Monday, October 21, 2013


Heyyy familia!
How are you lovely people doing?! My week was pretty good for the most part. Y'all are lucky that I am alive to tell email you this week! Fisrt of all: My water bottle is trying to poison me with mold! I hate mold! I'm just minding my own bussiness drinking out of my camelback and I look down and it is compleatly overtaken with mold! (well ok fine there are tiny dots of mold in the mouth piece)--WHICH IS NOT OK!! Then I got a little bit panicy and wondered if mold can kill you...or grow inside of you...dross. But that was like a week ago so it must be ok cause I'm alive! Second thing: I got a flu shot...and wanted to die. Don't get it this year...especially within 12 hours of speaking in sacrement meeting. I think I was allergic to it (or my body just thought it would be fun to pretend to be allergic to it) cause I woke up the next morning and my hands were coverd in hives...I don't know if you've ever tried to scratch the palm of your hand...but it's not a thing. Then they spread all over my body and my head felt like it weighed 5 thousand pounds. But I went to church even though all I wanted to do was lay down. The elders both have the flu and Elder Mask was suppossed to briefly talk in place of the youth speaker that they couldnt find. That's were I come in..they ask me to take elder mask's spot...ok. At this point I'm feeling really crappy but figure I can probably make it up to the pulpit without passing out with the help of the Lord. I did. I don't really remember what I said..I know I talked about how I decided to come on a mission and some stuff about memeber missionary work...whatever I said must have been good cause way too many people came and comented on it after the meetting for it to not be stellar. Brother Slaugh came and told me that it was very bold and impactful...uh you can thank the spirit for that one. Anyways, I'm alive and totally fine :).
So I lost my stupid watch that I've already super glued back together 25 times. I called the Nitz family to see if I had lost it at their house when we watched conference. I did! Sister Nitz found it in the couch! She said she would bring it on sunday. Her daughter Alyssa came up and gave it to me yesterday and says "oh and heres the old band." huh? I looked at my watch and it was a compleatly different band! haha It turns out my watch had yet again broken itself and sister nitz brought it somewhere to get fixed with a new band!! what the goodness?! people are way to nice to us! Speaking of nice people, Mom, you asked about how we get fed and our money situation. Yeah...we basically dont have any money. But we eat at a members house everynight and they send us home with the leftovers and then some so we can eat lunch the next day ;) Members give us jam and canned peaches (like grandmas :))  canned tomatoes, homemade honey, and lots of snacks. So we're set. We gave in the other day and went and bought some mac and cheese with what little money we have left for lunch. It was really good. you can send me that stuff :)
I went to Philly  last week! I loved it! I had my very first cheese steak. oh myyyyyy so good. We went to Gooey Looey's. (Pat and Gino s are over rated. no one out here likes them.)
We have the most incredible investigator! I think I may have alreday told you about her, Her name is Amy and she was a HQ referral. Her good friend Jen refers her every year in october so she has met with a few misisonaries in the past. She stopped meeting with them the first time because it freaked her out that they invited her to be baptized the first time they met her and the second time because they told her that her brother that had just died a few years ago was in spirit prison...she didn't like that. I wonder why.
We were prompted to have her read Lehi's dream this week and when we came back to teach her the next time, she had read it and really loved it. She loved it so much that she called her mom in North Dakota to tell her to read it too. Her mom wouldn't so she read it over the phone to her. We asked her what she learned from studying it, she said "I don't know if this is what it really means or if this is what I was supposed to get out of it..." then she continued to explain lehi's dream to us with perfection! I felt like I was in a seminary class or gospel doctrine! It was absolutly incredible!
 Pennsylvania is the weirdest thing, fall out here is actually a season instead of a week. The trees take their sweet time to change...most of them are still green. Its super pretty though. Probably prettier than anything you can imagine but thats ok :)
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Bye favorite people
sister bailey

somtimes sister b makes me hold all of our weekly planning supplies
The District
this is Sister Coldesina. she has dementia so she doesn't know who we are but we visit her every week. she is always so excited to see us! I think she thinks I'm her grand daughter...oh well. she is super funny. talking to her is like talking to a BLR :)
The phillies statium! PS the guy that owns the 76ers is in our ward. his wife is a member but he isn't. I met him on sunday and decided that I am going to be best friends with him so we can baptize him and go to some games :)
this is a pic of a mural in Kennett square. Its herriet tubman. Kennett was the first stop of the underground railroad.
a pic of the temple to be. we made a card for katie when she was sick the other week and taped this on the front...cause we are crafty like that
sister bettilyon takes random pics of me...stalker

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