Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 | Why am I living somewhere that the air hurts my face??

It's pretty cold here. but nothing like last year. I feel like I can take pretty much any cold compared to last winter. I hear yous are having a pretty mild winter eh? lucky youuuu! The work is picking up hard here! I love it! ITs like we are finally being blessed to see the fruit of our labors! We got 3 member presents this week!!! We are so thrilled! The first one was with a referral from Sister Samaniego. She met Damien at the bus stop a while back and gave him a Book of Mormon and a Bible. We had the lesson at her house and it went so well. He is so prepared. We invited him to be baptized on February 8th and he said yes! We've been able to keep in contact with him as much as possible through the week and he's been reading! He already prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and got his confirmation. He didn't make it to church this week though cause he was out of town but he is still reading and praying. 
Our second member present was with Nelson Samaniego, Sister Samaniego's husband. He has been taught by his fair share of missionaries but on Friday night, Sister Samaniego called us and told us Brother Samaniego said he was ready to be baptized! We were so so so excited! We went and taught him on Saturday but in the lesson he told us he wasn't ready yet. He didn't know why. We commited him to be baptized and he said yes but not to a specific date. We commited him to read and pray and he did come to church yesterday, so that's good. 
Our third member present was with Tyrese. He was introduced to the church through some friends some years back and met a member of our ward at a stake dance. They started dating and he has been coming to our ward for some months now. His girlfriend just left for BYU Idaho but we taught the lesson at her families house. It was so good! We got them all involved and he was asking questions and I can tell he really wants to know! We commited him to read and pray and be baptized! He said yes! We tried to set a date in February but he said he really wanted his girlfriend to be there. She isn't coming back till her spring break in April, so we set the date for April 12th. Its a little far off but I know he will make it.
Sister Cost did a lot better this week. Ha, last night she told me I'm working her harder than she's ever worked in her life. I think that's good. We read Beware of Pride for comp study this morning and I think she was mad at me. She said it was hard things to hear. I hope she let's her feelings motivate her to diminish her pride. I have really been so much happier this week. I've been stiving to not be so hard on myself. Lately I have been making myself pretty miserable because I'm not perfect. But I've found that when I make a constant conscious effort to understand that we can't be perfect in this life, and have more gratitude, I am so much happier. :) 
I re-studied one of my favorite talks this week, "Becoming Perfect in Christ." But I ended up getting stuck on the definition of "perfect" There are 100 definitions! the first one I found was "having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be" That last part really stuck out to me because it equals Striving! That is one of my favorite words! So when we are striving--that is perfection. Another definition pertains to bookbinding; "denoting a way of binding books in which pages are glued to the spine" In latin perfection translates to complete. So when we are 'glued' to christ, we are complete :). That was kinda a nerdy study but I liked it :). 
On Friday, we knocked into an Indian family. They let us right in and then told us they were Pentecostal (red flag). We taught them the restoration and they were kinda nice. I'm starting to wonder if the word "prophet" mean something funny in indian because these people laughed a little bit when I said prophet just like the last indian family...hmmmmm. anyways, they had lots of good questions and the spirit was there!! She started talking about the gift of tongues and I'm over there thinkin, "oh kay PLEASEE don't start speaking in tongues!!!!" luckily she didn't but she asked if we believe in them. I said yes and explained how our beliefs differed on the subject. Maybee I asked her why god would want us to speak a language that no one understoood?? she wasn't too least I didn't say the word gibberish in that question ;). 
Hope you all have a happy happy week and I hope you are all reading the Book of Mormon!!! time is running out!!!!! (i'm on 2 nefi!) 

love you all 100,000,000

Sister Bailey  

Us with Thyna Menezes! We love the menezes!! They are my brazilian family

Playing a song just for youuuuuuus!

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