Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/14 | {over} 300 days of Mission

What a time it has been! I tell people out here this all the time but I don't know if I've shared it with you: THIS IS LITERALLY THE FUNNEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! seriously. being a missionary is pure fun. 
Ok this week was fairly quiet. Sister Casey caught a stomach bug for a day, then I caught it for a day--leaving us both rather exhausted for a day, but the work goes on!

Monday (was not p day) and we helped the Anderson family move! Missionaries get really good at packing and such (because we get 100 opportunities to do it). That was good. I don't really remember anything else about that day.

Tuesday (was p day) we played in Wyomissing, it's right next to Reading--did you know that Taylor Swift is from there!? crazzyy. I treated myself with a chicken curry hand pie, cucumber juice and a macaroon for my mission birthday :) yayyyy hb to meeeee. 

Wednesday (sister casey sick ) 

Thursday ( zone training ) We learned all about goal setting and planning. It was very good. I even played a musical number on the piano :). oh….I almost forgot about the beginning of that day…so we were running late that morning and we got to the meeting just a few min before it started. We went and shook the Zone Leaders hands and took our spot on the front row (#onlyspotleft). I was pulling out my scriptures to study and Sister Casey comes and sits by me with a face of mega distress, "I don't have my tag" she says just under a whisper. Oh! Want mine?? then she looked like she might cry so I told her to follow me. When we got to the hall I told her it was really ok, every missionary forgets their tag more than once, and what better time to forget it than when you are only going to be around missionaries that day! Then she started crying….uhhhhhh I don't really know what to do when people cry. I tried to comfort her, I even hugged her :) (bonus points). we went to the bathroom so she could blow her nose. Turns out she was just really, I mean really, embarrassed about it. so sad. I tried to give her my tag again but she wouldn't take it. Sister Pickett and sister pike came looking for us right when we were about to go back in. (that took some mega coaxing) Sister Pickett quicky clipped her tag onto sister casey and covered her missing tag space with her long hair. I love that Pickett. We went in and all was well. Then after the meeting came weekly planning, we made it maybe an hour before my little compa lost it again. I don't really remember what she was crying about this time. We talked about it and addressed some of her concerns. She is having a hard time being her self and being a missionary. I told her that one of the best things she can do for herself while on a mission is learning how to become her self in a new way. It's about changing your nature rather than your behavior. How easy would it be to revert back to old you when you go home if you are merely changing how you act rather than who you are? way too easy. So I helped her set some goals and make some plans for how she can become the missionary that she wants to be while being herself. We made some more talking goals, including volume. Oh and I came up with this genius idea! So she claims that the reason she talks so quietly is because she breathes wrong, too shallowly or something, so to fix it, I challenged her to sing with me in the car! I think that will help her breathe right…or if it doesn't it fixes the awkward part where I'm sining a solo all. the. time :). She was having a sad time still so for our dinner break I brought her to see the sun set at the pagoda (Sister Missionary Stress 101: take a break to watch the sun set. It will melt your stress away and make your companion happier too.) That's how our Thursday went.

Friday ( i was sick )

Saturday: We helped Sister Hernandez (LA) move. it started pouring harrrrrrrdddddddd mid move so we put a pause on it tillnext saturday. We had a dinner appointment! whooooo! It was with the Harrisons. They have the funniest little girl, her name is Libby and she insists on calling us "Ladies" instead of sisters. :) Then we went to ward soccer which turned into ward ultimate frisbee (due to the lack of soccer ball and the sudden appearance of a frisbee) I got a crayyyzyy bruise on my hand, right on the squishy part under my pointer finger. cool. 

Sunday. so good. We learned about Hosea in sunday school. Lots of metaphors and stuff. Sometimes I wonder if our teacher thinks the old testament is real of if it is just a nice fiction like the catholics believe. hmmmmm. After church we went and had waffles at Rose's (mom can you send me the pumpkin waffle and buttermilk syrup recipes? Rose want's to try them :)) Then we went and found a LA! She was nice but told us to come back on tuesday. We went and taught Sister Lorah in the nursing home by our house. Before we went in I turned to sister casey and said, "I'm going to try something in this lesson called I'm not going to talk." Fear dashed across her face and she said no thanks. she started her whole shpeel about how good a teacher I am and that she can learn so much about teaching by listening to me teach. Well we've had 3 solid weeks of that so let's put it to practice now :). She was worried she would mess up and I assured her that it would be fine! Sister Lorah probably wouldn't notice anyways. So we went in there and she greeted her, shared a mormon message, testified, prayed and off we went. Short, simple, she did it! and now that I know she can do it, she IS going to do it in every lesson. I will teach with her obviously too :). Sad part: she didn't think she did a good job so I reassured her it was great! it really was too. 

I love sister casey. She is sweet and I know she can become the missionary that she wants to be. As long as the desire is there, and she sets goals and does everything in her power to reach them, she can do it because the Lord will help her! I think ANYONE that goes on a mission can do that. It's reaaaaaalll hard but like Elder Holland said, "salvation isn't cheep." and I think it will be wayyyyyy better to be in the celestial kingdom rather than the terrestrial kingdom don't you?. 

Oh also, sister casey and I went and taught some of the priest quorum lesson on sunday (why we were invited and the elders weren't I know not). It went really well, we were (obviously) talking about missionary work. I asked them if they were planning on going on missions, They all resounded a solid YES! Then I asked them if they thought it would be easier to be a missionary if they started sharing the gospel now. They sat there and thought for a second, then one said that it would probably be easier if they started now. RIGHT ANSWER. We expressed to them that just because you put on a tag doesn't always mean its magically easy to talk to people. Yes you are set apart and have lots of extra help from the spirit but satan is also working even harder at you, making you think things like how awkward it would be to randomly talk to strangers or thoughts of fear when in a lesson…he makes you think things that stop you from sharing the gospel or acting on promptings. No bueno. Moral of the story, be a missionary now so you will be a better missionary when you get that shiny black tag. Oh we could also compare it to the 4 min talk from last conference--change it to your mission being your 4 min and now is the time to prepare so you can be like Ammon your entire mission instead of just the last 6 months or so :) 

Ok byeeeeee!!! have a good week! Fall is coming! I can feel it in the air! (also everyone should check out the moon tonight!!!!! it's the last of the super moons! and its the biggest and brightest one! (incase you didn't know there were 3 this summer and this is the last :)) 


Sister B 

I took the bold cafe pic for a Facebook post…then I realized that it says coffee right next to my face…(do you think you could take that out jenna??)

Sister Handy, me, Sister Cox, and Elder Issertell on our mission birthday! :) 

the p a g o d a 

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