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NOTE: Alyssa's P-Day was changed from Monday(10/14) to Tuesday(10/15) this week because of Columbus Day. Sister Bailey had a member from the ward (Melanie) email mom and inform her why she wouldn't be able write home and wish mom a "happy birthday". 

Who's the best Mom in the United States?
It's You Mummsie Wommsie! It's you SARA JO!!!!! MOM!!! You are the best mom! And it was your birthday yesterday! I was so sad when I realized I wouldn't be able to email you! That's why I had Melanie email  you :) She's nice like that.
Well this week has been really good. Last night we had dinner at the Crapo's. Brother Crapo is the ward mission leader. We decided to have our lesson be on Missionary work. It was so good! They have the cutest little girls so we got them excited to be missionaries one day. We brought our extra tags and had them put them on and sit by us while we read some of the Everyday Missionary book with Brother and Sister Crapo. It was so cute! There names are Madaline and Evie. Evie is the little one. She stood by our chairs and jumped up and down literally the entire lesson because she was so excited :).
Remember Surf Taco's?? Well, I'm over those. It's all about Michocanna Taco's now :) Don't worry, I will bring you there. It's owned by the same people that have the Ice Cream shop in Kennett Square. I would go on and on about the Tacos like you are probably expecting from me because you KNOW how I feel about Surf Taco right? :)
We had whats called "Golden Retraining" this week. It's when all of the goldens and their trainers meet together and the president teaches us and so do the AP's. We had to go to Delaware for it. (which is like really close...I'll tell you how close in a min) Oh my it was so fantastic! First of all, almost all of my MTC district was there and that was really exciting to see all of them again. It felt like seeing you guys again! I learned so much there!
So apparently it's hurricane season, which means it's time for some tropical storms up here. That means that it rains for 5 days straight and its rather odd. The Brandywine (its a river...or a creek. I actually don't know the difference out here, creeks look like rivers and rivers look like oceans to me) floods every time a tropical storm rolls in. Sister B and I were driving while it was flooding and it basically took over the road but it was not a big deal. Everyone out here acts like that is normal. Weirdos.
Katie Avila is one of our investigators. She has been taught by the missionaries since last January (Emily Gofferson, or whatever her last name is,was her first missionary!) anyways, she's had several baptism dates but hasn't kept them. The missionaries dropped her over the summer because she works so much and wasn't really interested for a bit. Sister Bettillyon and her last comp picked her back up at the end of the summer and her husband, Adrian, wasn't happy about it. He is a very less active and would just spirt anti christ things at the missionaries the whole time they were there, so for teaching appointments, Sister Penrose (a lady from the ward) would go pick her up and bring her to their house to teach. Adrian was mad about this too because they were taking Katie away from him on her time off from work. Right before I got here. The missionaries started meeting with Katie at her house again but in a separate room where Adrian couldn't bother them. That's how my first meeting with Katie was. In that meeting, Adrian came in the room at the end, we were reading from Alma and he listened. I didn't know anything about Adrian so this was all pretty normal to me. We had Katie say the prayer and we left. Sister Bettilyon about flipped a lid when we got to the car over the fact that Adrian didn't drive away the spirit when he came in the room (also when we were in there, Katie forced me to hold her massive pet rat...) Then she told me how he usually is...our next lesson with Katie was in their living room with Adrian. He was quiet. About a month has gone by and our relationship with Adrian is really good. We have to meet with Kaite at night because she works so much. Usually 8 o clock, which is when they have dinner for some weird reason. So we teach while they cook and eat. We've been stopping by when we knew Katie was at work to bring Adrian treats (usually things members give us that we don't want/need) to let him know that we care about him too and we are not just there to teach Katie. We stopped by on Saturday night while Katie was at work and gave him some pumpkin cupcakes Sister Boyd gave to us at our dinner appointment that night. He was happy to see us! We talked to him a bit about blessings (he is struggling to find a job, has anxiety issues and panic attacks) and he was really interested! we told him we might stop by to teach Katie on monday night and left. So monday night comes and we go to teach Katie and they were waiting for us! When we got there, they told us that they had already had dinner because they thought we might come!! We taught them about the plan of salvation. It was amazing! Adrian was participating and he really remembers a lot more than we thought he did about the church. He kept on finishing our sentences and had really good questions and insights! I don't think you people realize WHAT A MIRACLE THIS IS!!!!!!
Katie's next baptism date was supposed to me November 2 but we moved it to December 7th so she can come to church enough before she is baptized. yayyyyyyyyyyy :) this is really happy!
We have a new investigator named Amy Prince. She was a HQ referral. The referral said that she needed a blessing of comfort. So we went to visit her last week and she is so awesome. She is a grad student at the university and has gone through about 3 sets of missionaries back in South Dakota. She always stopped meeting with them for one reason or another (she didn't like how the first ones wanted her to be baptized the first time they met her, the second ones told her that her brother is in Spirit Prison...yeah...show me where it says that in PMG) She opened up to us and told us her story. Her brother died 5 years ago to the day that we visited her. he was in a car accident involving alcohol. Anyways, at the end we asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes! So after church on sunday, we went to her apt with brother Castleton. It was the most powerful blessing that I have ever witnessed. He talked about how her brother was learning and progressing and wanted her to do the same. WOW it was powerful. She was crying at the end and the spirit was very very strong. :)
There is a less active in our ward that we go visit named Sister Worall. She is the funniest woman on the planet. So we were doing some service for her the other day, putting her cupbord handles back on (she took them off to polish them or somthing) So we are chatting and putting them on...she looks over at me and says...UH sister bailey, is somthing wrong there?. Huh? I had no idea what she was talking about. I stood up and look at the cupbord I was looking at...oh boy. I had screwed on the handle backwards...wow. Sister Worall was laughing so hard she was crying!! its was way funny
The other day we were driving from West Grove to Kennet Square. We know the way so we didnt put it in the gps....all of the sudden i saw a sign that said. Welcome to Delaware...Uh Sister Bettliyon..where are we!??!? whoops
Well, I'm going to Philly today! That should be fun. I think we are going to the Rocky steps, Love park, and other touresty stuff. We cant see the Liberty Bell becasuse apparently the government isn't a thing anymore....that's what I heard at least. (by the way....iPhone 5 color??.ok fine i'll take one)
Love you family, especially you mom

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