Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 | Paint fumes... and more paint fumes!

Hellloooo People.

Fun Fact:
Reading is full of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans--They all think I'm
Jennifer Lawrence. #idontseeit

We spent the entire week at Jahjaira Nina's house. Painting. Do you
know how hard it is to get paint off the bottom of your feet?? me
either because I haven't tried yet. I'm too tired. But I got it all
off of of the rest of me...mostly, it is really hard to get off of
your nails too. Luckily white is an appropriate nail polish color for
missionaries. ha, we actually had a really good time serving this
week. I love doing service for people!!! It just makes everyone happy!
And the family is Less Active #bonuspoints! It's quite funny how we
got roped into this project actually. Jahjaira is in Reading 2nd ward
where the Sister Trainers serve. They called us last saturday and
asked if we had time to come help them. We very willingly agreed to
the task...funny thing is...the STL's never came back to we
employed the spanish elders--they are in a trio so with the 5 of us,
things got done as quick as anyone could hope. Now, the reason it took
us an entire week was the part were Jahjaira kept adding on more mini
projects. We ended up painting here entire main floor (baseboards,
doors, window pains etc), the hallway up the stairs and most of the
second floor. HA. I ended up having to do a pretty sweet balancing act
to get the ceiling corner of the stair well. I think Sister Suckow
took a video, maybe you'll see it some day. Another fun part about the
project is that word is spreading--apparently we are pretty good at
painting so we've got a couple other people that want us to paint
their houses...haha. I love being a missionary.

Yesterday in the middle of ward council--the fire alarm went off. A
little kid in the 1st ward pulled the lever (kronk). It was rather

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