Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello My Dearest Family!!!
How is your New Year so far?? My last year ended pretty badly, It included bringing my very favorite Sister B to the mission home and saying sad goodbyes. Sister Smith was there too so that meant more sad goodbyes. 
But 2014 started off just the Happiest!!! I got my new compa! Her name is Sister Pickett! She is from Ceder City and came out with Sister Bettilyon. She has been serving in the Hood in Phillly! So West Chester is quite the charming change for her :) 
We are still living at the B___'s. :) Which is quite lovely. Except for the part where all my stuff is still split between the apt and their bu shi hwan.
So as soon as Sister Pickett got here, we decided to kick some numbers out the window for the rest of the week. And we did!!! we exceeded all of our goals for the week in just 4 days!! including snow days where we couldn't leave the house! Crazy miracles! We met with and taught our new investigator K___! He is from Liberia. We had the best lesson with him and invited him to be baptized on February 2nd! He accepted and is so excited!!! We stopped by yesterday to see how he was doing and he's already reading the Book of Mormon and his prayers sound like someone who has been a member his entire life!!! 
We had an appointment with S____ on Friday too but she got caught in traffic or something and cancelled. So we stopped by on Sunday and her entire family was there! We only stayed for a little bit cause we came unannounced but we shared a scripture out of the BOM and prayed with them. While we read the scripture, Her daughter K___ (college student at St Josephs) was almost falling off her chair she was so intently listening! E____ (s___'s husband) even participated! So we set up an appointment to go teach them the restoration this week and they will all be there again...THIS COULD BE OUR FAMILY!!!
Wanna hear something else cool (number wise)---so yesterday was fridged cold...freezing rain kinda deal. Church was cancelled because of it but it warmed up enough in the afternoon for it to be safe to drive around. So we were able to go out for a couple hours. Just in those 2 hours, we got 1 member present, 4 other lessons, 3 LA's and 2 new investigators.....WHOAAA Miracle I know numbers just dont really matter but it's a very clear way to see the Lords hand and see the blessings that you recieve when you do the very best that you can ;) 

I love you all (especially you sister Battle hymn of the republic!--Sometimes when I'm bored I pretend you are still here and we are doing 100 fun things a day!!) Have a fantastic week!!!


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