Monday, June 16, 2014

6/16/14 | Happy Monday!


This was a good good week! We didn't get 10 new investigators like a certain favorite Elder out there but we got some good work done :). The boundary changes have been absolutely kookoo. We got the ghetto part of Reading put into our area so that is super fun :). My dear companion suffers from what we like to call CSD (common sense disorder). We were walking down the street the other day and she is just saying hi to everyone, which is good for the most part. Then she gives a big hello to some guys sitting on their porch....the replied with some sort of broken english cat calls..."Sister probably shouldn't say hi to people like that." "Why??" She replied..."umm, cause they are creepy!" Then we discussed which kind of people we should say Hi to and which ones we probably should stay away from and ended the conversation with Sister Suckow concluding that she shouldn't serve in Philly. ha I just LOVE Reading! :)
Sister Suckow was asked to play the organ in sacrament meeting yesterday but she doesn't play the organ. But she didn't let that stop her!!! You would have no idea that she didn't know how to play it! She did so good! and I ended up having to lead the music for a number so the ward chorister could bless the sacrament, that's right, the ward chorister is a priest! How cool is that!? 
We had to say good bye to Lori and Dori this week. That was super sad and I hated it. They are so wonderful and I hope they will be able to come back to church oh so soon! We had a lot of hand off lessons this week with the Reading 2nd sisters. Fun times in the PPM! 
That's about all we did this week, hand offs. So I'm going to tell you about the wonderful study I had this morning! I got a super lovely package from mumsie(pants) with not only the worlds best granola but will a really great spiritual thought about coming unto christ. I read through the quotes by Elder Holland and the likes then I jumped into the bible because I love it in there. I'm reading in John (FAVORITE) and I'm having a hard time remembering were my studies went from there because I don't seem to have my study notebook with me. Anyways, I like to do this thing where I make comparisons where everything relates to missionary work (because it does!). My companion thinks I'm crazy but here are the ones I came up with this morning as I read John 8. Heavenly Father and Jesus are kinda like a missionary companionship, They are two different people but are fully united in purpose. Cool huh! 
Anyways, I hope you have a happy happy happy week! I LOVE YOU!! Hope you had a great Pacha day dad!!! (and I hope you liked the facebook post I posted at you :)) 


Sister Bailey

PS. Grandpa Bailey--You need to get better ok? Love you! 

The first pic is us and Lori, Second one is us with Dori. 

Dutch barn:

Strange wall art in reading:
my earth from the plan of salvation we chalked :) 
 I like tortles!

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