Monday, October 7, 2013


Oh hey family.

This ones going to be a shawty cause we have to go to zone unity in Broomall. I wrote a letter to Mike today so you can all get the scoop from him. Don't you feel special turtle?? :) I love getting your pictures! I wish I could spend more time on the comp so I could read your emails and respond! I just have to take pictures and read them later. I heard it's been really cold in Utah? It's been real nice and warm here. It was 85 yesterday and Saturday but today it's 75 and rainy. yay. Fall is real life here, y'all are missin out. 
Was it just me or was this Conference the best one ever?? Oh wait it wasn't just me, President Monson thought so too :) 
We have seen so many miracles this week! The best one is with our crazy investigator, Michelle. Have I told you about her? Well she's nuts. Anyway, we told her about Conference earlier in the week and she really wanted to come! Which is a miracle in and of itself! So then we were at her house on Friday and she was running around being crazy so we sat down in her backyard and talked to her daughter and neighbor. We ended up inviting both of them to Conference and they both really wanted to come. Michelle's daughter Maddie was so so excited (she's 17) Miracle!!! 
But then we called Michelle on saturday and she wasn't feeling good, she asked "isn't there some way I can watch it at home?" Uh yeah Michelle, there totally is. So we got that figured out with here. Her neighbor couldn't come because she had some sort of dispute with Michelle and her husband wouldn't let her come cause she thought it was a thing with Michelle. Then this is were it gets really sad. Maddie was so excited and was telling her dad about conference. He gave her a really really hard time about mormons and said a bunch of bad stereotypical stuff that i won't tell you. So she didn't end up coming. So we need to have a talk with her. She said she still really likes us so that's good. So this all sounds sad and not like a miracle when I type it all out...but it is really happy (except for that part about Maddie's dad) and it is seriously a miracle. 
We had so many other miracles this week I can't even count them. We have 9 investigators and we couldn't be happier. 
I love you all and tell Uncle Stuart that I love getting his emails!!!

Sister Bailey

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