Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 | #sohappy

Good Morning Crew!!!
This week was one to be happy about!!!
WEll it started out pretty gloomy with a few snowed in days and stuff but that we don't let that stop us from teaching!!

On monday we went to North Philly to play in Sister Pickett's old area to play! It was so fun! We had the yummiest pizza and visited some of her old investigators! Philly is a relall fun place that I will take all of you to one day and you will think that it's the best adventure :)
Tuesday and Wednesday were bu shi whan.
Thursday was transfers and we got three new elders in our district: Elders Leavitt, Merkley and Murphy. They are nice.
On Friday Hannah Lehman came out teaching with us and it was such a cool experience! Hannah is making big steps in her life :)
Aannnndd Saturday: BEST DAY EVERR! Ka___e was Baptized!!!! The service was so good and the spirit was so strong! She was so excited and so happy!!! Right before the baptism we were teaching Ko___, so we invited him to the baptism and he really liked it too (he get's baptized on sunday!!!) Listen to this: Sister Bettilyon was even there at the baptism! Cool huh :) Sister Lower facetimed her :) I was so happy to see her! It felt like Christmas all over again when I saw Jenna!! hahah Sooo happy. Ka__ and A___ had us over for dinner that night and it was so amazing to see the light in Ka___'s eyes! She was beaming!!! The change I have seen her go through has been so cool to see!!! And A___ too! It's hard to believe that he ever hated the Sister Missionaries!
Then on Sunday Ka___e was confirmed :) It was lovely and she stayed for all 3 hours of Church!!! So proud! For Dinner the Lowers invited us and Ko___ and Bishop and sister Busath over...Then the elders didnt have a dinner appointment so they called sister lower to see if they could just come for dinner and of course she said yes..they eat over there all the time and elders seam to do silly things like invited themselves over to dinner quite often..haha. bless their little 18 year old hearts :)
I was sitting next to Ka___a in church and she leaned over to me and told me about how Z___ is doing. First of all he is in Oklahoma for a month working (I'm not sure if i told you that...) But he brought his book of mormon and is reading it every day!!! He texted her sunday morning and told her that he read Mosiah 1-6 already! Then he said "Tell me what you learn at church today! And I want an eternal Family!" Isn't that so sweet!!! She had told him the night before that he should pray and ask if the book of mormon is true. He said that he would but he already felt in his heart that it was the word of God! We are planning on teaching him via skype with Ka___a this week and He will be prepared and ready to be baptized as soon as he's off the plane in philly! :)
Today we are going to Wilmington Delaware with Ka___e and A___ for the funnest Day everr!!

I love you family!!! have the best best week! Smile a lot (especially people you don't freaks them out), Read your scriptures errry day (even you Pikaababy) and do (at least) #100funthingsaday 

Love, Sister B

Ka___'s Baptism!!!

and the happiest missionaries in the united states! see that mirror on the walll...yeah we velcroed it there :) cause we're crafty like that

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