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12/29/14 | HNY


I'm emailing you from my couch. :) cause I can. We moved into our new apartment on Friday and let me tell you, it's the nicest thing since our new car. I'll send some pics...maybe. Anyways we love it here even though we don't live in our area anymore and we had to leave all of our Russian neighbors which is ok because we traded them for the best Peruvians in America. 
Ah, it was so good to talk to yous on Christmas! Seriously fun and guess what (mom) I didn't even cry after either! I was on cloud 9! Happiest missionary in the united states! So that was fun, I would say lets do it again but I guess we can upgrade in a few months instead. 
Lets see, lets seee....what has happened this week...We finally got our new area book since the switch up and in turn gave all of our investigators to the Elders. We spent christmas at the Menezes, our favorite Brazilians! They are so wonderful. Sister Menezes made the yummiest dinner! Don't worry I'm stealing all of her recipes so yous can get fat too. 
Speaking of the Menezes, let me tell you about their daughter, Bruna's, boyfriend: Tyrese. Tyrese is the greatest and is always at their house, he comes to church with them every week and he works at 5 Guys. He's a manager there so he always tells us to come in and get a free burger. Anyways, we assumed he was a member because everything pointed at that. Wrong. On friday in coordination we found out that he is not a member! What?! So on Saturday we interrupted our weekly planning session for some free 5 guys. We get there and Tyrese comes to the register, we exchange hellos and then point blank ask him, "Tyrese! you're not a member of the church?!" he laughed and said yeah. We told him we had no idea...bla bla bla how crazy is that..."Do you want to get baptized?!" yes! he said. So we are starting to teach him next sunday at the menezes. yay! And yes, 5 guys is better when it's free :). 
Sister Cost told me she had the best christmas of her life. and I am so so happy :) that was my goal for the day :) 
At church on Sunday, a less active member introduced us to his friend Kevin and told us that Kevin wanted to be taught and baptized. AH! ok :) so we set up an appointment with him on Tuesday (plot twist, i looked up his address and he lives in the elder area soo we had to turn him over Unfortunatly but it's still a cool thing. 
Last night we spent some time at Sister Mirochnick's. She is the sweetest lady! She has had cancer a few times but it went into remission over the summer, she just found out it came back again and is now all over her body so she is starting chemo again in a couple weeks. It's super heart breaking. While we were there the Mauer's showed up and we all ended up eating (the best russian food everrrrr) together. It was really great! The Mauer's have been one of those families that we have been trying to win over for a while (a little bit of the judgy type I think) and I think we did it!!!! Because they invited us over for NYE! YEY. They are super cool and he has the STRONGEST Philly accent I've ever heard. I wish I could bottle it up and send it to you. I'm not super good at the Philly accent but I'll keep working on it so I can show you later :). Unless I've already picked it up and haven't realized it!?!?!? Did I talk funny the other day?!!??. ha. 
We have to teach in Zone Training again this week. Apparently we did too good of a job last time and so they want us to teach again for longer....I'm not super excited about it but I know it will work out. 
GGuys! this is really random but I found something really cool today, It's called Plum Vida (you know the squishy baby food stack we like) and it's Pineapple, Carrot and Mint. Yum. I'm reallllll excited. I'll let you know if it's good. ok as I wrote that I thought that maybe the thing I found should have been a spiritual thought so here's a good one.. by elder holland “You can’t separate Bethlehem from Gethsemane or the hasty flight into Egypt from the slow journey to the summit of Calvary. It’s of one piece. It is a single plan. It considers ‘the fall and rising again of many in Israel’ [Luke 2:34], but always in that order. Christmas is joyful not because it is a season or decade or lifetime without pain and privation, but precisely because life does hold those moments for us." 

II liked that because people out here seem to have an easy time remembering christ at christmas time but then he is gone only to brisk their thoughts again at easter. The Christmas spirit is something we need all year round. Maybe keep that in mind as you set some goals and plans for the new year. Remember the "wise men still seek him" mormon message?? that's a good one too. 
Now for some follow up: What page of the Book of Mormon are all of you on??????? it's not too late to start if you havent yet but remember you only have till March 17 till I come and you get to be tell me face to face weather you have compleated it or not :) 
also did you watch the angels we have heard on high piano guys video??? tell me if you liked it! (ok i already know you loved it so I guess you can tell me how many times you watched it :)) 

Love you all a million hundred. Have a happy happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Bailey Loves YOU!

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