Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/13 | Thanksgiving is for Foxes

First of all, Sister B and I about DIED when we got your thanksgiving card!!!! I do hope that all of your thanksgivings were as wonderful as mine! In the morning, we went to Philly with the Broomall Sisters to meet up with a few Zones that were having a Turkey Bowl! So funn! I brought a thermos full of yummm tea cause I'm just a cool hipster like that. We got lost and ended up driving around downtown philly for a bit on accident (I'm not mad!) We finnally found them and President and Sister Anderson were in the parking lot in their car cause it was freezing and they didnt want to go out! ha. It was alot of fun. Then we went down to the Co____'s for dinner! They have the cutest little boys on the plannet! (I'll send pics next week) Their names are Logan and Lucas. We played with them for a little bit before dinner. Dinner was yummmmm. They had all the normal Thanksy stuff and had the best thing called pinnapple bread cake stuff. Kinda like bread pudding. you eat it with the ham and it was so good! I'm getting the recipe. After we ate we played Blokus...JUST LIKE A BURR THANKSGIVING! It was mega fun and then Sister C___ made us Ginger tea--This was the best tea I have ever will LOVE IT!
Ginger Tea:
Boil water with some ginger in it 
Strain into your tea cup
Heap a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk 
Then we went on our merry way to the Ca___'s! yayyy I love them!  This is a pic of M___ and S___...they emailed it to me cause they heard Pika asked for a photo of the ward :)...M___ has a crushy crush on the Pika! yayyyyy they shall be married in the morning!
When we got to the castletons, the girls were just putting the finishing touches on their thanksgiving play that Sami wrote when she was 10 (sounds like something me and Jenna would do) It was so funny! ha. Then we had Pieeee YUM!
Then we went to the L___'s and played scatagories and catch phrase. yayyy more games! They sent us home with sooo manny leftovers (they were so good we ate them after district meeting on friday)
As you can see--I did have the happiest of happies for Thanksgiving :) The rest of our week wasn't as jolly joyful. But thats ok! The problem is we have to stay in the apartment for most of the day (we can usually make it to our dinner appointments and one to two more a day) and how are you supposed to baptize people when you dont leave your apt!? Solution (so far) Use technology! I've been text teaching our peoples while the sicky compa takes naps. yay!
Did I tell you K___ dropped her date?...well she did and she's really hesitant to set a new one. Pray for her. k?
Ohhh wanna hear about Ma___!? She is Mi___'s daughter and we've kinda been trying to teach her but we had a major breakthrough with her. She's funny, she HATES a normal lesson setting where the missionaries are sitting across from her and ask her inspired questions from the spirit for a while we weren't alowed to look at her (it made her feel uncomforable...weirdo) and we had to answer our own questions before we could ask her (like "what did you like from that scripture?" or "how did you feel while we watched that Mormon Message?"
 and usually in the lessons we have with her, Mi____ will interrupt with something but she was at the doc so we had M____ all to ourselves. It was awesome! the spirit was so strong! She has become our best investigator, she keeps all of the commitments we give her! We watched a MM called Look to the light...or somthing. we've actually been watching this one with pretty much everyone..look it up you'll love it. Just kidding I'll just give you the linky:
I'm making sister b a planner of all planners. Thats something we do out here in PA. we decorate our mission planners and they are super cool (remind me to show you the one the elders made me) So I'll show you the one I'm making her when it's finished. you will love it!
I love you famemiley! I think about Aunt Sue a lot for some reason...I think it's because the bishops wife reminds me of her...anyway..tell her helloww! and the rest of the Gubs. I like them...and all of the BURRS! I misssed all of you for thanksgiving!!!! Aunt Natalie: how was your trip to NY??
Bye have a good weeky! OH and Mrs Boss, you are the coolest person on the planet...being on the news! you sly fox!!
PS. I'm on my way to Phillly today! jealous?

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