Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello my family, 

This has sure been a week to remember! We went on exchanges with our Sister Training leaders. I did learn a lot from being on exchanges. Mostly how much I love Sister Bettilyon and how obvious that the Lord is in charge of everything that I going on down here! Like paring up sister B and I together. yay

Now I'm going to tell you about a woman named D______. She is the lady that stopped her car in the middle of the street to ask for directions, When i walked up to her car (after kindly suggesting that she pull over to the side of the road) She looked at my name tag and asked "Are you Jesus?" haha She is the sweetest little Italian woman. We asked her if we could come visit her sometime so she gave us her number. I called her on Wednesday and we talked for like 20 min. She just has so many questions about who we are and what we do. She ended up inviting us over for dinner on Saturday. So we go to her house and a girl in her twenties opens the door holding a handful of stake knives. She asked us who we were and then said "oh you have the tags" and let us in. That was Dorothy's granddaughter, L___, she was totally freaked out that her grandma had invited strangers over for dinner so she googled what we were supposed to look like and came across Stephanie Nielson's blog. She read a little about it and liked it. (yay fist pump for nie nie!) We chatted a bit with them while dinner cooked and then L____'s parents show up to eat with us too. They were the most hard core Roman Catholic's I've ever met and they were all so curious! I was the best dinner experience! at one point of the evening, They were all asking a bunch of different questions to us, I turned to D____ and was answering hers while sister b was answering her son in law. I started testifying of Joseph Smith and the room fell silent, They all turned and were listening to me so intently, The spirit filled the room. Now, I don't know if anything will come of that night but I do know that they all felt something while we were there and they all really liked us. It was so cool!

We spent quite a bit of time at the hospital this week visiting H____ L____. She hasn't been doing well at all. Lots of complications with her diabetes. :( But she asked for a BOM and some chapters to read on wednesday. Then she's been texting us all week asking for more chapters to read and asking us to come and read with her everyday. YAY, hate to say it but being in the hospital so long has been good for her. 

K___ is doing really well. We are having dinner with her tonight. We moved her baptism date to the 30th of Nov. I really hope that she can make it! 

A__ is doing well. We just found out how confused she really is...After going though 13 different sets of missionaries who wouldn't be confused.

I made the best purchase of my whole mission this week. We stopped at walmart and there it was; the 5 $ CD bin. We had a few extra min so we did a quick dig and what did i find??.....wait for it Elvis gospel jams cd! It is so so so so so so so fantastic! haha mom you would really hate it. 

I got the best package last monday! yay! winner winner chicken dinner for mom! thanks for the left over halloween candy pika and boss. :)

10 points for me because I got sister B saying "Kookoo" haha

I had raw milk last night at dinner at the P____'s...they have a thing for the Amish. It was good...kinda tasted like whipping cream or half and half...not that I would know what those taste's like. 

Well I'mma go read all 500 emails in my inbox ;) good luck with life out there! Satan's a real kook so watch out for him! 

Love you alllll so manny times 12!

Sister Bailey

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