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3/9/15 | Go Big, Then Go Home

Hello People, 

I'm so glad I can call yous my people :) Also all the people out here are mine too. We sang each life that touches ours for good yesterday in sacrament meeting and I had an overwhelming feeling for how much love I have for the people here. I just love them so much I don't even know how to tell you about it! I hope yous get to meet some of them someday. soon. anyways, want to hear how my week went??
Tuesday: I lost my ipad. well, I didn't loose it but they took it away from me. very sad. I didn't realize how much I used it in my personal studies until I didn't have anymore. So I've been plotting on how I will hijack Baby Boss's iPad when I get home because I'm sure he doesn't even need it anymore. Thanks boss ;). That is what we did for all of Zone Training, watched the little missionaries set up their brand new iPads. Lame, luckily there are 4 of us leaving in our zone so we sat in the back and talked doctrine....mostly :). 
We taught Damien a lesson at Elaina's about family history and it went pretty good. Except for he didn't get any information on his family like we committed him to so the lesson was rather short. Then Elaina insisted that we stay for lunch! She ordered sushi :) mmmmm favorite. A major storm came in so we had to head home early. lame. 
Wednesday: BEST day ever. WE had interviews with our dear President and his wife. so so good. President told me some really wonderful things and also some really really hilarious things that I will share with you later. Oh man, brace yourselves for that conversation. He talked about staying close to the sacrament table and all will be well. good good stuff. Sister Anderson and I had a really great visit too. She also told me some interesting things that I will share with you later too (isn't it great that when I tell you stuff like this then say I will tell you later...later is actually really soon so you won't die before I tell you!?! pretty neat ;)) 
After interviews, we went on exchanges with the Morrisville Sisters. Well first we got some cheesesteaks at Wit or Witout. YUM. erry exchange needs a cheesesteak in it. Sister Handy and I got to spend the day in Morrisville!! it was so fun! I got to see some LA's and members that I used to work with when I served there (which was exactly a year ago! can you even believe that?!) We also saw some really cool miracles. First was that we actually caught one of their RC's home! and she was nice! (apparently she is bipolar and get's cray sometimes) After that we were driving down the street and I felt like we should stop at this house...I thought about it and we drove past while I was mulling over my memories to try and see if I had knocked that door before...dang I though...too late but then sister handy flipped a U and I was like ok spirit it must be important. so we stopped at the house. We knocked on the door and a Russian man answered (I know you are probably thinking, WHAT? a Russian in Morrisville!? and that's what I thought too till I remembered that I'm a Russian magnet). His name was Ivan but he was just working on the house (painting or something) and said that he was busy. Dang. Sister Handy had the good idea to put a pass a long card on his car with our number so we opened the trunk and guess what was in the very top of their commissary box...A RUSSIAN BOOK OF MORMON! no way. I gasped and said, do you know what that is?! she's like, uh no. That's a Russian book of Mormon!!!! So she wrapped it in a plastic bag with the card (it was raining) and put it on his car. all the while he was watching us through the window :). yay. I'm sure we will hear the end of that miracle on the other side of that vail. :). cool stuffy stuff. 
We got to eat dinner at the HEAPS! ah do you remember the heaps?! they are my favorite people in all the land and their daughter just got home from her mission so it was real fun to talk to her. Then we switched back from our exchange early because of the storm that was coming in. 
Thursday: Snow day. seriously I've had enough snow days on my mission to last me at least 3 lifetimes. goodness! We weekly planned and then sister cost had a mental breakdown. She wouldn't talk to me so I told her that she either needed to talk to me or go talk to Heavenly Father. So she packed up her iPad and disappeared into our bedroom for a few hours. Meanwhile I had to dig the car out of the snow so the landlord could snow blow the driveway. fun fun fun. 
Friday we had a great day! We were out the door at 10:04! I know that is technically late but everything is a battle with my sis so I'm counting it as a victory. A major one. We attempted to contact 3 of our MR's without success but guess of them lives on CAMEL AVE. stop it right?! I love camels so this is deffinantly Gods way of telling me he loves me. a lot. especially considering that the house on that street wasn't really there. so I took some pics at the camel street sign and we went to teach sister baran a lesson. it went well. she's cray but we love her. Then we went to teach sister Frisby. I love that lady. she is doing well too. We had dinner at the Vega's, a wonderful Puerto Rican family, then went to sister macdonalds for a lesson. She has such a special place in my heart. 
Saturday we had a ward sprig cleaning activity. so many people came it was so good!!! After we cleaned the church sister Mirochnik and Vilma (the one we live with) took us to Panera for lunch. Sister Mirochnik's son Cameron came too. he is struggling so we tried to talk with him a bit, he's 13 but in with the wrong crowd at school. it's sad. Don't ever do that pika and boss! WE had dinner at the Maurer's that night and boy do they throw a good party :). So fun. and I found out the best news called they are moving to Utah! Best birthday present ever. I can't wait for you to meet them. they are real Philadelphians :). 
Sunday was crazy. Only 4 people showed up for PEC so basically it didn't happen. BIshop was in the hall the whole time taking care of a crisis. Church was wonderful though! Good lessons and everything :). We went to the Menezes after church to teach Tyreese and have lunch. Tyreese is doing ok. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. The lesson was real good but he wasn't very responsive. Probably because he is moving back his baptismal date but doesn't want to tell us which is funny because we already know because Sister menezes told us but told us not to say anything because she is making Tyreese tell us. ha. lovely. Anyways, he's waiting for his GF to come home for the summer to be baptized. which is a bad idea but he has his agency. I really hope it all works out. The Christensens had us over for another Birthday extravaganza that night :) The Johnson's came too. What wonderful people there are out here! You all need to come and meet them, you will love them too I'm sure of it! :) 
So that is how our week went. very good. We have some good plans for this coming week but I suppose I will just tell you how they go when I see you. weird and good. 
Guys, I'm so glad that I am a missionary. it is hands down the best thing in thing in the whole world. I have loved my time here so much that I want it to go on forever but it can't. and that's ok because I am starting to feel at peace with coming home. I know that I have served fully and done my best. I am so so so grateful for that prompting I received just about 2.5 years ago that got me here. I love you all so much. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers over the past year and a half. Angels have truly been sent to bare me up.  Have a good week. Finish reading that blue book before I see you (the ones that finished get the first hugs :)) 
See you in Green. 

Signing out: With all the Love in PA + Heaven.

Sister Alyssa Bailey 

PS this gospel is very very much true incase that wasn't clear 

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  1. Why did you lose your iPad?!? didn't you pay for that already?