Monday, February 24, 2014


Why hellooooo,
I'm having a really really great day! Both Sister Pickett and I are remarkably happy!! You're probably thinking, "How??!!!?? You are already the Happiest missionary in the whole united states!!!" Well I don't really know how, I just know that I love doctors and priesthood power :) ok?
This week was fantastic!! I deffinantly wouldn't want to live it out again but looking back, it was just smashing! We started out with the sloopiest P-day in America filled  with King of Prussia--which in fact has the biggest bestest mall in all of PA but guess what we didn't go because I was too tired. Let me say that again, I was too tired to shop. Something was deffinantly wrong with me eh? Anyways, we went to the nicest doctor in all the land and he reminded me of Mikey. Super cool and he gave me lots of stuff and an IV that I thought would kill me. Three days later, a priesthood blessing from the ZLs and a lot of sleep, that crazy poison IV worked its magic and I feel so good!!! Basically the only symptom I have left is crazy fatigue. which sounds really normal for a missionary, but this is like nuts, went to bed at 6:30 last night and didn't wake up till 6:30 this morning!...maybe that's why I'm feeling so good :).
Wednesday went back to King of Prussia to get my blood work done. That was too much fun and a half! President called us while we were there and told us the mold came back negative on the apt. But then he asked us if we thought we had enough work for him to send some elders in to the area as well as keep us here. YES!!! So much work to be done! So he had a meeting with the stake pres about it yesterday so we will see :). After getting literally 100 tubes of blood filled, Sister Pickett told me I deserved a treat...oh there's a shake shack down the street?? ok! So we went to shake shack and I was the happiest missionary in the whole united saw the pictures :)
Oh I also went to the chiropractor this week. He is awesome and I really want him to get baptized. We always have good conversations about the church. This time we talked about how Spencer is serving a mission in Florida. I told him he was in Jupiter, "I've been to jupiter!!" he exclaimed! then he told me how lovely it is in the spring there and how you can watch the turtles migrate in the middle of the night. I like turtles. Anyways, he is seriously the best chiro I have ever been to in my entire life! I was like a foot taller when i left! 

Thursday we had district meeting. I just love district meeting. Our zone leaders came to do accountability with us after. We were actually really worried about that because we were feeling like the most disobedient missionaries on the planet becasue of the physical things we weren't able to do because of how sick I am. They assured us that it was ok and that I needed to put my health first right now so that I can get better so that I can work even harder when I am better. Sounds good to me. They also gave me a blessing and it was wonderful! I love the priesthood.
Speaking of the priesthood, Kollie got the aaronic priesthood yesterday!!! It was so wonderful! He also gets to go do baptism's at the DC temple with the ward next weekend! :) and we are taking him to the Philly temple site tomorrow with Sister Albadine.
Now I want to tell you a little bit about the Lady that saved us this week. Her name is Sister Mitzi Busath. She is literally an angel! She took us to the Doctors on monday and got us squishy things to sleep on when she found out that we were sleeping on the ground at the Downingtown sisters apt. Then she bought us groceries. That sneeeky mom! She called us up and asked if we were home, then 5 min later she showed up with soo muuuch foood!! All fruits and veggies and stuff that missionaries can't afford. And on top of all of those good things, she is sooo funny and just lovely to be around! Which is good because that's what we needed on doctor day!

That's about all that happened this week. Lots of doctors. But I am feeling so much better already if you couldn't already tell :). O___a is getting baptized next Sunday! We are super excited for that! And it's starting to be a little springy here! yay ;)

I love you once I love you twice I love you chicken noodle soup with rice, 

Sister Bailey 
PS March is just around the corner and we all know what that means!!!! *hint wink* byeeee

this is what west chester looked like after the ice storms and such. it took them 2 weeks to clean up even the big roads!
but isn't west chester beautiful!!?

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