Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/14 | Happy Week

Dear Family!

Hello! This week was the most wonderful week! Our numbers were through the roof and I don't even know how that happened! Seriously, as I was looking over my planner last night and reporting our numbers--I was like this is unreal! I'm willing to bet that the Lord had his hand in our work this week, or should I say His work :). We saw so many miracles! 
Oh by the way, my new companions name is Sister Casey. She has been out four months and is very happy to be here. She's from Montana and likes Fantastic Mr. Fox. After we met at transfer meeting, we hit the streets of Reading right away. I really like walking when we are working in the city because it gives you a bigger chance to "preach by the way" and talk with everyone. On Wednesday, we spent a little time in the elders part of the ward looking for some less active sisters. Because we were walking, we stopped and talked to some people and ended up finding
them 2 new investigators! It was so happy! We also found a referral for the spanish elders! It was an awesome day. But by the end of it, Sister Casey asked me if we could not walk as much the rest of the week…I said ok but we'll be back to walking everywhere next week :). #i'mnotcominghomefat. 
Thursday was good. We had district meeting and guess who is in my district now…SISTER PICKETT!!!!!!!!!!! She's the new sister training leader so I get to go on an exchange with her this week! Ah i'm so excited! We've already had so many laughs together since she got here :). We had a meeting with Sister Palacios (YW pres) about some of the activities she wants us to help her with. And she fed us while we were there…I ate cow heart. and guess what it wasn't even that bad!! just a little bit squishy gush. 
Friday we worked super hard too, taught a couple lessons, finished weekly planning, we even had a dinner appointment!!! It was with a young family named the Harrisons. He's doing his residency here in Reading. Their little girl was so funny! She kept addressing us as "Hey ladies!!" then would proceed to tell us random facts or do magic tricks like make her broccoli disappear :). After our dinner appointment on Friday, we stopped by a former that lived close by. Her name is Stacey Von Stettin. She invited us right in and told us her story. I guess her husband (who is currently in jail) is a member and she actually got baptized but not confirmed. She didn't act like she was interested in us coming back so before she could excuse us I asked if she would like us to come back next week and do a FHE lesson with her boys (ages 8 and 6). She lit right up and
said yes! So we are meeting with them on Thursday! She told us that her 8 year old has actually been asking to go back to church lately! I'm super excited to work with this family. 

Saturday we taught another bunch of lessons and had dinner at the Palacios (don't worry they didn't feed us cow hearts again) I really love them. After we ate we went to the church to do some Facebook work before the ZLs baptism we were attending. As we pulled into the church parking lot, I looked over and guess who was in the car next to us, The Jones' (from the office)!!! They brought Elder Ellsworth back because he was going to baptize Tahlia and her son. I was so excited I jumped out of the car real quick and ran over to give them hugs! I was so so happy to see them. To be honest I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the week so it was such a tender mercy for them to be there! I love them so so much. We got to chat a little bit before the baptism and Elder Jones commented that I seemed a lot more peaceful then I had the last time we got to talk (which was right after that last transfer I had in Morrisville…ha which makes sense). I am also so grateful we were able to attend that baptism. The spirit was so strong!!! It gave me the strength to keep working my hardest the rest of the week. Tahlia is such a special person with such a strong testimony and incredible story. 

Sunday was wonderful. We stopped by Sandra's on the way to church, she wasn't feeling well enough to come so we cancelled her ride. Went to ward council. super funnnnn. Church was awesome. Sister Casey is really good at running around to meet all the members. I almost lost her a few times, that's how good she is at it. No one we are working with came to church :( Silver lining: we got to go to gospel doctrine! It was so good. The lesson was on Job. I didn't even realize there was so much to learn about job. His story has always been one that I only scrape the surface of because I thought that's all there was to it: Job was rich, bad stuff happened. Job had nothing but never lost his faith. So no matter what, we should never turn away from God. Lesson done. But wait there is actually more to it. In Job 1:2-3 it lists all that Job has in the beginning (suuuuuper rich!) Then all the bad stuff happens and in Job 42 12-13 we get an account of all he has in the end. IT DOUBLED!!!!! WHAT?! I had no idea that this story had such a wonderful ending because I was always so focused on how sad it was (even though he was still spiritually good through all of it). Get this: Even his kids are doubled because the first ones he had that died are still his through the eternities! Cool huh! So that's what I learned at church. After church we stopped at Rose's because we knew she would feed us :), we were talking with her and she was complaining about how her husband wouldn't take her cat to the beauty solon to get washed. "I'll wash your cat!!!" just popped right out of my mouth and the next thing I know, I'm on my knees in the bathroom wrestling with the fluffiest black cat I've ever met. Luckily this cat already hated me in the first place so this adventure didn't mess with our relationship that much. So that happened. Then we headed to see Sister Defrees, the 98 year old happiest woman! She is so cute! If you ever need cheering up, this is the woman to visit! Oh we also saw some hot air balloons landing in the parking lot next door before we went in so we took pictures :). 

So yeah, basically I had a super fantastic week. The spirit was with us all the way and it was very fun and happy. I'm all better from that silly cold. I'm sorry all youse were sick too. not fun. Oh my, I died when I saw your ice bucket videos!!! That one where Bailey cries is totally funniest home videos worthy :). Also, did austin get 2 buckets because mom got most of the water when he dumped it on the parents?? hahaha. I hope you are all having fun in school! I can't believe school has already started! Crayyyzy. Love youse all 100!

Love, Sister Bailey 

"Look for the lighthouse of thLord. There is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale sstrong, no mariner so lost but what its beacon light can rescue. It beckons through the storms of life. It calls: This way to safety. This way to homeThe lighthouse of the Lord sends forth signals readily recognized and never failing."

I don't know about youse guys, but I'm going to put myself as close to the lighthouse of the Lord as I can so I never miss a message from him :) #looktothelight 

Love, Sister B 

Me, sister casey and Sister Fisher (LA)
me with the Reading sign! I love this Read city!!! 

This is my transfer motto :)

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