Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14 | #readingfordays

Hola Familia,

Bad week.

Sick companion.

Sick self.

But it's ok!!! Don't worry it was just the worst cold in the whole
United States, I was on the tail end of it and Sister Suckow was at
the beginning. I think I may have given it to the elders in our ward
too...whoops. So I guess the highlights of the week are:
~I had mongu. It's like mashed potatoes but made with plantains. YUM.
~Suzie got her mission call!!!!!!!!....I don't think I've told you
about her. She's in the spanish ward. But she comes out and works with
us :). She's 22 and has been waiting for her call for a whole year!
She went to put her papers in a year ago and found out she had cancer
:( So she's been working through that and finally got cleared to go!!!
We went to her call opening yesterday and she's going to Denver
Colorado!!! How exciting is that!? :) She's so cute, she came up to me
after opening it and I gave her a hug and told her how excited I am
for her and she goes, "Where's Colorado??" haha
~Transfer Calls came: Sister Suckow is leaving me :( and so is Sister
Shaia! Booooo! Pray me a good one. I'm worried I've turned into one of
Presidents "fixers." You know, the one he sends companions that need a
obedient kick in the's hard and I'm getting tired of it.
But life goes on and I'm in Reading so I can't complain :).
~We are getting a new District Leader too! Hopefully this one will be
nice. That's something I really do not like is a mean District Leader:
Spencer (and Boss and Pika too) if you are ever a DL, be the nicest DL
in the whole universe!!! And don't complain about your area.
~I adopted a bonsi. Her name is Bathsheba and she looks like a
mandrake. (how often and how much do I have to water her?? and does
she need sunlight??? probably)
~I think Bailey is the cutest thing on planet earth, and so does every
one here. So it must be true!
~Washed Clean and The Power to Heal from within--2 really good talks I
studied this week.

OH! Maddie Peters from West Chester got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so
excited I could die! AND her whole family came!!!!! See:
Jake and Jill's wedding looked so fun! Oh isn't marriage happy! Also I
have the cutest family and cousins everrrrrr! Where did Brooke get
that dress!? Too cute!

ok, thats all i got for today...have a good one!!!! 

Sis B 

We went to dinner the other night to sister copes house. We had lovely conversations which led to her love for peanut butter. Sister Suckow agreed heartily, then called me out for not particularly liking that stuff. Sister Cope was shocked and asked me what I did like. "Cheese" I told her. After dinner I helped her figure out how to use the gospel library app. As we went to leave, she tells me to wait. She scurries to the kitchen and comes back with a little block of cheese. "For helping me with my iPad!" she said as she thrust the cheese into my hand! I graciously accepted the offer because she insisted (and it was some sort of special Pennsylvania cheese that won an award from the American Cheese Society!--use that one in balderdash!) 

So here is me with my Dill & Chive Cheese #blurrycarselfie

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