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4/7/14 | Happy Conference!

Herro Famiry,

First of all I need to apologize publicly to Michael Ammon. please
will you be so kind as to accompany Spencer and I on our incredible
journey across Europe? You will be a grand addition considering you
speak...mandarin, you can speak to all the Chinese tourists for us :).

second of all:  I want to let you know that I am writing this on a
train. We are going to Philly today to have the funnest day ever. When
we were waiting at the train station, I was having flash backs to the
mom Jenna and alyssa excursion into NYC...the one where we missed the
train :) that was fuunnnn

 Wasn't conference the best thing that happened to you this week!? It
was so so so so good! We watched it at the church, that was nice. The
bishops family always watches it at the church too so they took us out
to eat (ironically to a place called Cancun) after Saturday afternoon
sesh. I liked how President Monson talked about being more kind. "It's
not often that we get a second chance to be kind" isn't that the
truth! In zone training this week, the STLs talked about first
impressions and how we only get one. One impression to be kind, one
impression to be Christlike. So let's just all be kind and Christlike
always so we don't have to worry about messing up any of those first
impressions. We'll probably be better off in the eternal run if we
start this practice too :)

We had a really cool experience this week. We have been teaching a
girl named Lydia for about 2 weeks now. Her and her mom are moving out
of a rather large house and into a very small condo so we have also
been helping her pack a little bit. We talked to her mom in the
beginning and she wasn't interested to hear anything we had to share
about the gospel. So we decided to go over to Ly___'s while we knew it
was only her mom there to serve her. Doing random tasks form hanging
the laundry to sorting stuff into donate, sell and keep piles. she has
also hired a woman named Lo___e to help her with the same kind of
tasks. We have gotten to know Louise just a little bit but haven't
talked about the gospel with her yet. On Saturday morning, we went to
serve Ly___'s mom again but instead she sat us down to eat with her.
While we ate she inquired about what we were doing out here exactly.
We got to share a little bit about why we are here and how it all
works (she was more interested in the mechanics of missionary work at
this point). Her heart is being softened.

Then yesterday, we were tracting in a neighborhood right next to the
Delaware river. We get to a lavender door that we have knocked before
without an answer so we decide to try it again. A woman answered the
door and said "oh hi! How are you girls doing!?" It took us a second
to realize who this woman was...then it clicked, it was Louise! She
asked us what we were doing and we told her that we were out doing
missionary work! "Well, I'm catholic but come on in!" She said. We
were welcomed graciously into her home and were able to get to know
Lo___e better. When we left she told us to come back next week. As we
were walking away, we marveled at the lords timing in this!

We met another woman named Anna while looking for her daughter (a
potential) named R___. It was the 2 time since we met R___ that we
have been to her house to look for her. When A___ told us again that
Rosa was not home, we were a little bummed and we about to walk away.
Then A___ started asking us questions about our religion and if we
were Christians. We exclaimed that indeed we were and would love to
tell her all about it. She said she would love to hear about it
because her and her family do not have a church but are good Christian
people. We are going to go see her again on Thursday!

So...y'all are in Mexico this week. What a great missionary
opportunity! Hope you brought some of those blue paperbacks to put to
good use! Pray for a missionary opp. And you will get one! Simple and
awesome as that. There's your commitment. Second commitment is to take
100 pictures and send them all to me!! I'm talking play by play
status! And send me something special like a cape or maracas. Just
kidding don't send me those things....though I'm sure I could put any
sort of instrument to good use :) ohhh listen to how fun this would
be!! Find the missionaries in the area and go out with them. (Mrs boss
mrs boss!!) you would love it! And who cares that you don't speak
Spanish....we are trying to teach a woman that only speaks Spanish
right now...that's an adventure :)

Sister heaps just called me. Have I told you about her? She is he best
best best!!! She used to live in Kennet Square. So they went to west
Chester last night for a court of honor and she called to tells me how
much everyone there loves and misses me and lots of other real nice
things. Apparently one of the so nice things they shared with her
about me is how I can make secrets out cause now she wants
me to teach her. So that will be fun! Too bad sister menlove can't
have any, oh i just realized I forgot to tell you!!! Sister menlove is
gluten free! Crazy bus!

Have good week

Ps we're on our way home from Philly now! It was sooooo funnnn!! And
while you are in cancun, PLEASE BE SAFE! Love you!!

Sister B

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