Monday, December 22, 2014

12/22/14 | Merriest of Merries!

Christmas is coming!!!'s practically hereeeee!!!
Whoa, this week was a good one, we were able to be a part of the most
incredible lesson! Last Sunday Bishop Ackerman invited us to come to
his house on Thursday for dinner and a lesson with a member and his
non member girlfriend named Sara. (whoot! IBM). Fast forward to
Thursday night when we arrive at Bishops house, Then Ardit (the
member) and Sara arrive! We greeted them and Sara was all like, I am
so glad it's you!!! uhhh what?? Turns out she was at church last week
and heard us speak in sacrament meeting, she had been worried which
missionaries would be the ones teaching her that night. haha. We had a
wonderful meal and got to know Sara more. She and Ardit had been
dating for a while now and she finally decided that she wants the
gospel in her life. We sat down for the lesson and said a prayer. The
spirit was so strong. Literally the strongest I have ever felt it in a
lesson. We taught the restoration and even though we are not perfect
teachers, the spirit was testifying of everything we taught. Bishop
helped us teach a lot and it was just wonderful. I invited Sara to be
baptized and she said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR
HER! She was trying to describe what she was feeling (the spirit) and
said that it felt like she was finally home for the first time. I
thought that was cool. We explained to her that it was the spirit and
she said it was such a strong feeling you could cut it with a knife!
:) Wow it was good. Then bishop was like, Now, we need to talk about
where you live sara. And I'm all thinking "oh no! They live together
and aren't living the law of chastity and this is going to be a
problem because she can't get baptized until she moves out bla bla
bla...." Then she tells us she lives in Norristown. (wayyy out of our
area, clear next to west chester) So I'm all like "oh thank goodness"
and sister cost is basically crying in the corner because we can't
teach her. Anyways, we were so so sad that we can't teach her but i'm
so glad that she is going to get baptized and that we were able to be
apart of her first lesson. Oh how I hope all of you get an experience
like that in your life time. :)
We also got to teach my new best friend Greg this week. He's 10 and
we're pretty sure he has ADHD. Oh it was a wonderful lesson! We
brought the primary president with us because greg thinks primary is
boring so we brought her to convince him otherwise :). we're sneaky
like that. The lesson went so good, he is a super genius. We taught
him the gospel of Jesus Christ with the gospel nails object lesson. He
loved it! I'll have to show you that one sometime, it's pretty neat.
He also came to the ward christmas party on Saturday!! yay! (but was
sick on Sunday so he didn't get to come to church but guess what that
his (LA) Grandpa came! yay)
We called a girl named Nicole this week to set up an appointment with
her (we are taking over the other  sisters area since they got
transferred and she was in their notes), while we were talking with
her we invited her to come to the ward christmas party and SHE
CAME!!!!!! WHAT?! that never happens! We were so so so excited and she
has 2 of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen! She didn't make it to
church like she planned on but we are meeting with her tomorrow. I
guess her husband is in prison and is a member and when he found out
she was in contact with the missionaries he was so excited, so that's
really good.
We've been meeting with a less active family named the McCrory's and
they are fantastic, they had us over for dinner this week. It will
take a while for them to be reactivated but I'm sure some day it will
happen. Unfortuatly with the boundary changes we have to turn their
teaching over to the Elders. Oh well.
We also got to meet with the Rivera Family. He is a member but none of
the kids or his wife are. We taught them the plan of salvation using
my little cut out buddies and it went so well! I've been making Sister
Cost lead out all of the lessons this week and she's been doing good!
Even though she dosn't think so. At the end of that lessson we invited
them to be baptized, Sister Rivera said maybe but that she wanted her
kids to all be baptized. YAY, maybe isn't no! We have to give them to
the elders too but hopefully we'll see them at church.
I am oh so glad I get to talk to yous this week! Ah I can't even
believe it :). We have christmas conference tomorrow so I'll be
getting your packages then :)! yayyyy. k I don't really have anything
else to say since i'll be talking to you so soon! hootie hootie!

LOVE<3 Sister Bailey

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