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11/25/13 | We got a case of the Lymes

"Your mom is the smartest mom" -Sister Bettilyon

My dearest companion has Lymes. :( She's not officially diagnosed but we went to the C_____'s for dinner on friday and we were talking to Sister C_____ about her symptoms. After listening to most of them, she gasped and said "you have Lymes!" Sister C_____ had it undiagnosed for 5 years and their daughter A__ got it when she was in kindergarten. Sister C was so mad that we havn't been allowed to take her to see a doctor out here cause Lymes is so common out here that any doctor would have recognized it and put her on antibiotics right away. All of the symptoms line up too perfectly. So we went to get her blood drawn this morning but the thing is, Lymes doesn't always test positive. It's basically just a big mess, and the mission is still having her work with Dr. Ohio (that's not his real name, but he's the dr thats over like 100 missions and he lives in Ohio) who has no idea what lymes is. But we had Zone Conference on Saturday and President pulled her out of Role Playing to ask her whats going on cause she looks so sick. (we are going to make an apppointment for her to see a doc in the stake this week)

Thank you 100 for the package!! "Your mom is the best mom!!" -Sister Bettilyon we love the tea and naan :) yay! Also the target package came with the cds :) yippy i o kayahhaeyy

Zone conference was so good! I love it! so much good stuff and learning :).
Zone Conference was exactly what the both of us needed this week! We were so happy when Saturday finally came!! I love when we get to meet together as missionaries and uplift each other in the spirit. I learned so much! My favorite thing I learned was something Elder W said (one of the AP's) it's a phrase "No random thought" meaning that every thought you have pertaining to missionary stuff is probably from the spirit and you should act on it. I've already started using it. It's super awesome!

So we have pamphlets out here that we can teach with. WE learned how to use them so powerfully at ZC. I was absolutely blown away by the way we are supposed to use the pamphlets. Sister Bettilyon and I have been trying to use them in our lessons lately but it was never anything incredible. Some times it was even a bit awkward. But the way they taught us how to use them effectively was so amazing! We had the chance to use the restoration pamphlet on a member family we had dinner with last night. They have three little girls (the oldest is 4) so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to practice with teaching children. It was absolutely incredible!!!! When we got to the picture of Jesus in the America's she got so excited! She knew exactly what was happening in it. I asked her what Jesus was teaching the people, she shrugged her shoulders and I told her "He is teaching them the same things that you learn in primary!" She gasped and got so excited!!! Then Sister Bettilyon added, "And that's the same stuff that you learned when you were in heaven!" She was so excited about that too :). At the very last picture, (the one of the girl praying) she told us that the girl was praying to Heavenly Father to ask him if the Book of Mormon that is sitting in front of her is true. She recounted how she asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true and that she told her that it was! She said she knew it was true because she felt good when she prayed about it. We were so amazed that a little girl the age of 4 was telling us this! Her mom then told us that they hadn't even prodded her to do it. She came up with the idea on her own when her dad read her a children's version of the Book of Mormon that they have, at the end of it it describes Moroni's promise, when she heard that she jumped up and exclaimed "lets do it!!" This experience was so precious and the spirit was so strong as that little girl bore her testimony to us. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!
"We are not humans having spiritual experiences, We are Spirits having human experiences" a member told me that at church yesterday.
As a missionary, one of the rules is to keep your companion within sight and sound. The Holy Ghost has been given to each of us as a companion. Are we doing everything we can to keep the Holy Ghost within our sight and sound? 

Well Family, I am so thankful for you! and I will miss you this week, but dont worry about me cause we are being taken care of :) (we have dinners at the Co___, Ca_____, K_____, and L_____) whooooo.
LOVE, Sister Bailey

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