Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/15 | Sometimes the Lord reminds me to be grateful...

Sometimes the Lord reminds me to be grateful...

That I'm not serving in Russia. Coldest girl in coldtown over here. The past two days have been the coldest Philadelphia has had since 1700 something. It's 10 degrees right now so it's warmed up a bit. haaaaa seriously: 
This is real life. But we're keeping warm. I've been wearing double fleece lined tights and layers upon layers of sweaters and coats. OHHH boy...this week was one for the book of crazy pants! 
Monday: We decided to wear jeans and do nothing :) We just chilled at the apartment, I made some bread and crafted and stuff. It was just lovely. 
Tuesday: tuesday was....welll bad. Sister Cost cried a lot for a few hours. We were talking about what we should do to help her with her constant deepening depression and she felt prompted to say a prayer. Before the prayer, I told her to listen very closely to any prompting or thought that would come to her mind and I would do the same. During the prayer, I felt prompted to contact the Center City Sisters (Sisters Manson and Jolley --YES! Sister jolley the gublers friend...she is seriously great and wonderful by the way) and see if we could mini exchange or something. We headed down there a few min later for a double in! Miracle! I went out with Sister Jolley and Sister Cost went out with sister manson. It turned out to be perfect because they had too many overlapping things to do that day so Sister J and I took the odds and ends things while Sisters M and C took the teaching appointments :). They went and taught a girl that is struggling with depression so it was really good for sister Cost, She was able to help her. Meanwhile sister Jolley and I had quite the adventure! haaa on my goodness we spent a couple hours driving around center city looking for a parking spot so we could get out and find a big list of less the time we found a was too late and we had to head to the church for the RS activity. That night it too another 40 min to find a parking spot..ha. We ended up parking blocks and blocks away and had to run to the apartment. We had a sleep over on the floor and left in the morning after studies. Oh wait... I almost forgot, we lost the car. We walked around for dayyysss looking for the car but couldnt find it...finally we piled up all our stuff and sent sister jolley and manson off to find it. They did and we were on our way ;). Oh mission adventures at their finest. 
Wednesday: I don't really remember what happened on wednesday; I practiced the piano for a sec cause Elders Millerberg and Issertell asked me to play for Zone training with the request of "make it fancy" ha. 
Thursday: Zone training day! It went really well! The Elders taught us effective planning with all the resources we have on the ipad and stuff. Oh Oh OH! Delta burrs: Do you knoow an Elder Shamo?? he is in my zone and he said that uncle james was his dads best man at their wedding! 
Friday: Sister cost woke up with a terrible migraine so I spent the morning studying 100 things...then I crafted up 100 things (painted, embroidered and smashed!), it all got terribly boring after a while. oh I also watched all of the district episodes, all the i'm a mormon's and 2 episodes of the joseph smith papers. ha. 
Saturday: Our heater broke in the was mighty cold in the apt in the morning. The heater man came pretty quick though so we went to the church to study. Then all off our appointments cancelled because it was "too cold" (people out here are crazy) I took sister cost out to panera for lunch for valentines day becasue I am the nicest companion in the whole united states. After that we went to help  a family in the ward unpack (they just moved in). That was fun. Came home and showered off the cold so we would be decent for our dinner appointment. wonderful. 
Sunday: Damien didnt make it to church..which means he didnt get confirmed :( but it's ok, he will make it next week. Basically no one made it to church this week. that what haappens when it is too cold. Oh well. All of our appointments cancelled on sunday too.

So that's how this week went. pretty comical to look back on. This morning we took a trip down to Broomall! Sister Cost had a visit with Elder Jones (he is one of the senior couple office elders and conveniently is a psychologist too) They had a good visit and talked about what sister cost can do to help herself. meanwhile, I had THE greatest time with Sister Jones! Greatest greatest. And now we are at Pei Wei's eating crab wontons (that's right, thinking of you Mumsie pants!) 

Love you all so so much! I will send some pictures later when I get home. oh and a big bbig happy birthday to my baby PIKA!!!! I can't believe you are 14!! and happy birthday's to grandma Burr and Grandpa Bailey!!! 


Sister Bailey 

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