Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy February Folks! 

We had a week of miracles!!!!! 

Christy Negron came into our lives! She called us out of nowhere on tuesday and asked if we could meet with her. We were like uh yahhh! then we were like wait who was that??? ha so we set up the appointment with her for the next day at the church. 
The lesson was so good! She explained how she came out of the blue; she lived in Vineland NJ and was meeting with the missionaries there a while ago, then she moved to philly and somehow got our number and wanted to continue learning from the missionaries. She was so full of questions! So our first meeting was mostly her asking 100 questions and clearing up stuff the elders in Jersey taught her. We set up another appointment wit her at her house and invited her to invite her husband to join us. So we met with her again on friday and it was incredible! We taught the restoration and she was hanging on to every single word we said! It was wonderful. and her husband really liked it too. We commited her to be baptized on March 8th, and she accepted :). Her husband isn't sure yet but they both came to church on sunday and had a really good experience. 
Gary Dean, did I tell you about Gary?? He's the one that waltzed into the church building last sunday and wanted to learn. So we've continued teaching him this week. He also has a baptismal date for March 8th! The last time we met with him, he brought his brother with him, Greg. Greg is a bible basher. So we start teaching the restoration and it is going really well. the spirit was very very strong and gary was very emotional through it. Then Greg flipped out a little bit over his confusion between the gospels (as in matthew mark luke and john) and the gospel of jesus christ. So he spouts of for a min but we reined him back in pretty quickly. He continued to try to take the lesson off track here and there but he spirit wouldn't let him. At the end of the lesson, we offered him a Book of Mormon, he said no. So we prayed and right after the prayer he said, "actually I'll take the book, I want to read it and see" We gave him the book and he took it out to the car and started reading immediately while we were still chatting with Gary and setting up another appointment. It was really cool to see how the spirit can influence even crazy people and people who want to prove us wrong :). The next day,, Gary called us and told us that the reason he brought Greg with us was to disprove us. (gee thanks gary) He said that if Greg couldn't prove us wrong then we must be right! haa, Gary's cray.
Damien is still on schedule to be baptized this sunday! Pray for him. He is doing so good! He has such a stong testimony! 
At Zone training at the begining of the month, Elder Millerberg and Elder Zoleman commited all of us to set a goal for when we could reach all of the standards of excellence in our area. Thats reaching the mission number goals. We set a goal to hit all of them the last week of the transfer (this week) and we did it!!!!! I was so so so so soo sos happy! I love reaching goals! Our area is on fire ;) 
We did get some bad news last night though, Christy dosn't live in our area. We had to turn her over to the Jerrettown Elders but its ok because she will still get baptized and aall that good stuff. :). 
Oh my goodness, Monday! Last monday was the funnest p day in the whole united states! Tom took us to Philly with the elders and it was so so fun! We hit the rocky steps, fairmont waterworks (like on monopoly), oldest post office in merica, independence hall, liberty bell, ben franks home and had THE BEST cheese stakes everrrrrr. Just so you know, when yous go get a cheese stake, get it wit whiz!!!! YUMMM.  

Well, that's basically all I've got. I'll send some pics from last p day. I love you all 100 annd I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE ARRIVAL OF THAT LITTLE BUTTON!  Oh myy goodneess I bet she will look like me too :). ah little Audrey Alyssa Dickson, what a beauutiful name. Have a good time with her and stuffy stuff. until next week: 

Sister B 

That bell of Liberty.

the oldest post office. See that tunnel...Benny Frank used to walk
through there to go home every day....guess how I know that...


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