Monday, December 23, 2013

12/23/13 | Jolliest of Jollies

Merry Happy Dearest Family,
This week was pretty much a blur. I had (have) the most awefulest of colds and my symptoms were really bad for really long so I went to the insta-care and they told me I had an upper respiratory infection...aka a fancy cold. So she gave me some antibiotics to take if it didn't go away in 3 more days. So we'll see. (also I would be dead right now if it weren't for your sicky package mumsie!!! I ate all the cough drops and used all the tissues :))
She also told me I needed lots of rest, which I hadn't been doing because I like working too much. We had been in cahoots with Sister Anderson too and she kinda chastised us for working too hard through my sickness...So we decided to (instead of go caroling at Love Park in Philly with a bunch of missionaries) stay home all day and sleep and do restful things for P-day. 
Then it started raining inside our bedroom...for reals. 
I was in the shower around 11 am and sister B burst into the bathroom.."Water's coming out of the ceiling fan!!!" what's that? I hurried and got out of the shower and as I was getting dressed I hear her scream "THERE'S A RIVER!!" I opened the bathroom door and water was pouring out of the ceiling and down the walls. Dripping from the ceiling and out of the fan. We called the landlord and she said she would sent the maintenance man right over. It took him forever to get there but he finally came. When he walked in he stopped in his tracks, "Oi! That's allota water"(in a very Nacho Libre voice) and ran upstairs. Umm yes, we were serious when we said it was raining in here. He finally came back with the Landlord and they explained that the people that lived above us had left for the holiday's...unfortunately they had left their faucet completely on and it had been flooding all night. Nice. By this point water is pouring down three of the walls, streaming through half of the ceiling and filling buckets in the bathroom doorway...(right were that lovely patch of black mold lives). <don't worry we are getting the mold checked out this week. They had turned the water off upstairs but it kept draining into our bedroom for a good 30 min. By the time it finished draining, the entire ceiling was yellowy orange...I don't know what it was but I'll send a pic. There were big puddles everywhere and we were running around grabbing all of our things so they wouldn't get too wet. Our bedding was all soaking so we grabbed as much as we could, threw it into our suitcases and left. They were having some cleaning company come to clean all the water up. We called Sister Lower and explained what was going on and she told us that we must come and stay at her house! So we drove down to Kennett and she fed us yummiest soup and grilled cheese. And now we are here at the Library. yay. So much for resting today eh?
Despite all the crazy, we were blessed with 2 new investigators this week! A serious Christmas Miracle!!! That was the focus of our Zone this week and we didn't think we would be able to get any considering all of the time we were able to go out and work would be spent teaching investigators. 
Sister Bettilyon is back to square one of sickville. She finished her antibiotics and was feeling really well (even though the doc told her she didn't need to finish them because they wouldn't help with the supposed virus she had) Then day by day, she drooped back to where she started. The doc referred her to an infectious disease specialist and she has an appointment for Jan 9th...Hopefully we can get her into another one before that. 
Well we actually had a pretty happy week! We were laughing during the rainy apartment episode and ya'll know what happens to missionaries when you lock them in an apartment for a week...they get Kookoo. 
I love you all and hope you the Jolliest of Jollies!!! I'll talk to you live on Wednesday!!! I'm calling probably around 12 my time :) yayyyy. 
Oh I almost forgot...PA is the most wonderful! It's been 60 degrees since Friday :) all of the snow melted and I'm not mad :) we've been driving with the windows down and everything! It's simply fantastic! it feels like summer.

Love, Sister Bailey :)

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