Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 | "All I know about Jeremiah is that he was a bullfrog"

^My compa is reading the entire old testament and this is what she
said to me when she got to Jeremiah...

 Hellllo FAmily,

What a week we had!
More Painting #earningtrust

We got an epic referral this week. This guy called us and talked for
40 min about this woman he met and shared some gospel truths with.
This kid is out here selling pest control, he knocked Jennifer's door
and she wasn't really interested in what he was selling. They ended up
talking for a little bit about Utah and stuff. When he turned to
leave, she said "Wait! can I ask you a question?" he turned around and
replied, "Yes, I'm a mormon." So they got talking about that. I can't
remember all that he told me they talked about but he showed he a
picture of the temple and taught her about eternal families. This kid
is crazy awesome. So he gave us her information and said he really
wants to come with us to teach her. I gave her a call that night and
left a message, hopefully we'll be able to contact her and meet with
her with Adam before he goes back home in 2 weeks. But from what I've
heard, Jennifer and her family are GOLDEN! Stay tuned, this story is
going to end well.

Here's another cool story that doesn't really have to do with me: One
of the Elders here in Reading has a brother that is working in
Baltimore for the summer. President gave him permission to come up
here and work with the elders for the day. They are in a trio so Elder
Beatty was able to go on splits with his brother. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Sometimes me and Spencer just talk about how epic it would be to serve
with each other #dreamteam. Anyways, Elder Beatty's brother (we'll
call him Josh...cause that's his name) told us this super cool member
missionary story. He was sitting in the club house of his apartment
(or something) and this girl was sitting across the room, "she's
pretty cute, I think I'll go talk to her" is what he thought. So he
goes over there and they end up talking about the gospel. He invited
her to church....BAM a few weeks later He baptized her. COOL.
Missionary work is just cool.

I got stung by a wasp yesterday. We were at Carina's house after
church for some dominican dinner (i love dominican food.) and when we
left, apparently this wasp jumped in the car for a little ride. I felt
something on my arm but i didn't freak out for some reason...I calmly
grabbed it and threw it on the floor. Then I realized it was a wasp.
oh and it had stung me twice when i grabbed it. I guess wasp's don't
like to be grabbed. So then I freak out just a little bit and insist
that my companion pull the car over. I jump out of the car and the
little creeper hides under my seat. He was realllllll good a hiding
too. Carina saw what had happened and came over with a clove of
garlic. Before I could protest, she was straight up rubbing this clove
of garlic on my arm. Ewwwwwwwww! and she just goes, "its okkk!!!! it
will help you" and I just looked at her like she was crazy. Then her
mom comes over (she doesn't speak any english) and starts putting this
cream on it...I have no idea what it was but by the end, the stings
didn't hurt. Dominican magic. We looked and looked for the wasp but we
couldn't find it. So we gave up. I found it on my foot when we pulled
into our apartment. So I smashed it. The end.

Mary got baptized!!!!!! We were teaching her before the big switcheroo
when we had to turn her over to the Reading 2 sisters. But we got to
go to her baptism! it was so wonderful. She bore her testimony and
told her story. Here's part of it: She had just gotten a job in philly
and when she was hired, she told them that she wouldn't be able to
work the weekend of August 2nd because of her baptism. They said ok
and she started working for them. Then august comes around and they
tell her she has to work that weekend instead of be baptized. So she
quit! She is so awesome and so is God because just a few days after
that happened, she found a new job here in Reading that she doesn't
have to work sundays!!! yayy so she was able to be baptized and she
can come to church every week now!!! #miracle.

There is this lady in the second ward that I met on exchanges. Her
name is sister timothy and we became best friends! We bonded over the
mutual knowing and loving of Sister Emily Gottfredson :) (I played
softball with her in high school) Anyways, her birthday was last week
so I wrote a small little message on her facebook wall telling her how
much I seriously just love her. At the baptism, she pulled me aside
and told me she had to tell me something!! She told me that when she
read the message I had posted, she felt my sincere christlike love for
her rush over her through the spirit. Then she told me that was one of
my spiritual gifts, to have pure charity for everyone, even the ones I
don't know very well. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't really
realize that that was a gift till we were talking about it. I hope
that's something I can keep with me after the mission too. Loving
people brings really great joy.

So...when we were painting this week. We kinda broke a ladder.  it was
really kinda funny. I had been up on this rickety old ladder painting
the high high ceiling corners and it was quite frightening (not
because I was up super high but because I'm afraid of heights :))
Anyways, I was too afraid to paint the part that didn't have a wall to
hold on next to it, so I switched places with Elder Beatty (who was
holding up the rickety old ladder) so he could do the scary part. He
got up there just fine and finished the job, he got about half way
down the ladder when it gave was the strangest thing, it
literally just fell apart into 100 pieces. The top part kinda landed
on my legs as I was trying to hold it up and luckily it didn't rip my
jeans as it scraped down my thighs. haha I'm fine :) I'm also pretty
sure some angels were there holding up the ladder too because it
landed quite gracefully on the floor and neither of us got hurt.

We have ZONE CONFERENCE this week!!!!! I am so excited. We are going
to Nazareth for it...oh I don't know if I've told you this but
Pennsylvania is pretty funny in naming things straight from the bible.
We've got a Nazareth, a Bethlehem, a Lebanon...the list goes on :). Oh
and We are also going on exchanges with the Reading 1 sisters
tomorrow. I get to go there with Sister Handy (I came out with her).
She is awesome and it will be fun to be in my old area :).

incredibly excited and they have a stuffed elephant there :) whoooo

Also I had an incredible study on the Sermon on the Mount this
morning, I came across a hidden talk called The constitution for a
perfect life by Harold B Lee. It is wonderful! I didn't realize how
much i didn't understand the beatitudes until I read this talk! all of
the secrets of the universe are in it!!! (That's what I tell my
investigators about the Book of Mormon to get them to read
it....justttt kiddingggg but now yous all want to go read that talk
eh?? :))

Oh and I got a hair cut, I'll send a pic next week

Love you longggggg timmmeeee,

Sister B

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