Maria Nadeem (she's a RC from Pakistan) to come teach Blesson and Shobba with us. They ignored us though when we knocked. :( We ended up going back to Maria's and we got to teach her a lesson. She was talking about how her year has gone and it made me think of the will of god mormon message, so we shared it with her and ended up talking about her serving a mission. She hadn't ever thought about it really so we commited her to pray about it :). yay. she would be suchhhh a good missionary. 

Tonight we have a dinner appointment with Dianna Felton. She is THE coolest southern black lady who insists she is the best cook in the ward! She told us we are having Black Mac. I looked at her all confused when she told me this and she explained that black people make their mac and cheese way better than white people. ha I'll let you knnow what it is they do to it. ok I love you love you love you. I hope your Book of Mormon reading is coming along!! Don't procrastinate! 

Love yous to the Moon!!!

Sister Bailey 

PS. RS lesson yesterday was an intro to their theme this year, they stole the youth theme :) So it's D&C 4:2. We watched the embark video and oh my goodnessssssss. you go watch it right now. it's so good and sister cost and i have been listening to the new youth music on repeat :0 it's goood stuff!