Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/20/14 | Happy Day

Goooooddd Moorning!!!!!

Turns out we had the Flu this week :( very borving. But guess what that we had 2 really cool blessing miracles this week!!! 

We taught Z___ and K___ this week at the church building. K___ had asked us to teach the plan of salvation because Z___'s uncle had just died :(. So we taught it with this cute little diagram thing Sister Pickett made and the spirit was so strong! It was awesome! Z___ was asking so many questions and kept saying "oh that's so cool, I've never heard that before!" So at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he said "I would love to be baptized!!" yayayyayyyayyayay!!!!!!! We set his date to be February 16th and we are so excited! K___ told us afterward that Z___ said that he loved the lesson and got a feeling that he had never felt before and felt so much better about his uncle passing. :) #sohappy.

Second really awesome miracle: We were inside all week long (except for when we snuck out to teach when we didn't feel super sicky) and the Zone focus was new investigators this week. Our district was accountable for 8.  We didn't think we would be able to get any new investigators and were really sad. We made it through 5 hours of church and had planned to go out after but were feeling too sick and tired. So we sat at our table (that now sits in the middle of  our newly arranged apartment) and pulled out the good old area book....and called and called and called. Formers, potentials and anyone else we felt prompted to call. After doing this for 2 whole hours, we had...wait for it.....EIGHT new investigators!!!! Elder Marse was so happy! This is his last week as our district leader (he's getting transferred on wednesday)  and was so worried that we wouldn't meet our accountability as a district. But we did and we were all so happy! We know it was such a real miracle!! yay! 

Well, That's all I've got to say for the week! Love you 100!! 

Sister Bailey :) 

this is us with elder taylor (our ZL) about an hour ago. we found him in the family history center when we were looking for computers to use to email today...he is getting transferred.
Made this planner for Elder Bailey I sent him a birthday backage :) its awesome but he wont get it till tomorrow 
drew this inside of spanky's planner
and Elder Mask's planner

People just find out that i'm creative and ask me to make them planners...weird. The ZL's are having me make one of their new investigators a scripture case box thing...it's going to be realll cool
Elder Taylors planner
Sister Picketts Planner i made her 

Sick week = craft week :)
I made this for K__e to give to her at her baptism! :) its  Saturday

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