Monday, March 3, 2014

3/2/14 | Bye Bye WC

I think the worst best part of missions is getting transferred, only because after serving in a place for so long, it really feels like home. The ward feels like your family and so on. So it's like packing up and leaving for the MTC all over again! minus the MTC part. Enough saddness, I think the people I'm leaving behind here have enough saddness for everyone involved so why bother being sad...especially when I have facebook to keep in touch with them :).
Yesterday, we ran into a pickle before church. Bishop called us around 10:30 and told us that we had another Nor'easter coming in so they wanted to postpone O___a's baptism again to next week. I asked him if we could do it before church. He said we might be able to but probably not because we would have to start filling the font like right that second. "oh perfect, we're at the church right now bishop!" haha so we ran to the font and got it started! A little while later, after we had made ALL of the arrangements with everyone involved with the baptism, bishop arrived at the church and had us come into his office "I have an idea sisters!" We all sat down in his office and he said, "What do you think about doing the baptism duringSunday School hour?" perrrfeccct bishop! Then we swiftly excused ourselves to go re-make all of those calls :) 1 o clock rolls around and everything was set in order, O___a came in the most beautiful all white African wrap (i'll send pictures next week, forgot my card reader) So we snapped a few pictures with her and sat down for sacrament meeting. We had the most wonderful meeting!!! Jim was there and so was K___a! :) and K___e got to bless the sacrament!! It was so special!! Everyone was sad when I bore my testimony because they realized that I was being transferred. After the meeting sister hutchinson called me over because guess who was there! Chris Morris's Mom and Wife. Crayyzeee, So I got to talk to them for a little bit, they are so sweet! They told me they were texting mom and Jenna about me :) Then maybe Sister Morris pulled up Jenna's instagram and showed me the latest Daily Bailey--I felt a little guilty for looking at instagram but I wasn't going to be rude and walk away!! haha Bailey is just the cutest thing and the Morris' loveee her! Then O___a was baptized :) it was so special. K___e gave a talk on baptism and K___a gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so incredible to have one of our recent converts and a newly reactivated members speak at it. Elder Mask baptized her, all went well and O___a is just a beautiful soul! In relief society the lesson was on becoming more holy. It was based on a book written by elder nelson's wife...I don't remember what it is called, look it up and read it though!! The point of the lesson was that we can all work to become more holy, ask yourself "what would a holy woman/man do?" throughout your day and you will become more holy! Simple as that! We didn't have a dinner apt so we went home after all of our meetings and scrapped up some breakfast for dinner style wasn't too scrumptious because we had to improvise, but it made us feel like real missionaries that don't get fed a lot! 
So many miracles yesterday, Sister Pickett and I were talking about how everything that happened yesterday, encompassed everything a missionary hopes will happen on their mission. :)
We've been meeting with Z___ again and he is so ready to be baptized!!! We taught him Saturday night, sunday night, this morning (even though it was p day!) and we have another appointment with him tomorrow morning :) Both he and K___a are really  worried they wont like the new sister so we told them we could meet with them as much as possible before I go :). I'm not complaining about it! He is set and ready to be baptized on March 16th. Hopefully I will be close enough to come back to it. The rule is it has to be within the 2 weeks after transfers so it will just be up to my zone leaders on if I can leave the area.
On Tuesday, Sister Albadine loaded us and K___e up into her Subaru to haul us into the city to see the temple site.  It was so wonderful! K____e has the strongest testimony! I love him! He told the Carr's (The couple overseeing the temple construction) his whole story and sister carr was almost in tears, that reminds me, i'll have to tell you his story one of these days, it's incredible!!! or maybe i'll just tell you in person when I get home :) Our Sister Training Leaders met up with us and we started our exchange. Sister Stephenson went home to WC with Sister Pickett and I stayed in Center City with Sister Beames! It was so fun! I've always wanted to serve in Center City so if that was the only day I get to, I'll take it cause it was a grand adventure! We taught lots of lessons and had ward coordination with the other missionaries in her ward and their ward mission leader. It was really cool to see how other wards work with the missionaries.
Wednesday, I was still in Center City, we visited a less active woman in a nursing home and then we went back to the temple sight to have lunch with Brother and Sister Carr. They are the nicest, they take missionaries out to lunch all the time. Then we came back to west chester and had accountability with the STLs. It was really good, I love them and I think they like us too because Sister Beames was laughing pretty hard she started crying a few times during it. :)
K___e went to the temple to do baptisms on saturday with the ward! So special, he was so excited he called us the moment he got home and told us all about it. I had him bring my old camera with him to the temple so he could have pictures :). I can't wait for all of you to meet K___e, he is so special.
Well, West Chester has been too good to me. Pray for everyone I am leaving behind, I worry about some of them. But I know they are in good hands with Sister Pickett :). Wish me luck this week! Lets all cross our fingers that this last IV (it was hot pink today) doesn't make me as sloopy as last time :) That wouldn't be a great start with a new compa in a new area. Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I love you all and wish I could write you 100 more miracles that happened this week!

Sister Bailey
PS I am still the happiest missionary because guess what, I have the best cousin in the world named Brook Brian: Thanks 100 for the fun box of feel better :) you are soooo nice and I love you! Also I had Shake Shack again :) and my Doctor is the coolest person I have ever met.

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