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7/7/14 | What a week!

So many things to share with you family!!!! First of all get this: Sister Suckow and I are being doubled out!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat! But not to worry we are just moving across the valley to the Exeter Ward. Remember when I told you about all of the ward boundary changes and shuffles, well that's when the Exeter ward was created. The Elders from our ward (Reading 1) got scooped up in the changes and so did the Elders from Reading 2 into the new ward. The sisters from the Pottsville branch got scooped up into Reading 1 with us, thus two wards one with 2 sets of sisters and another with 2 sets of elders. That would not do! so with transfer calls came the news that we would be swapping living quarters with the old Reading 1 elders (Elder Goates and Elder Thomas). Luckily I got to go on exchanges with one of my all time favorite sisters, Sister Manson, on Wednesday to Pottstown. What a wonderful time it was! While I was there I came to the realization/had a spiritual confirmation that I would be ok with the changes that would be made in this transfer. (I knew something kookoo was coming) and even though I am leaving Reading, I'm not actually leaving Reading :) We just get the south side of this wonderful city--what an adventure this will be! In fact: we are technically moving into Reading! here's our new address while I'm thinking about it: 

230 Aldridge Ct
Reading, PA 19606

I wouldn't even be mad if you wrote me :) speaking of, I got your festive package this week! yay! It came while I was in Pottstown---during the Hurricane...(WE HAD A HURRICANE! pretty neat) so Sister Suckow and Sister Cox opened it (to "make sure nothing got damaged in the storm") and had some fun :). Thanks bunches! I love the cute print you sent mom! I would have made a cute facebook post with it but it got wet....and creepy looking. ha, oh well. 

We had a wonderful Forth of July. Lots of food appointments with members and festivities. We got Colombian Empanadas (YUM) and the biggest avocados I've ever seen! We're talking as big as your head! (maybe) and you just cut it into forths, sprinkle some salt and eat it like a melon. BIG TIME YUMMERTON. These crazy people in Reading were doing fireworks in the streets alllll the day long! it was insane! Plus the world cup is apparently still a thing so there were lots of those parties going on too. It's hard to avoid that cup. Our mission president is the nicest man in Pennsylvania because guess what he did, he gave us all permission to stay our till 10 pm!!!! WHAT?! That's crazy talk I know but we do what President says and he said to go watch fireworks. So watch the fireworks we did! #exactobedience When 9 o'clock rolled around, we were on our way up the mountain (hill?...I don't know the difference anymore :( ) to the pagoda! So many people were there! It was pure magic, overlooking the whole valley and seeing the streets light up with fireworks! We could see the ones out in West Reading and at the Fightin' stadium. Wow it was a once in a life time. We ended up leaving around 9:30 because we knew it would take a while to weave through those festive Reading streets and we were cold...yep we were freezing! It was like 60 degrees that night! crazy. But don't worry it got realll hot again already.

​(before the works started...isn't it just beautiful here!)

We got transfer calls Saturday morning while we were at the welfare garden, so the semi-goodbyes started. We had dinner at the robinson's that night, had some farmly adventures as you saw in the pictures Sister Robinson sent :). By the way....That tiniest chicken on my shoulder, I WANT ONE! I think I'll get one for a pet when I get home and I'll name it Penny, or Mitt, or Jessica. We can iron our the details later I suppose. 

Here's more of my feelings on Independence day #merica: 

It was a wonderful experience to be able to celebrate an Independence Day in the mission field. Like most holiday's you get to celebrate as a missionary, you really get to dig deep into the reason for the holiday. I was almost brought to tears of gratitude for our founding fathers in my studies Friday morning. I read a talk called "Our Divine Constitution" by President Benson. In it, he compares side by side the constitution with scriptures from the Doctrine and Covenants. It was incredible! I had always herd that our Founding Fathers were inspired but I never realized how inspired they actually were! He talks about the account of President Woodruff when they came to the St. George temple. The part that stood out to me in the account was that they didn't ask if he would see that their temple work be done, They inquired WHY their work hadn't been done already! After all they had done to pave the way for the gospel in its fullness to be restored, of course they would want their temple work done. Anyways, through my studies, I was able to gain a fuller understanding of how much God's hand was and has been in this promised land. I am so grateful for our founding fathers and all they courageously did for all of us. I've always questioned 'why me? why was I born in this free land with so much opportunity??' The answer has come (and is still unfolding) to me slowly, I think the Lord has blessed me so much not because I was the best at anything in my preparation in our pre-mortal life but because he is going to require much of me here in mortality. I am grateful that I can be there for him when he calls, when the Lord needs something done, I hope he knows he can depend on me. I am grateful for this gospel and especially for my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I just love that book president and I know it's true with all of my heart. 

I love you family! I'm so grateful for our 'Merica and the gospel and I love pennsylvania and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! yahhhh! 

some good new: Sandra is in our new area! so we can teach her into the waters of baptism :) (I told you about her right?)
Also Sister fisher (LA) is in our area now :) 

Have a heppy week! Love yous! 

Sister B 
Me and the Reading Parrot, His name is Tyler...what can I say, birds just love me! 

​Fork in the road.--I think I'll make a facebook post out of for it, it will knock your spiritual pants off.

Pretzel Doughnut....Those Amish have done it again! #sogood

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