Monday, March 10, 2014

3/10/14 | Hello Morrisville!


I got transferred to Morrisville PA! We live in a little borough called Yardley. Isn't that just smashing?! I love it here! I miss West Chester a lot but I can tell that "I THINK I'M GUNNA LIKE IT HEREEE!" My lovely new companion is Sister Menlove and she is seriously the bee's knees. I think I'll keep her for a while. 

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22. Oh wait, cause I am!!! Yay! I had a happy happy birthday that actually started last tuesday! how fun is that!? Jenna: your candle cameee yayy so funnn! oh I guess that was from errybody right?? so thank you all!!! I got the ring out just last night after burning it like a madman for every second I was in the apt! Mom: I got your boxes! also, I heard you called the mission office to make sure I got them! You silly sneaky mom! But thank you! the Cake is goooooooooooooooooood! even for breakfast. :). 

Transfer meeting was sooo fun! I loveed it! I got to see all my little missionary buddies from the MTC! So, wanna hear how transfer meetings happen here at the PPM? I thought I would share with you because sometimes we tell members how we do them and they think its cool cause it's different from when they served. So, on the day of transfers, all the missionaries getting transfered and their compas come to Broomall. We all go in the gym and all the missionaires staying in their area stand on one side of the gym and all the missionaries getting transferred stand on the other side. Then the AP's stand by the stage and start their slideshow. They call out the area and the missionary staying there and say "your new compaion is.....Bla ble blah!" only they say an elder or sisters name instead of bla ble blah. Then the missionaries called out meet in the middle of the gym and hug and Sister Anderson takes a picture :) It's like a really fun game show!!! When I got called I was sooo happy that I was going with Sister Menlove! She is so great and nice and happy and lovely and normal and good missionary! yay! We are gunna get some work done out here in Morrisville! 

My Birthday was lovely too! We started the day off with a good ol' P.E.C. Then normal church stuff. The ward was oh so nice!!! They found out it was my birthday so they gave me chocolate and sang to me in sunday school. Awkward but nice :). Then we went to a members house for this family history thing and pancakes! Guess what! I found an ancestor in the 1600's that was born in Buck PA! That's where i'm serving! Buck county PA! So i'll find his name again and find his grave on P Day and it will be reallllll fun! Sister M and I are determined to find a common ancestor. We love family search! Then we taught some really awesome people, Had ward coordination with the WML and went home for dinner. Guess what we made for dinner: Beto's breakfast burritos! YUM! I even put candles in it! And we watched Jonny Lingo and opened my presents :). good good day! oh my family, that cat card! I died! also music box. I'm totally going to use it as a finding tool! picture this: me and sister menlove. Skipping down the street, the sun is setting and the fireflies are coming out. She's jammin on her harmonica and i'm just playing that music box like its going out of style! The people will just follow us to the font. like the piper man and the rats. perfect. 

Today we went to King of Prussia again for a really fun time! Got my IV and then we played at the biggest mall in PA or something. Real fun. Sister Heaps took us (i love her!) We ate at the Cheesecake factory and guess what i had.....tamale cakes!!!!! yummmmmmmmmm. I think the best thing about being on a mission and having a birthday, is that your birthday dosn't end the next day to make way for someone elses birthday! It can start a week early and end....whenever you want it to! Mine's still going just so y'all know :). Dad, you have permission to do the same. 

Well fam. sorry for the lack of  missionary stories in this letter....It's been a crazy week and I don't remember a whole lot of peoples names to tell you about. ha I'll learn them all and tell you about them later. :) LOVE YOU!!! happy birthday dad! and Tahnks for all the birthday wishes and prayers :)

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