Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13 | Pennsylvania

Family! I'm serving in WEST CHESTER! Its seriously the cutest place on the entire planet! The town is so cute and you see that house i sent a picture of...well I live there!!! This place is seriously out of control adorable. 
OK, So we flew in last Tuesday. President Anderson and his wife picked us all up and brought them to the mission home. Then we basically just hung out for the rest of the day. Weird. Then members came and picked up the sisters to stay at their houses cause the elders were all staying at the mission home and they dont have enough beds. Sister smith, sister ricks and i went with the mackleroys. They are super cool. They brought us back to the mission home for breakfast and then we went to the church for transfers. :) I was the very last golden sister to be announced. Its so funny its like a game show. Elders and sisters line the gym and the aps announce one by one the new companionship and where they will be serving. Finally my picture showed up on the screen next to sister bettillyon. YAY! She is so cool and nice and we are basically the same exact person. it freaks our district out. We got all of my stuff and headed straight to an appointment at Michelle's house (shes a complete nutcase that really needs to hurry up and accept the gospel) Anyway, She was running around her house doing who knows what so we sat down and were talking to her daughter. We ended up teaching her the first lesson and at the end of the lesson, Sister B nudged I invited Mia to be baptized...and she said yes :) Bam. Then we were off to our next appointment. Gina was in the area book so she was new to both of us. We got to her house and started talking to her. turns out shes a golden investigator too! so end of the lesson comes around and sister b kicks me....alright, I invited her to be baptized too and she said yes and set a date :) alright alright I think I might just have this whole missionary thing down. We had a couple other meetings that night then we went to dinner at the Burtons. They fed us Sour Krout. I have no idea how to spell that. was actually good. weird.
Our district is sisters Bailey and Bettilyon, Elders Mask and Marse, and Sisters Baugh and Bernard. Elder Marse is our District Leader he's been our 6 mo. sister Bettilyon has been our 3 and is already training me! crazy! The elders are spanish speaking and they are in the same ward as us so we see them alot. I like my district. 
This is really hard trying to recount everything that happened this week. So many miracles! Oh goodness. Lets talk about how people need to stop telling me how tall I am. No people, you east coasters are just all midgets. The other night we had dinner at the Fabers. She is a member and her husband is this funniest little jewish man. We were walking out the door and Mr. Faber goes, "wow sister bailey, you are like Mormon Tall"....Uh what the heck does that mean?? so to explain himself he goes on about how this one time he was at BYU and held the door open for 5 super tall pretty mormon he thinks we are all tall and beautiful...ok Mr. Faber, we'll go ahead and leave on that note...
And everyone keeps asking me if I played Basketball...really I'm not that tall am I? Also, peoples faces always drop when I say I'm from Utah. But I always get some points back when I say I was born in Connecticut. :) The other thing people keep telling me is that I look like someone they I know how dad feels :) 
OK remember that one time we were looking up stuff in Philly? Rita's water ice....ok it is so good!!! you people have no idea what you are missing out on. Drop your snow cones and get out here! They put frozen custard with them. MOM.DAD: you will not believe this stuff. wayyyy better than nielsons. seriously. 
Mom. remember all of those times you say that your house is dirty/messy/etc. oh mom, you have seen NOTHING of the sort! Just believe me. There are so many weird smells here...sometimes the lord blesses us by sending a breeze of fresh air when we are walking home at night :)
Pdays are hard. We have to wash our car! every single Pday. Aint nobody got time for that! We have to drive it down the block, pay THREE  dollars and drive it through the wash. Dang life is hard. Spencer, consider yourself lucky you don't have to deal with this kind of stuff! ;) Ug and we have to drive down the block to do our laundry for free at sister Politos house. Snap! This week is going to be a rough one, no one signed up to feed us on tuesdayAND saturday.. I dont know what we are going to do! haha ok ok I'm done rubbing it in. Mostly my mission is the best and you should all be jealous. Don't get me wrong. We've also had some hard things happen this week. I'm just not going to tell you :) take that. 
Well family, I'll try not to be so scatter brained next week :) Love you love you. I love the pics you send me! also if you send me letters or anything (send me letters and anything) send it to this address:
428 N Church St #5
West Chester PA
Love, Sister Bailey

Sister Bailey & Sister Smith (MTC comp)
Sister Bailey, Sister Anderson, & President Anderson
Alyssa's apartment is in this cute house!
Library across the street
Funeral home across the street

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