Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Well I did have the Merriest of Merries thank you very much! After we chatted (That waas so fun wasn't it?! Lets do it every week) we spent some happy times at the Brown's house. I didn't get to tell you about the Browns while I was chatting with you because I was inside of their house and they would have thought it rather curious for me to talk about them on my Christmas call eh? Anyways, The Brown family is from England! English people are seriously the funniest of funnies! Sister B and I just laughed for the entire meal time because  every time they open their mouths something funny comes out. They are simply lovely. Oh and we live there now. :) We moved from the Lowers to the Browns on the day after Christmas. Yay. 
So we've had been instructed to stay inside because of the sickest companion in the united states. So I made 100 loaves of bread...ok 6 loaves. So we could deliver them to people on Friday. You know for thank you for being our favorite people kinda deal. So we did that on Friday. Meanwhile Sister B is still being the sickest and saddest. 
So I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow or wednesday. But it's ok because I CAN DO HARD THINGS!! and so can sister B :) we spent the morning at Presidents house while they were sorting it all out and I got to talk to the Loveliest Sister Anderson. Just continue praying for her and also you have to do something for me ok? I NEED you to take her to lunch ok?! Will you do that? I'm committing  you to this. Also when you see her give her 100 hugs and MAKE her copy all of the pictures she has on her camera of our time together and give it to me. 

OK This week was weird but next will be weirder!..bye 

Love, Sister Bailey. 

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