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3/17/14 | Happy St. PDay!


This week was gouda, speaking of cheese, Sister Menlove loves good cheese too. And Hummus and Avacados. Now that I'm talking about her, want to know more about her?! ok here are some fun facts about Sister Menlove: 

She is really fun. and you would all like her. 

That's all I got for now. Oh except for that she is a really really great missionary and we get work done!!!
Funny Story: I opened all of my birthday package from ya'll and was so happy because you guys are really excellent gift givers! Then it was monday (last monday) and we were running around doing p day stuff so I printed off your letters and read them before bed. I was reading moms letter and she apologized that my CTR ring wasn't gold like I wanted it to me. Right then I jumped off my chair and rummaged through the box, now filled with empty wrapping paper and some random chocolates. BUT WHERE WAS THE RING!? Had I thrown it away? was it lost? did something else happen that I can't think of?? Then I saw the tiny box, that I thought was filled with utah truffles...because it was labeled utah truffles. I opened it and there was a tiny goldsmith bag!! yayyy! I thought my dear mother had forgotten that I wanted to be able to choose the right, which we all know you can only do if you have a pretty reminder on your finger. So Thank you thank you mother dear!!! You are simply the best mother! 
Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal missionary days. Teaching and finding! yay! 
Thursday we went to Pennypack for Zone Training. It was soo good! We talked about planning and how you need to start with a vision, then set a goal to fit that vision and make plans to achieve that goal and be accountable to the Lord and others as you strive to reach you vision. We did it together as a zone and decided that we wanted a more firm testimony, we said we would get that by reading the book of mormon (goal) and then we planned on how we were going to do it. We made a SMART goal for it, only this time smart stands for Spiritual, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, and Time and all Eternity....I think that's what they all were. Anyways we made the goal to read the book of mormon in a month as a zone by reading 18 pages a day! Yay. So that's what we are doing and YOU SHOULD TOO!  You may be thinking, oh I don't have time for that but let me tell you something; fact: missionaries are the busiest people in america...and probably every other country but I wouldn't know about them..anyways you can do it!!! promise. <<Whoa did you see that? A missionary just made you a promise that you can do it must be true. I also promise that you will get many many blessings if you take this challenge!!! :) Hooray for blessings!

Mom: Sister Adams says "Bravo!!!" to my scripture case. <She's in my zone. I actually stalked her mission blog before I came out here...but i'm not going to tell her that any time soon. 

We went on exchanges on friday to saturday with the Sister Training Leaders. It was good, I went to Doylestown PA with Sister Earl and Sister Shaia came here with Sister Menlove. We had a lovely learning time but, as always after an exchange, I am soooo happy to be back with my compa!! I love sister menlove. did I tell you that? 

Before we exchanged, we went to west chester for fun. Just kidding we went for my doctors appointment, but we had fun. I was talking to Dr W about missionary work and turns out, he has some really good friends who are mormon! He used to always ask them what they believe and THEY WOULD NEVER TELL HIM!!! they said they didn't want it to ruin their friendship....kookoo. So then, a member that also goes to him, sister Robinson from the west chester ward, invited him to hear the missionary discussions. So they were coming over once a week, then once a month, then less than that, then nothing. What a puzzle right! So then the conversation got side tracked so i've been doing some investigating because I know for a fact that he was not in the west chester area book, I've read that one too many times. I've been trying to get a hold of sister robinson and missionaries in surrounding areas to see if they know anything about him or where his teaching record is....I'll let you know when I get more on the saga. 

After that we stopped by the mission office in broomall to try and get a new phone becasue ours doesn't get texts...or phone calls. Problem. It was wonderful! All of my favorite people were there! ...ok all of my favorite people in the mission feild were there :) The Jones's and the Smuins and even President Anderson! He was doing interviews and saw us in between, so he came right over and told us how glad he was to see us! "There is sunshine in my soul!" he exclaimed as he went back into his office for more interview. He is really a great man! 

Well, Happy st patricks day! We celebrated by watching it snow while we cleaned and killed some spi-iders with windex (it works!)  Have a happy happy week! Love you all! Remember 100 fun things a day!

Love, Sister Bailey

Birthday Celebrations!!! One with sister menlove in morrisville and another at the Lehmans the night before transferrs! (sorry I look....reall werid in that one):
 Me and Sister Menlove at transfers!:

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