Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 | Happy Easter!

Dear Family,

I hope you have all had the chance to watch the #BecauseofHim video at least 13 times. It is so good! and the best best missionary tool! Did you know you can access it on gospel library now? well you can so now you can watch it all day everyday! and share it will everyone you meet! even the cashier at Kohlers. share share share. 

Easter was the best! I had no idea how great it would be as a missionary! Probably my new favorite holiday. Thankfully I'll be able to have two of them out here in the field now that they changed sister missions to 2 years! #hootiehootie oh I forgot they're not announcing that till next conference so keep it on the DL :)

Oh I almost forgot! I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Wright. She is 19, from Thatcher and just very sweet. Been serving in Medford, Jersey. Here's the crayyy part: She just graduated from high school in May!!! like, when spencer graduated! Now that's insanity! She has been out 6 mo. (just a transfer behind me). she likes reading and sports and history kinda stuff, which is perfect because we have lots of history out here. We are planning on going to Valley Forge next week after my doctor appointment and Washington Crossing is like 5 min away from our house so we'll hit that up sometime. I still haven't hit up the historic district in Philly so maybe we'll do that next time we are in the city. I can tell we are going to see many a miracle this transfer. 

Sad: I didn't see sister B yet :( they did transfers different this time (the goldens came in the day after the rest of us did transfers) so she missed normal transfer meeting but get this: She is serving 20 min away from me in Pennypack! So I think we will go see her today :) according to Elder White (AP) They "hooked us up" --ha he called me on monday night to tell me not to worry about not seeing her at transfer meeting because she would be serving real close to me :) #blessed. 

Miracle: Remember Lydia? I think I told you about her. If not, here's a run down: shes 18, lutheren, dropped us 2 weeks ago after we taught her the first 2 lessons (which she loved)--she talked to her pastor and she told her to drop us. Randomly on Saturday night after we were feeling a wee bit discouraged at the way our week had gone, Lydia texted us this, "I had a dream last night that I was baptized at the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church and I was telling everyone that I was Mormon." I was jumping for joy and so excited and freaking out!!!!! I could barely explain to Sister Wright who Lydia even was i was so excited! So we asked her if she thought God was trying to tell her something. She said yes and wants to start meeting with us again! She came to church with us and stayed for all THREE HOURS! I know the 3 hour block is not really a big deal for us who have been doing it all of our lives but for everyone is a really hard thing! at least for most people i've taught it has been hard. Except for Kollie, he's heaven sent :) I'm actually talking to him right now on facebook. :) what a blessing to be able to keep up with our converts while we are still out here serving! 

Louise: The woman we met cleaning Ann's house a while ago, remember her? Well, we met up with her yesterday and she was so happy to see us! So curious and askes so many questions! We gave her a BOM and she said she would read from it! :) YAY! That's what hooks 'em! 

Worst news on planet earth: My dear Sister Smith (MTC comp) is not coming back to Philly. She will be finishing her mission in SLC probably doing church media stuff (which she will be sosososo good at!) Sad news but for the best I suppose. She's really the best and always sends me the BEST lovely things!!! I LOVE HER! 

Mom, you are getting realllll good at sending me packages!!! The easter one was pure gold! for realllll. You are the best mom in all of China! and the rest of the world ;) it was a woolly woolly special easter package #diedlaughing Thank you 10 fold for the tree of life thingy! That is seriously so so cool! 

I love all of you so so much and pray for you literally 300 times a day. for real. Be safe out there! it's a crazy world! 

Love, Sister Bailey 

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