Monday, May 12, 2014

5/12/14 | Happy Monday

Good Morning Utahns!!

How are you doing family?? Remember when we got to talk to eachother
yesterday?? That was so much fun! Lets do it again sometime ok? I
think I have some free time on... December 25th, yeah that should work
This week was lovely, the weather has been so so nice! I'm actually
out sitting on sister heaps porch with her right now :) it is so
niiiice! its supposed to get into the 80's today but back down to 60's tomorrow
...feels like home :) Well, I guess I"ll just give you a
little run down of this week starting with...
Monday : We went to Pennypack again! (seriously, what was president
thinking putting sister bettilyon and I so close together?!?!?) We
went and got the yummiest sushi and did our grocery shopping. It was
wayyy fun. Have I told you about Sister Adams? She is sister B's
companion now and she is sooooo great! you would love love love her!
I'm sure you'll get to meet her one day :)
Tuesday: We found the lovely park I told you about on tuesday, the
washington crossing historic park...super lovely. This is the day i
met my squirrel friend, francis :) he's nice.
Wednesday: We got a HQ referrall and went and taught him! He is from
Liberia and is so prepared! We taught him the restoration and he asked
all of the right questions! We were teaching him about the Book of
Mormon and testifying of it (right after Book of Mormon is pray to
know) and he asks "yeah but how do i know if this is true??" Well let
me tell you bobby! :) it was the greatest lesson and I'm super excited
to be able to teach him! side note: sister wright can't understand all. He just has a think african accent that I have been
blessed to understand :).
Then Wednesday night, we went to the O'rourks. Dan O'rourk is a
member but his mom is not. She is catholic but really likes us, we've
been over a few times. So he's going on a mission (just got his
call!!! to argentina! yay!!!) and so we told his mom, Debbie, that we
could come over and do a role play type thing to show her what dan
will be doing...thats code for how about we teach you the restoration
and baptize you too. We had a great lesson and she asked so many good
missionary questions over dinner. She'll get baptized while he's
serving :).
Thursday : BEST DAY EVER!!! We had Zone conference in Broomall! it was
sooo good! There were 6 Zones there so it was pretty massive. The
mission Doctor and his wife (remember Dr. Ohio?? :)) were there to
give a little health presentation. it was actually really good and
really helpful and I took some good notes that are not with me right
now or else I would spill all of their secrets. President Anderson and
the Assistants all taught us really good things. Zone conference
always uplifts and strengthens. I love it :) In one of the breakoff
sessions, Sister Anderson gave us all a fresh Book of Mormon and had
us write our testimonies in the front along with this little scripture
chain through it--then she committed us to give it out to whomever we
felt prompted to. I'll keep you posted on the miracles that follow ;)
Then we went to dinner at a RC's, her name is Debbie and she was kinda
distraught cause her Cat got AIDs and they had to put it down on
friday morning....
Friday: We had district meeting and Weekly planning! yay! Lydia called
us and postponed her baptism...:( But that's ok, she'll get baptized
Saturday: Pretty Sloopy. This is the day we had our comp inventory
that I told you about yesterday :) hahaha good times in the PPM!
Sunday: Happiest Best Day!!! Happy Mothers dayyyy! Seriously the best
day! We had a really great sacrement meeting and Bobby came to
church!!!! He loved it and stayed for all 3 hours!!!! Hootie Hootie!
Then we went to the Heaps because I told her we would make a Mother's
Day dinner for her because she's like our mom away from mom :) So we
made yummiest grilled chicken and pineapple, Those yummy potatoes
(with olive oil and herbs and stuff that you put in the oven and bake)
good salad and corn on the cob. It was sooooo gooood! We were going to
make some bread but I didn't have the super fast roll recipe (mom
that's the one sister heaps was looking for. i think they are called
yeast rolls....Look on my pinterest account) It was so fun and good!
and we had English KitKats for dessert because Brother heaps was just
in england for work and brought home a bunch of good chocolate! Then
we headed over to Alyssa Cox's house. Alyssa is so great, basically we
are best friends. She got home from her mission when I got to
morrisville. She was in Brazil but had to come home early because of
knee problems (she was out 10 months), oh and Aaron mateer was her MTC
teacher!!! Crazy! Then I called home! fun funnn think about fun! That
rally was fun stuff, i love you family. Then after I called Sister
wright was calling so I got to hang out with Alyssa more, She showed
me mission pics and told me some crazy stories! it was great. Oh and
she also played Lacrosse so we are automatic friends!
And today is Monday : I am doing laundry, writing letters and burning
some cds. I'll probably take a nap too because I can! or we might go
fly kites cause I got one for a dollar at target (when we returned the
massive bookcase). I love kites! and Kittens. and Pikas!!! Especially
pikas. and Bossy pants Mrs. Boss :) ohhh I just thought of a grown up
name for you boss pants! ready for it "Boss Hugo Boss" That can be
your bussiness man name for later in your life.
Ok is it just me or do you all feel in the dark about spencers real
misison??? who knew he had a broken shoulder??? do you feel like that
about me too? Do i not tell you everything??? hmmmm very curious.
Love you all and have a happy week 5!

Love, Sister Bailey

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