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Family!! I love you all so very much do you know that?? We had a wonderful holiday week here in Philadelphia. Thanksgiving day was spent delivering thanksgiving cards to members and investigators and potentials...I know thanksgiving cards aren't really a thing...but we did it anyways :) we had lunch at the Vega's, ohhhhh boy it was so scrumptious!! We had rice and beans instead of potatoes and 100 other yummertonness. The elders were there too. We delivered more cards and visited lots of happy and some unhappy people. Ha one lady was an investigator that had been on our list since we got to the area. We had tried to call her a couple times but she hung up both was awkward. So we decided to be so niiiiccceee and write her a thanksgiving card so maybe we could see what her deal was. we knocked on her door and saw her get up from her table through the glass door. She walks over to the door, stares at us and walks away. Ha, ok fine we'll just leave this really nice card for you byeeee! So that happened then we went to the Menezes for thanksgiving dinner! They are the coolest family and they live like a block away from us. They are super in sister Menezes grew up in the Amazon jungle and ate orangutan because her dad was a hunter. But don't worry we didn't eat that for dinner, we just had turkey :). The most beautiful turkey I've ever seen! That dinner was soooooo gooooood but the best part was getting to know the Menezes better. They invited us to come for Christmas too! Wooohooo. When we were leaving, Gustav (their son), goes "oh! I finally figured out who you look like!!" So I'm like lemme guess Jennifer Lawrence. Yep. So they pull up pictures of her and the girl from divergent I think and they all decide that I'm a cross between the two. Lovely.  
This week we had our first snow day :). That means that the cars get grounded and we get to be cold and creative :) luckily we had a lot of work to do on the area map and organizing the Ward list in LDS tools. I had the whole Ward pinned and organized into area lists then my app deleted itself...which doesn't sound like a big deal but it took be a solid 5 hours to do. But not worries, I just started over and it's all finished now! We have our whole area map covered in color coordinating dots that represent members and other people. 
We were able to use it for our Sunday plans and because we were able to be more organized in our plans, things ran much smoother. The work we've been able to do this week has mostly been finding members. We have so many members on our Ward list that no one knows. We've ran into lots of "they moved 20 years ago" and a few "my husband is against the church" but finally Sunday night, the lord blessed us to had a glimpse of the fruit of our labors. It was 5:35 and we had a dinner appointment at 6 about 15 min away (according to the gps), we weren't sure if we would have enough time for one more stop by but decided that we may as well because we were close. We knocked on the Barton's door. I love how you can always tell if the person answering the door is the less active member you are looking for. There is something in their eyes, almost like "you found me!" Thats the look sister Barton gave us as we introduced ourselves. She was pleased to see us but didn't let on much else. Our conversation was short, but I know she felt the spirit when she agreed to have us come over tomorrow night! Yay! 
Well that's about it from my neck of the woods. Except for that I LOVE sister cost. Seriously she is the best best best. You will all love her too :) I'm on my way to center city for the day so I might be able to send pics on our way home. Byeeeeeee

sister b 

Sister Bailey Loves YOU!

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