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7/14/14 | Hello from Reading!!!

Hellow familypants.

Don't worry about me being jealous about your epic fishing/bat
killing/hiking week because yous should really all be jealous of my
week instead! First we started with an incredible amount of packing
and cleaning and moving and transferring and fun stuff like that. I am
so so so so so so happy to be here in Exeter. I thought I wouldn't
like it as much as Reading 1 but any area where you get AC in your
apartment wins! Big upgrade from the 1 desk fan and a box fan we had
in the old house. :) #happymissionary.
We finally got all settled Wednesday, Thursday was District Meeting
with our new district. It's us, the Pottstown Sisters, Reading 2
sisters and Exeter West Elders. Super funnnnn! Ok remember Sister
Shaia!??!? She is in Reading 2 now so I get to see her like 100 times
a week! I AM SO THRILLED!!! When I found out she was getting
transferred here, I literally started jumping up and down for a good 5
min. wayyyyy too excited :).
So then on Friday, I got to go on exchanges with her!!!!! BESTTTTTTT
DAYYYYY EVVERRRR!!!! We started in Douglasville first thing in the
morning, searching for people in our new area book. We found a
potential that invited us back for an appointment next week! We were
way pumped! His name is Doc and he's a crazy catholic that wants to be
mormon...he just doesn't know it yet :) From there we did
accountability and facebook grabbed a bite to eat then headed into the
city. I LOVE THE CITY!!!! The whole time we were there sister shaia
kept freaking out because it was like a big flash back to when she was
serving in Philly. We got work donne! I planned out an epic maze
through the city for us to go on to find all the people in the area
book ;). We started with Sister Fisher (LA) we brought sister knight
with us and turns out they know each other (that's what happens when
you live in Reading valley for 100 years I guess) It was a good lesson
and I think Sister Fisher is going to be making a turn for the better
(sister knight was going to bring her to church on sunday but neither
of them showed up...curious), Then we stopped by Sandra, she's been
pretty hard to get a hold of lately but was all ready for a lesson at
the drop of a hat when we randomly showed up! We refreshed on the
restoration and talked about her up coming baptismal date. She's super
excited but she didn't make it to church Sunday so we're going to
have to push her date :(.  We had a massive list of people to find and
only got through a little bit of it because people were actually
letting us in!! It was incredible! We found a less active that ended
up coming to church yesterday!!! His name is Llewelyn, when we got to
his house his son answered the door and said, "oh hey come on in!"
then turned and hollered "Dad! it's the sisters!!" I love being
greeted this way! He was sitting in the front room and looked at us
and said, "My goodness, you two are the first people from the church
I've seen since my wife died!" We chatted with him for a moment and
set up to meet with him next week. His granddaughter was there and he
told us she wasn't baptized, I'm not sure how old she is (probably
close to 8) so maybe we'll have the opportunity to teach her too! On
Saturday, I had planned to finish the list of finding people in
Reading, but we hit a road bump or two. Just pray for sister suckow
ok? She's going through a rough time so we met with our District
Leader, Elder Anderson, and they gave her a blessing.  At that point,
we decided to just go home, I could work on the new area map, and that
would be productive. We had to catch the Zone Leaders before we left
the city to give them their church keys we had borrowed. When we found
them, they had a bag filled with recess and gatorade for us! It was
this tiny act of spiritually prompted kindness that turned our whole
day around. Just as fast as we pulled away, I pulled over again, I
turned to Sister Suckow and said, "Listen, we've got these gatorades
and snacks, lets just stop by the people we have on this list on our
way home." She was so joyed from the kindness of the elders that she
agreed. As we worked down the list, we ended up finding many of them
had moved, but because we were out walking down the street, I was able
to talk to many people! Some accepted our number, some thanked us for
our testimonies but said they were comfortable in their church, and
one invited us back to teach him next week!!! Our day turned into a
success! Our last stop was a member who has been struggling. Despite
her challenges, she told us of all the people in her neighborhood that
she had shared the gospel with! We were so excited, I asked sister
suckow if she was up to find just a few more people. Again she agreed
and off we went down the street. As we passed a house, a member from
the spanish ward poked her head out the door and yelled, "Sisters!!
Want some pizza?!" The Spanish Elders from our old district were there
helping them move. We went in and were able to help her unpack (they
were just moving in), but the real miracle was this: I hadn't planned
for a lunch break because we had too many people to see--you know in
the Doctrine and Covenants when it promises (many times) us that when
we are doing the Lords work we will be provided for in all aspects.
Specifically in 84, "Therefore, take ye no thought for the morrow, for
what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be
clothed. (D&C 84:81)" THIS PROMISED WAS FULFILLED! We were provided
for and it struck me so hard that The Lord is with us and watching
over us when we are diligently doing his work. After we helped a
little, Sister Chavez wanted to show us her garden, so we walked
around the side of the trailer. There was this plant and she pointed
at it and said, "I dont know what that is but it's ugly and I want to
pull it out" Sister Suckow reached out and touched it, then touched
her face as she contemplated what this plant could be. Bad move. a
couple minuets later she was uncontrollably itchy with a strange rash
on her hands and was poison something that starts with a
'S' that she touched. Sister Chavez didn't have any Benadryl so we
sent the elders to CVS around the corner. She took the Benadryl and
some other quick acting med they got (I don't know what it was but we
trust them because one is a CNA and the other is a Pharmacist) At this
point I was feeling a bit defeated, I was done dragging my companion
around for the day so I took her home to rest for a little bit before
our dinner appointment.
We had dinner with Canadians. Guys; CANADIANS ARE A HOOT!!!!!!
seriously I haven't laughed so hard at a dinner appointment probably
ever. And it was exactly what we needed :).
Saturday night we headed back to reading to play soccer with the
Spanish ward. The wards out here are really cool, all of them in the
reading area (reading 1, 2, 3 (spanish) and exeter) just do a bunch of
activities together! So we went to that and oh my it was so much fun!
I am literally the worst at soccer (i just can't get the whole running
while you kick thing down) but it was wonderfully fun! Also I've never
sweated so much in my life as I have out here in PA. #sohumid. and you
cant escape it because you can't just sit inside all day if you
Sunday was awesome, we had ward council at noon and church at 1:30,
super late but we are back to a regular schedule instead of the
flipped that Reading 1 is on right now (because there are 4 units
meeting in our building right now...ehhkk) We didn't get home till
like 6! Crazy, then we made our new area map. funnn.

So that was my week. I feel good about it. :) oh found a goood talk
called "Becoming Perfect in Christ" Go read it, favorite part: you can
be exactly obedient without being perfect. <That needs to be framed in
massive letters in every missionary apartment!!! <3 it!

New area's are fun! Especially when you are doubled in! ha its truly
an adventure but luckily the Elders who were just here are in our old
ward so we can ask them questions as needed. have a happy week and
give Bailey 100 kissees from meee!

Love yous,

Sister Bailey

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