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11/3/14 | Winter is Here


Daylight savings ended yesterday. That means winter has begun! Coldest day in coldtown was yesterday. You know that bitter bone chilling wind you hear about…it's real and it was vicious yesterday. But today is a little better :) and it won't snow until after Thanksgiving! 
We had a pretty good week. On Tuesday we volunteered at St Andrews church to make candy! They sell it for christmas. It was so fun! I sprinkled crushed up nuts on to the freshly coated chocolates. The lady I was working with was super nice! I asked her a hundred questions because old people like that :) She was from Polish decent so she had some really cool stories. We walked all over the read city that day and it was actually real warm for some odd reason. We took a mini break for a min at a billion year old cemetery. super pretty. 
Wednesday we volunteered at the library in Birdsboro. That is always a joy. The librarians love us :).  That night was the ward halloween party. Perks of having a companion that is the opposite of you is that you can dress up as them for halloween. So we did that and it was quite funny. Everyone who realized what we had done laughed pretty hard and everyone told sister casey she should do her hair and make up like that every day, which is funny because I did it for her :). 
Thursday was our last district meeting of the transfer (we have zone training next week). It was really good. I have super loved having Sister Menlove and Sister Pickett in my district :) They are such a joy! Our district leader, elder petersen made us pie because he is really nice like that. 
Sister Casey met with President Anderson that afternoon. I suppose their talk went well because she's been…I guess a little happier. While we were waiting for President (he was doing an exit interview with an elder) we waited in the hall with Elder Bunker (the elders companion…actually they were on exchanges…so his temporary companion). We got talking to him and guess what. Elder Bunker is from St George and went to Dixie High and had Uncle Dave and supperrrrr loved him! He said 100 wonderful things about him and that he is sooooo smart. (His full name is Kragun Bunker if you want to tell Uncle Dave). When the elders left, sister casey went in, leaving me by my lonesome (which isn't actually lonely, it's actually quite refreshing when you are a missionary) Then out of nowhere comes Sister Broadbent, the mission psychologist. Random. She was waiting for her next appointment so she came and sat with me. (she know's me because I've had lot's of comp's work with her) We chatted, she's just realllll funny and wonderful. Makes me wish I was mentally unstable so I could chat with her every other week…just kidding. bad joke. It was Mischief Night so we had to be in at dark. 
Friday we cleaned the baptismal font. Correction: I cleaned the baptismal font. When we went to turn on the water, we found that there was a padlock on the water controls. No bueno. It was one of those number combo ones so I tried to guess for a while. We texted the WML and bishop and some other missionaries to see if anyone knew it. We waited and waited for replys, no on seemed to know. I got a little bit sick of waiting so we went to go try again. I tried some more random combinations and got frustrated, closed my eyes jumbled up the numbers real quick and said in my head "please open please open please open!" and it opened. When we found out the combo later, it turns out that it wasn't even on the numbers it was supposed to be on when it opened. So I guess the Lord takes care of his servants and makes sure they can accomplish their work, even if it's cleaning the baptismal font. 
We went to teach Linda ( a less active we work with, the one that always posts on my Facebook wall) that afternoon. The elders came over to give her mom a blessing. Her mom has been quite cold to us in the past but has been warming up lately. She's hispanic and pretends to not speak english. But when the elders came and gave her a blessing, the spirit was so strong and I know her heart was not only softened towards us but also to Linda (they don't get along). We ended up teaching her about the book of mormon (she was baptized in 1997 but doesn't remember much) and she agreed to read from it! (if we got her a large print copy in spanish..) And we are sending over the spanish elders to teach her (she understands spanish better). yay! 
Saturday morning we got up realll early to go fill the font for Dominic Koch's baptism (he is the cutest tiniest 8 year old boy in our ward) It was a miracle we figured out how to open the water controls the day before, otherwise there wouldn't have been a baptism. Everything went well. I love baptisms. That afternoon we met with Sister Rayford (LA). We invited her to invite over her nieces and nephews that live next door. She did and we taught them the plan of salvation! it was wonderful! They were so intrigued and asked so many good questions! They want us to come back next week and also want to come to church!!!! yay! 
Hope you all have a super week! Love yous! 

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