Monday, September 15, 2014

9/15/14 | We had a good week shout hooray


We got fed 5 times this week!!! But that's the only number record we broke this week. Unless you count the record breaking temps that are currently happening. People are confused because september is still summer here in PA.  I'm calling it green fall. Because it is still very green but also very cold. let me illustrate how cold it is: I'm wearing long sleeves, a wool skirt and boots. We are probably going to turn on the heater tonight also. But I refuse to unpack my winter stuff until transfer calls next week (I would really hate to have to pack it all up again that quickly). 

Other good things:
1: We ate at TEXAS ROADHOUSE! Sister Casey had a gift card. Let me tell you how weird it felt to be there…I was positive I would walk out the door and it would be Utah outside! haha it was a weird feeling. 

2: Sister Casey chopped off her hair. She just wants to be like me :) And contrary to common belief--I did not convince her to do it! It was her idea, I merely told her it was a good idea. :)

3: We had a sleepover in Bath, PA. We went and stayed with the Nazereth sisters (Baugh and Lindly--thats the one the Daytons know!) so we wouldn't have to wake up at 4 to get to Mission conference on time. There apartment has an attic with red velvet carpet. #fun

4: I met a general authority! Elder Wilford Anderson of the Seventy came to visit us! He is very nice and so is his wife. He spoke about so many wonderful things!!!! While he was talking I felt so much at peace. I felt still. While the calmness came over me the thought entered my mind, "this is what it will feel like to be in the presence of your savior." It was so wonderful. Something he shared with us that stood out to me was "A lack of energy is a lack of faith!" that's true! Even though missionary's are (and pretty much expected to be) tired always, we can have an incredible driving force of energy when we have faith and the spirit! He told us a story about President Hinckley. They (Elder Nelson (I think it was elder nelson), President Hinckley and their wives) were all in Colorado speaking at a conference and when Elder Nelson and his wife got on the plane, exhausted they cozied up in their seats and rested. Soon after President and Sister Hinckley boarded the plan and took their seats behind the Nelsons. After the plane took off and reached a high altitude, They hear a rummaging noise--the Nelsons turn around to see what the ruckus is all about and what do they see?: President Hinckley on a treadmill. "Aren't you exhausted? Don't you want to rest?" They inquired. He said he was very tired but that he has found that if he just get's a little bit extra oxygen to his brain--he is energized! So when you are tired, go for a jog and think about President Hinckley on a treadmill on an airplane :). 

The work is going good here in Reading. We did a lot of finding this week without much number success. But that's ok because we were working hard and contacting people--the only problem was that none of them really wanted to listen to us. We did find a family though!!!!! and we have a return appointment with them next week! I am really excited to teach a family! 
I have been giving more of my study time to the book of mormon this week. I am beginning to feel as Sister Anderson said in our mission conference--I never want to put it down! I am completely engulfed by the story and teachings in that book. I want to read it over and over and find all of the treasures the Lord will point out to me as I seek them. I'm reading in Mormon right now, as I read about the self destruction of the Nephites--I can see a parallel into our world, it has hit me hard that if we as a whole to not become repentant, the world will spiral into chaos. Which gives me motivation and conviction in preaching repentance! We must be prepared to harken to the Lords voice when He comes. 

That's how this week went. We've been doing a lot of role plays around here and Sister Casey hates it but it is good for both of us ;). I hope you all have  really good week! Love you! Conference  is coming! It's practically here!!!!!! oh we had dinner with the Bright's last night, Sister Brights parents live in Highland. cooooool! 

love you byeeee
Sister Bailey 

Also I'm really excited for conference! yay! 
 PS. Did you know that 75% of the Book of Mormon was translated in my Mission?! coooollll

Have a happy day!

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