Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/18/14 | Sugar Cookies for Breakfast

Good afternoon people,
Have I told you about the Jones'? They are the senior couple in the mission office. They are from Blanding I think. Their names are Cory and Marilyn--Do Grandma and Grandpa Burr know them by any chance? Anyways, they are my favorite people!! Every time we get to go to Broomall, I get so excited because that means we get to see the Jones! They came out with me :) and they will go home with me and they tell me that they think of me as their daughter. They take care of us :). Sister Jones made me a massive thing of homemade chicken noodle soup last week when I couldn't eat anything else. She is soooo NICE!. Last time we were there, I was wearing some of my goodwill finds (she always tells me how much she likes my clothes and they are always from the goodwill.) and she and Sister Anderson were admiring my sweater and skirt, sister jones goes "You should seriously be a professional shopper!" ummm done! I think I figured out what I am going to do with my life after the mish just like spencer figured his life out a couple weeks ago! (he's owning nike right?)
We have 4 investigators progressing with a baptismal date!! How happy is that!? O___a is getting baptized Sunday, Z__h is getting baptized on March 9th, and J and B are getting baptized on March 30th!!! 

We had Zone Conference on Friday and it was wonderful! President and Sister Anderson talked about repentance and the atonement.
Sunday night, we were driving home from Kennett Square from dinner, we were headed straight home because I wasn't feeling well. As we drove by the Lehmans neighborhood, I thought "we should stop by and see K___a" (she missed church that day). But then I thought "nahh, I'm way to tired to talk to anyone and we can see her tomorrow." So on we drove...we passed the second entrance to her neighborhood and I still felt this strange urge to go see K__a. No, I thought, she'll be fine. As we drove on, I kept thinking, wait what if this is like that one time we went to the Lehmans and they were having a serious crisis and we needed to be there to help them or what if this really a prompting from the spirit in disguise and I don't follow it!! That would be really bad! So I turn to Sister Pickett and ask her what she thinks about stopping by the Lehmans. She say's sure so we turn around and go to see K___a. When we got there she was kinda sad, she had been fighting with Z___h and was making some hard desicions on what she should do this weekend, go party with Hannah for her 21st birthday or go pick up Z__h from the airport and have some family time. We just talked with her for a little bit and showed her a mormon message we had downloaded that morning called Lifting Burdens (it's good, go watch it). By the time we were ready to leave, she had talked herself through the decision and make the right choice (she knew it was the right choice all along.) Before we left, she told us how glad she was that we came. That she really needed us that night. I felt prompted to invite her to prepare to return to the temple. She got really excited and wants to go back so badly! Then she told us that when she and Z__h get sealed, the only people she cares to be there are Sister Pickett and I. (and I'm sure Sister B :)) Because we started this with her :). In that moment I felt the spirit confirm to me that the work we are doing is right and we are enough. Even though I haven't been able to work as hard as I would like lately because I'm sick, it's ok and I'm enough.
We went to see her again today and she told us how she ended her arguement with Z__h the moment we left. She apologized and made her decision on what she was going to do this weekend. She felt so good about everything and felt sad that she had started slipping backwards in the past week. We assured her it was ok as long and she keeps trying and remembers to use the atonement! She shared the mormon message with Z__h and he loved it too. He told her that he had been praying that the sisters would meet with her because he found out that she hadn't seen us all week.  Click: Sundaynight prompting came straight from Zach. HOW COOL IS THAT!? I love it when you find stuff like that out :). and I love Z__h and K___a! Ok you know how they have the cutest baby!? Cash. Well I show them all pictures of Bailey because they LOVE her!!! and they started calling her Cash's Girlfriend :) 

I had the happiest Valentines day! We stopped by the apt on the way to zone conference and Sister B had sent us a really happy valentines package!!! so much glitter and princesses! Then we went to Zone Conference and got to see all of our favorite missionaries! (Sisters Shia and Daniels, the Jones's and other ones I can't remember) happy Happy day! Then we had to go to the appartment again and we had 3 more packages and 100 letters!!! I guess it pays to have storms that stop the mail man, cause then you get it all at once! Megan sent me the best/creepiest valentine :). Sister Smeeth sent me the best cd's on the plannet. I love CD's. Sister H sent me chocolate and Mom, you make the best cookies ever!!!!!! times 100. I had no idea that you were the worlds best cookie baker all of my life until Evan told me so. He is right. Those cookies were soooo goood! we already finished them...whoops. and the candle!!! you are too good to me!!!
I hope you have a really happy week! (isn't spencer the coolest missionary?? I just read his letter)
LOVE, Sister Bailey
P.S. Thanks Sister Paul for all of your words of encouragement!!! and I loved Brother Coopers talk!

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