Monday, March 24, 2014


I hope you all went and got your free rita's on the first day of spring. I love rita's!! oh my goodness next time you go, skip out on the wooter ice and just get the custard. It tastes like a pillow of ice cream! I'm going to start this letter off with the funniest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life: Sister Menlove and I went for our morning run, it was still dark outside and it had rained pretty heavily the day before. There we are, just runnin runnin runnin and a bigggg old truck drives by us real quick, he hit a massive puddle when he passed us causing literally a 6 foot wave of water to consume us! We stopped dead in our tracks, immediately soaking wet. Then we started laughing soooo hard because who can say that actually happened to them!? I always thought that was just something that happened to people on movies. So after we gathered ourselves together, we decided to just go home, ok maybe "I'm going home" were the first words out of my mouth when the wave hit..:) 
This week was rather rotten...till the end. We tracted at least 20 hours this week and let me tell you this. Tracting is not the most efficient way to work, we figured that out on friday when we realized nothing seemed to be coming from our efforts. Also, note this: people do not even acknowledge the fact that you are dripping wet because you forgot your umbrella. And they also say mean things to you but you just have to keep moving on. One time when we were leaving someone's porch, I ran straight into this massive flower pot! and now I have a realll big bruise on my shin. So, it seamed that we had fell short of our 20 new investigator goal because we only had 3. We were really upset about that and were so confused as to why the spirit would prompt us to set such a high goal if our hard work and faith wasn't enough to reach the goal! We truly did everything in our power to reach this goal. We were feeling really down by Saturday night and sat in our car for a while trying to figure this all out. We decided that we learned so so so much this week that we would have never learned if we hadn't had such a high goal! We learned at least 100 lessons including a lot lot of humility that we didn't even realize we were lacking!! Humility is sneeky like that. So sunday finally came! and I was asked to give a talk on thrusday...people forget that missionaries are busy busy busy and can't say up late to do stuff. and I didn't have time to write it during my personal studies because I had investigators to study for and I couldn't do it during lunch breaks because we have that lovely book of mormon to be reading! ( how is your reading coming?!) So It's sunday morning and we are sitting in ward council and I still don't have a talk prepared. Y'all know how much I love speaking in public so I was only freaking out a little bit. :). Luckily I was the last speaker so I had some solid spirit filled time to gather my thoughts on the Mission of Relief Society. The moment the sacrament was done, i whipped out my ipad, quad and notebook and jotted down a few things. I had put mom's letter in my scriptures for some reason and I ended up sharing the quote from Joesph Feilding Smith! Thanks mom! :) I got to speak for 10 min without even breakin a sweat! It was awesome! I don't even hate speaking that much anymore :) I'm not sure all that I talked about but lots of people came and told me they really liked it so it must have been descent. Then, turns out we got to teach Sunday School too! yay, it was good too. Relief Society was awesome though!! Go read the talk president monson gave in october, i think its called i will not forsake thee and something else?? It's reallll good! 
After Church we had dinner at the Hludzinski's. There house is straight up the model for cheaper by the dozen! It was so awesome (Jenna, even the wayward sister and her boyfriend were there! ) Sister H had us making the waffles and Brother H came over and was talking to us, he asked me where I was from and when I told him I was from Utah, he asks," What ethnicity are you??" Umm, I'm just white, I replied. "Oh...I thought you had to be native american or Eskimo..." I told him I get that a lot. Which is more understandable out here because the native americans back east aren't very dark at all and look quite like me....hmmmmm what a puzzle. 
Thank you for all of your letters and prayers! I printed off spencers email last week for some reason but I found it and read it this week again and I am so glad he shared that scripture in D&C. (122: 7-9??) it was just what I needed to get me through this week! I love all of you more than Chocolate Bacon Bunnies!!! (there's this billboard in our area for them :)) 

LOVE<3 Sister B :) 

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