Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2/4/14 | Three Cheers for the Happiest Week!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!
First of all, I just NEED to tell you how happy I am! I just got word from my dearest Sister Battle Hymn of the Republic that she tested POSITIVE for Lymes!! Three cheers for a diagnosis! She's seeing her Doc today and they will create a game plan for her to come back to Penny! Hooraahh! I can hardly wait! I actually started crying happiness when I read her facebook.commessage telling me the news! But that was just the cap on the most bested week in the whole United States!
Funny tidbit before I get into the good stuff: It snowed maybe 5 in yesterday...Pennsylvania SHUTS DOWN when it snows! Seriously, they act like it doesn't happen every year. The plows don't come out for hours and everything is closed. Which is why we had a snow day yesterday. I took naps :) and laminated my PMG with pretty. I'll have to send you a picture next week.
Sunday-Happiest day of the Mission! K___e F___o was baptized! He is the most incredible person I have ever met let alone been blessed to teach the gospel to! He even taught us the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We left him the pamphlet and told him that's what we would be teaching next time, when we came, he had read, re-read and studied that pamphlet inside and out! Then he taught it to us! It was amazing! He wants to serve a mission but he's already 26 so he can't :( Oh well, he'll just have to be the BEST member missionary that West Chester has ever seen! I have no doubt that he'll do just that :)
We just had so many miracles this week! We trusted in the Lord and prayed and prayed and had lots of faith! Guess what--It worked! We taught almost a billion lessons this week and got 2 super solid investigators! One found us a church. She is from Africa and asked us to teach her (sounds a little familiar eh? Somthin about those Africans!) The other one's named L___n. She is friends with M___e and came over to M___e's house while we were there on Saturday. She is soooo thirsty for the gospel! I just started chatting with her and stuff, she likes books so that wasn't too hard :) Turns out she hasn't read a scripture for like 4 years and was basically jumping out of her chair when we read from Mosiah. We have an appointment with her tomorrow! We are so excited to teach her!
Ok, here's a weird story about following spiritual promptings (no random thought!) We were at the Library in Exton on Saturdayevening--the Mall is right across the street so we sometimes go there to eat at the food court. We went to eat there (saladworks...oh my gosh this place is soo good! like better than Zupas and Panera combined!) There was this cute girl with a baby that sister pickett talked to while I was ordering my food. She sounded interested in hearing more about the message that we share and we gave her our number :) Then we ate. While we were eating, I just kept thinking about this girl that we met in a store called Francescas earlier in the week. She worked there and was really nice! For some reason we didn't share a message with her...no bueno. So I just keep thinking about her and I tell sister Pickett. We decide that we'll go and see if she is working. So we go to the store and look around a tiny bit...she wasn't there, but there was a really awesome watch that was on sale that I had seen the other day when we were there...so I bought it. It's one with links (like dad's watch that's fun to play with) and was a little bit too big. The girl at the register told me that there was a kiosk down the way that could take a link out for me. We were just going to go but we felt like we should go fix the watch right then for some reason. So we went and found the kiosk and gave my watch to this girl to fix. She was so nice! I just started talking to her, where she's going to school, what she's studying and stuff, we talked about books (she was reading a book and is an english lit major) talked about some similar classes we have both taken bla bla bla. I bring up that I'm from Utah and why I'm here. The watch fixing is taking quite a bit of time so we just keep chatting about the church, missionary work and stuff. Then when she finished the watch, I asked her if she knew anyone who would be interested in meeting with us. She said, "yeah! I might, can I have your number so I can give you a call?" uhhh yes! So I gave her our information and off we went! --this was a pretty normal encounter right? well normal for me, and most other missionaries out there. Unfortunately we haven't heard from her yet (but college kids take their time with stuff like that) but I'm sure something good will come of that. Wait, the story doesn't end there! The next day, Sunday, we were sitting in Relief Society waiting for it to start. Sister Moyer and Sister....forgot her name were sitting behind us and they lean forward and say, "ohh is that the famous watch?!" umm what? Yeah this is a new watch..do you like it? I really didn't know what do say. Then they proceed to tell me that sister somthingrather was on the other side of the kiosk during my conversation with the watch girl! In Sunday School, she commented and told a story about how she was at the mall yesterday and waiting at a kiosk to get her watch fixed. The girl in front of her was taking forever and just chatting up a storm! She was getting rather irritated and moved over so she could see the culprit...it was Sister Bailey! And she was sharing the gospel with this girl that was fixing her watch! Bla bla bla on and on, her point in sharing that was to ask "Are WE sharing the gospel with everyone we meet? Are WE being the member missionaries that we should be?" How cool is that?! People are watching you! Even if it's just God watching, it's always important (especially as missionaries) to be fulfilling our purpose at all times!! :) So weather the "random thoughts" and promptings were for that girl at the kiosk or for the ward that heard the story I don't know but either way, It's a pretty good out come ;)
I love the gospel (if you couldn't tell :)) and I LOVE SHARING IT! It's seriously the funnest thing! Y'all should try it every now and again..or every day! You will LOVE IT too! and you'll get blessings! yay! I hope you ALL are reading your scriptures EVERY DAY!  I promise that will make you happy happy happy! I love you all and have a really good week!

Love, Sister Bailey

WAIT!! I forgot a really awesome miracle story that I MUST share! K___a D___s: the L___'s daughter. We are teaching her husband Z___. Anyways, She was going to go to North Carolina this weekend to visit her old friends. She kept getting promptings that she should just stay home and was having a hard time figuring out what she should do. She knew that if she went, it would be really hard to say no to some of the things her friends would want to do. She going though this all week, going back and forth on what she should do1 We met with her on thursday and she told us what was going on. We didn't want to tell her what we thought she should do because she knew what she "should" do. She just had to make that decision on her own. She told us she also had a strong feeling that she needed to bear her testimony! That was another reason why she wanted to stay home, so she could come to church and do it! Luckily, Cash got sick on friday night and she "had" to stay home. She was so happy! :) we were so happy too! So on Sunday, 1 o clock came rolling around and kayla wasn't at church yet..I texted her to see where she was....she thankfully came in 5 min late! she sat by me and said "satan is trying so hard to stop me!!! I almost didn't come!" The meeting started and the spirit was so strong! She was feeling it and was crying! I put my arm around her and she said "I can't do it! I'm already crying and I can't go up there!" I encouraged her and told her it was ok! Mid meeting, I gave her a pat on the back and up she went! Her testimony was so sweet and so powerful! She talked about when we visited her on thursday, we taught about the tree of life and how sweet that fruit really is. How she and her family can all partake of it! She mentioned how she was planning on going to NC and felt bad about going "Sister Bailey looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I had thought about staying home?" She said that made the change, gave her the courage to stay home and not feel bad about not seeing her friends. She bore a wonderful testimony and everyone was in tears! after the meeting several people came up to her and thanked her for her testimony. Lot's of people came up to me and asked when she was getting baptized! hahah She's already baptized but over the past month of meeting with her, I have had the privilege to watch her become Truly Converted! She is taking those baby steps back into the gospel and it shows in her countenance. She told us that he had no desire to drink, no desire to dress immodestly and she looks at us and the way we dress and wants to look as beautiful and happy as we are! She has invited the spirit back into her life and it is beautiful!
Love you!

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