Monday, April 14, 2014

3/14/14 | Happy April

I have some really bad news, Sister Menlove is getting transferred :( saddest missionaries in the United States. But I suppose it will be ok right, cause I'm willing to bet that I'll get another really awesome companion, I have a pretty good track record so far. Luckily I've found the silver lining over this: Sister Bettilyon is coming back tomorrow!! which means I get to see her at transfer meeting :)  How about that eh? 

We had the most incredible miracle happen this week. We had some extra time before our dinner appointment on Saturdaynight so we had planned to stop by some potentials on the way. We ended up stopping at a different apartment complex for some reason, we weren't sure why we were there but there was a former that lived there so we knocked on her door. She wasn't home. For some reason we had parked really far across the entire parking lot, so as we were walking back to the car a woman hollered at us, "Hey are you with the church?" Yeah, we replied and walked over to greet her. She needed help moving some flowers from her car to her garden. We gladly helped her with the task. We asked her if she had met missionaries before because she seemed to know who we were. She hadn't, she just knew we were from a church by the way we looked. Come to find out, she is looking for a church to go to and before we could even invite her to come to church with us, she was giving us her contact information so we could come and teach her some time! She ended up coming to sacrament meeting yesterday and absolutely loved it! When the deacons were passing the sacrament, she leaned over and said, "oh I hope I can see my grandson doing that one day!" She commented as she was leaving how normal the service was...lovely. --I'll keep y'all updated on her...I'm sure there are good things to come! 

Family! I am so happy that you are home safe!! Lets make a deal called next time you leave the country--you have to email me with the subject line "in and safe" when you get home so I can see it on my iPad when I check my ward emails. I was soooo worried that you would die or something else really dramatic!!! Probably because someone told us a story about people he knew that went to mexico and they were riding a vespa and a big van drove by and snatched the wife right off the back!!! CRaAAYYYYZY! So I'm glad that didn't happen to you :) and it looks like you had so so much fun! 

We did lots of tracting finding stuff this week, it was fun. The weather is getting so nice and there are flowers everywhere!!! Have you heard of Magnolia trees!? They are everywhere here and so so so beautiful! and they smell soooo niiiice! 

Mumsie: Thank you for sending the motab cd!! It was like you read my mind! I saw it on facebook and thought, oh i would like that :) then here it is! It's so good! 

Oh on Saturday, we went into the city to see a program the stake put on called The Garden. It was sooooo good! Its a michael mclean thing i think. So good! Look it up. so incredible! 

Love you guys! 

Sister Bailey

By the way, every time we do something fun on p day I think: "Oh myyy goodness I cannot wait to take the fam here! They will love it!!!!" Cause you will :) 

PS I found a pretty mint green eyed cat this week. I liked him. I'll send you pics. Sister menlove was convinced it was a feral cat. It probably was. 
ferral cat


Just your average street in philly...
It's called Magic Gardens! 

MAGNOLIAS!!!! They are evrrywehre

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