Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5/14 | Felize Cinco De Mayo!

Good Morning Familia,

We have taco dinners scheduled for almost every night this week. That's the east costers way of being festive :) I'll take it. That's something I surely miss out her, Mexican food. They try so hard but it tastes like a Cesar salad in a tortilla. So close. 
I was sick this week but no matter, the work goes on. A little girl in our ward was getting baptized yesterday so we invited Lydia to come. She came and loved it! It was awesome because she was able to meet a bunch of people in the ward more and invite them to her baptism next week. yay! Then we taught her the ten commandments. fun. OH and and Saturday we watched the Ft. Lauderdale Temple Celebration!!! Hootie hootie!! Did ya'll see Spencer!? I did. ok not really but i'm sure he was there :) We were watching it at a members home and they all knew that Spencer would be there so we kept waiting and waiting for the missionaries to come. When it was over and we realized they no, they wouldn't be doing a personal interview with an Elder Bailey because he is the best missionary in Flo Rida! So I pulled out my pic of Spencer in front of the temple to show them. Lots of ohhhs and he's really tall and he looks just like you yeah yeah yeah. Then Lydia takes the ipad and zooms in on his face to see better. She goes, he does look like you! Is he married?! um no lyida he is a missionary remember. oh does he have a girlfriend?! cause he should deffinatly have a girlfriend! ok then I took the picture and tried to talk about the spirit and the temple and stuff. *note to self: Don't show pictures of your brothers to teenage girls--it distracts them. 

Highlight of the week: We got home one day and there was this massive box leaning up against our second door (we live in this weird old house so one of the doors just goes into our kitchen and we don't use it) "That's weird, it must be for John" (the neighbor that lives upstairs). So we left it. Then Sister Anderson from the ward texted us about something that was sent to me by accident--don't open it. ok. We didn't realize till later that it was the box we saw earlier. When we tried to bring it in....well that was a struggle. it is like 53 pounds and is at least as tall as me! Then the next morning we brought it to target to return it. #adventuresinthePPM ha we had a good laugh about it mom ;). 
Well, that's about all we did this week. I'm feeling better though so we'll be able to work reall hard this week :) yay!!! We also have Zone Conference in Broomall this week!!!! I'm so so so so so excited! All my favorite missionaries will be there! 

Love you!!!

Sister Bailey 
The Study Nook

Double Rainbow
Philly North Zone!

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