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9/30/13 | West Chester, PA

Basically Pennsylvania is Americas biggest secret. It is so beautiful here I cannot even stand it. and thats on top of the compleate charm of west chester. ahh its a dream! you'll just have to come back with me one day cause pictures dont even do it justice (by the way momm, are you planning on sending me a coolpix? cause it would really benefit you the most i think :))

So I took a picture to send to you (actually I took lots) but I forgot my camera cord at the apartment and its too far away to go get...sorry you can wait till next week. Anyways, the picture I was going to start talking about is a picture of a walnut. Well thats what sister bettilyon told me it was but I'm not so sure. It's just a bit smaller than my hand and it's green like a tennis ball.

Lets talk about squirels. They are pretty much evil. They are everywhere here. Just running running running back and forth, jumping from tree to tree and oh I almost forgot; Throwing walnuts, acorns, leaves at humans. Not kidding, Its a serious problem, dont walk under a tree if you hear any movment from above. Speaking of critters. They are everywhere. I feel like I'm living in bambi world. There's squirels, bunnies, pretty birds, little deer, other creatures I can't think of right now and (wait for it)...foxes!!!! YES I screamed when I saw my first one yesterday!! Unfortunatly it was when we were driving home last night and I almost nailed it with my front tire as it scampered across the street. but not to worry, it is compleatly ok! Thank goodness, I probably would have cried if i would have ran over a fox. Thank goodness I dont have to worry about running over sharks. I love them too. Ok I think this mission thing is making me weird....or weirder probably.

DAD you captured an elk!!! yes captured. Congratulations!!! and yes you may hang the antlers in my room. only the antlers. no animal heads near where I sleep. :) Also your postagram, What the goodness that was so fantastic, sister b and i were dying over how great it was! That is all i want people to send me from now on, I will only be accepting postagrams!!! I love them! Did austin get an animal too?

Alright, enough nonsense: This week has been pretty fantastic! Actually the begining of the week is pretty foggy in my head but the rest went a little like this...
On Thursday night we went to the Castletons house. Now, the castletons are the most 100% best example of member missionaries, if everyone was like them the entire world would already have recieved the gospel of Jesus Christ and the second coming would be tomorrow(knock on wood) also don't get me started on member missionary work, our ward has some issues with this concept. Ok so brother castleton has been pretty much teaching his friend Phil for months now and has told previous missioanries about him but that he wasn't ready for missionaries. But apparently now he is!!! coincidence?? I think not. :) So he invited us over to his house to meet with phil, it ended up being more of a get to know him (he litterally told us his entire life pretty much is the worst) (he is orthodox and his wife is compleatly kookoo) kind of thing but i think he needed that in order to trust us with teaching him. We invited him to come to church with the castletons and went on our merry way.
He came to church on Sunday and brought his son and daughter!! woo hoo! Church was excellent and tons of people went up and introduced themselves/ said hi and all that goodness! yay! Then the Castletons had invited us over for dinner with phil's fam and the bunkers. We went and it was super great! They have a 14 and 12 year old girls that are super pumped up about the gosple and want to come out with us...I dont think that's allowed but who cares...KIDDING, we are going to check with the DL :) After dinner we shared a quick message about general conference and it was really good, the spirit was super there and everything that was said was straight up from it!
Brother Castleton is going to go to breakfast with phil this week and see what he has to say about everything then we are going to have a little pow wow with him to see what step to take next with phil. Don't worry, He will be a bishop one day. super solid guy!

On Friday night we had a culture night. The idea behind it was that people could bring their friends to it as a non confrentational way to introduce them to the church culture...mostly to show them that mormons arent aliens. Great idea right?! well that didnt really work. Only two members brought a friend and the one wouldn't let us said hi to her friend...but that lady (her name is sister albadine) is a pretty prickly woman. Our ward is pretty diverse so almost everyone has a different culture close to them in their fam history if they are not from a different country. So they all brought a food dish from their contry and we ate. it was fantastic!!!

Also on Friday, we were pretty much stressing over if we would be able to attend the RS meeting on Saturday night. we asked elder marse (our DL) and he said he didn't think we could cause he wasnt alowd to go to priesthood meeting last GC. So the Zone leaders called us that night and told us we could go! we were so excited and happy, we almost started crying for joy! (we had had a pretty crappy evening before they called us) So on Saturday we went to the stake center in Broomall to watch it. yay it was so so so so sos so good! I just loved it! also sister smith and her comp were there so that was happy. Sister Bettilyon has been companions with sister smiths trainer....i think. or they just know eachother really well. speaking of General Conference, it straight up feels like christmas is coming!!!!! (its practically here!)

So last P day we met this ultimate creeper muslim in the library (not that he was creepy because he was muslim...) he gave us a quran and a billion scriptures from the bible that say the name ishmale in them...great. we didnt know what to do with that stupid book so it was just sitting in the middle of our rug like a horcrux for a week, then we gave it to the elders cause they wanted it. We did read the introduction before we gave it away though. it was compleate nonsence. it basically says if you dont speak arabic then this book will not make much sense to you even though it was translated into english...great.

So many more stories and stuff that will just have to wait till...i get home :) Thank Uncle James and Aunt Michelle and all the Burrs thank you for the card and CD they sent. I will always greatfullly welcome a cd :) speaking of, the hymn revival by the lower lights...can i have it? :) also my tan pants from HM? that would be lovely. thanks so much for the clinique goodies mother. also i did write them down for you. its on my green notebook with the flowers on the front that i regretfully left behind...I will never turn down a cute notebook either (rifle paper <3 favorite). President has asked us all to get "the power of everyday missionaries" by clay m christiansen, so that would be nice too. also do you think that i can have/need my navy fall coat? all i have are thin cardigans and a massive winter coat...awkward. wait back to music. the rule is anything that ivites the spirit...including disney apparently...i'm thinkin the song from tangled would be somthing that i absolutly neeeeeed :) Thank the ward for the letter they sent! (shout out to Sister Birks ;))

I love you all and don't be sad that you are not cuddleing with me this conference weekend. I am being well taken care of :) On Saturday we have breakfast and dinner at member homes :) yay. I love it here and i am compleately spoiled to have such a perfect companion and area as my first!!! have a great week and send mail....i have time to read it not so much emails. you could even print off and mail the emails insted cause right now i've just been taking pictuers of the screan and reading them monday night before bed. its really harddd.

LOVe you love you! oh and sister bettilyons dad says he knows someone who knows dad...who is it?

LOVE SISTER BAILEY :) (go be the best member missionaries that you can!!! )
Sister Bailey & Sister Bettilyon
a beautiful house in K Square

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