Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9/2/14 | Hello Darlings

Hello Darlings,

This week was a good one. It started with a wonderful picnic in
kutstown with Emily Gottfredson! Crayyyyzayyy and Sister Pickett was
there too. How happy is it that we are serving in the same place?! We
went on exchanges Wednesday! We stopped by to teach a less active
and her non member sister was there! Her name is Carmen and she has
purple hair, purple shoes, purple nails and wears a purple dress...I
guess purple is her thing. Anyways, Carmen is moving to Reading and
wants to learn about the church, Well perfect! Why don't we just teach
you right now?! So Pickett pants and I smushed onto a mini bench (the
only seat left on the porch) and whipped out the Restoration! Bam! I
love teaching with past companions, its a breeze. It all went well
except for the part where there was a nail poking me in the bum the
whole time and it was literally the hottest day of the year and we
were sweating up a storm But the spirit was there so it was allllll
goooood! Carmens daughter listened in on the lesson and so did our
Less actives (linda) mom! Who is also less active and pretends she
only speaks spanish whenever we come around. Carmen isn't moving here
till October 1st but we are going to try and get in contact with the
missionaries in NYC so they can start teaching her! yay!  After that,
we went to help one of sister picketts investigators move....they
needed extra help so the elders were there and so was sister pike and
my compa. Me and PIckett were the only ones without service
clothes...grubby. Oh and She was a hoarder...We called this adventure
"The Cat Pee Move" because of course she also hoards cats...lovely. So
we were packing up things...seriously the most random things i've ever
seen in my life and we found a room with the door shut tight...we
crack the door open and guess what we found...A ROOM FULL OF
CATS!!!!!! Whatttttt. So that was grubby and we ignored it :) We moved
and moved and moved some more then finally got to go home and shower.
Oh we also had interviews with President Anderson Wednesday morning!
It was so wonderful, he gave me some really good council on how I can
help my compa this transfer. He also had us write our our personal
purpose and bring it with us to the interview. He really liked mine so
that's good.
Then we ran out of miles for the month...so we tried to walk
everywhere, literally. We walked for like 100 miles, it was cray. and
hot but good.
Ummmmm lets see what else happened this week....someone made us
tamales. yum. we got a media referral from a woman that the elders
have dropped about 15 times already so I'm not sure what we are going
to do about that. oh IT'S SEPTEMBER! What. That's nuts, i've been a
missionary for a whole year! (on Thursday) That is so crazy weird.
I've learned so much and grown so much since having this opportunity
to serve The Lord! I love the gospel, it makes so much sense to me and
I can't wait to have epic scripture gospel study mission prep with
boss and pika when I get home (it will be like mini early morning
seminary!! FUN!) we'll call it E.S.G.S.M.P. for short :). Oh boy I got
THE BEST surprise in the mail :) I am using it currently as I borrow
the wifi at panera :) (happy mission birthday to meeeeeeeee) And mom I
LOVE those cards! tooo cute! Ok I have found the most scrumptious
breakfast! You get the oatmeal that Mom sent me, follow the directions
on the packet. when you take it out of the microwave, pour what you
feel would be just a little too much milk in and stir it up. get the
cinnamon paleokrunch and sprinkle heavily on top. drizzle the tiniest
bit of agave. stir, enjoy, goes very lovely with magic mint herbal
tea. YUM! Ok that's all for this week. I'll send picture in a sec.
Love you!!!!!

Sister Bailey Loves YOU!

Grubby picture of me and Sister Pickett during the Cat Pee move. Duck
dynasty dolls....They talk.

I embroidered this one for Sister Manson

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