Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16/13 | Christmas is coming...It's practically here!!!!!

Hello family!
So I have an idea...give me some pointers on what the chirstmas letter should say and I'll write it :)...maybe. Or should we let everyone be disappointed so they all realize how much they miss me? should just tell them that it's better this way because they can all just read a weekly letter from me instead of a yearly one..and it's better because it's all about me instead of you hooligans. :) 
Alright, this week was a good one! It's finally feels like winter. (it was like 60's last week or something) but it finally decided to snow here! --Side note to the people of Pennsylvania: Dear PA, Learn how to drive in the snow, No you will not die if you drive faster that 10 miles an hour, especially if you have 4 wheel drive.-- ok ok. People seriously don't know how to handle snow. If there is a storm warning for the next day, people start driving literally 15 miles an hour everywhere. its the weirdest thing on the planet. We had two snow days. That means we can't drive our cars cause the roads will be too bad. We are still allowed to go out on foot but it's hard in a blizzard and we aren't in Canada so we are babies and think that "too cold" is a thing. So on Tuesday we didnt' go out. (oh plus no one we teach or any members or less actives live in walking distance...except for the Banesy! She's a less active member (her real last name is B___) and she talks like John Travolta on Hairspray :) we love her) Cause is was a blizzard of some sort. Saturday was supposed to be super bad so we ended our exchanges with the Broomall sisters early so we wouldn't be stuck with each other. Saturday was another snow day but it didn't snow....till like the evening. lame. but listen to this miracle that happened: Sister Bettilyon and I had both felt some sort of cold coming on and we had heard from members that the storm was going to be really bad and last a few days (thank goodness it didn't). So we asked Elder Marse if we cold run to the store to get some medicine just in case before the storm hit. He told us we could so we headed out. We had accidentally missed a turn and passed the store we were headed to but just decided to go to the next store down the road. We got there and did our shopping and went to check out. As we were buying our things, one of our potential investigators came over and said hi to us! Her name is S____ and she works there at the store. She had just come out of the back room to her register and had only checked one person out before closing up her register! She came and found us!!! It was absolutely a miracle! We got to talk to her for a little bit and she told us that that was her last day working there! She gave us her cell phone number (which is so good because we haven't been able to reach her on her home phone) and told us to give her a call so we can come by! Wow right?! Every time I think about this experience, I just think about how many random things that shouldn't have happened, happened so we could catch up with S____! It all started because President was prompted to call a snow day, and then it didn't snow in the morning like it was supposed to, we ended up at the wrong store and got to the check out line at the exact moment so S____ could find us!!!! I know the Lord does things like that for us every day, it just takes us a while to realize it. 
Here's another miracle: M_____ (one of our investigators) had invited us over for cake and ice cream for her birthday that night. Her husband used to be very anti-mormon but has warmed up to us over the past 3 months. We don't see him very often because she prefers us to come when he is gone just in case. They have a very broken family so it was such a blessing to see them all around the dinner table and you could tell that they really do love each other despite their normal, everyday actions. J (M___'s husband) had gotten up to leave to run some errands and was almost out the door when I asked him if we could say a prayer together before he left. I totally thought he would say no but he said YES!! and came back to the table and we prayed together! I'm pretty sure that was the first time that family has ever said a prayer together! The spirit was so strong and I know J felt it.YAYY! 
OH and I invited Maddie to be baptized!!!! yayyyy she's praying about it. Good thing I already know what her answer will be if she listens. 
^all that happened on exchanges with Sister Bradshaw. I love her and she is awesome because she told me that I was the best sister in the mission or something...
Last night we gave Elder Taylor his new planner :) He promoted us to Unofficial Jr. Zone Leaders. That's how good it was. President was there too and saw it...haha it was so funny he was trying to figure out how it did it ;) then he asked me to make one for all the missionaries in the mission...yeah no thanks. ha.
I went to the chiro this week...5 out of the 7 bones in my neck were out of place...ouch. 

I love you bunches. I wish I could write more but my meany compa is telling me we have to go do laundry or something....
bye love you all!!!!

Sister Bailey

Elder Taylors Planner (we named the camel Pashmina)

Sister B's planner

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