Monday, May 19, 2014

5/19/14 | Happy Monday.

This week was kinda koo koo. I'm really thankful that it is over :). 
Highlight of the week: Lois and Bear.
The Zone Leaders Doubled in and did some finding on thursday. They found us the bessstttt people ever! Lois is a 78 year old lady who carves walking sticks and gardens. She hates wearing shoes and has a pet bird that acts like a dog. It is seriously hilarious. Bear is her husband and had a stroke some years back so he can't talk very much. They are both so sweet and we are going to start softening their hearts with some good old service. 
Service is honestly my favorite thing to do :) We volunteer at a thrift shop 2wice a week and help Lyida with her packing to move efforts on saturdays. It's just fun to help people! 
Thursday was also Elder Reynold's (one of the ZL's) birthday. So his companion (Elder Bloomfield--his family lives right behind Audrey Lee's family!) texted us that morning and asked us to bring candles. We asked if he had a cake and he said no because they were fasting. So we got real creative real quick and got some of that squishy green foam stuff you put fake flowers in for the candles and gathered up all the birthday stuff we could find. Luckily I had some stuff left over from my birthday. Mom sent me a banner that said happy birthday on it (perfect!) I hadn't actually used it for my birthday (sorry) so I hadn't opened it yet. We got to the church before District Meeting to hang it up and blow up some balloons. When I opened the banner...I just started laughing. These are the letters printed on the banner: H-A-A-P-P H-Y-R-T-H-D-A-Y-! close. He didn't notice till we pointed it out though :) 
We had a mini exchange with the Doylestown Sisters on Thursday also. It was great, I went to Doylestown with Sister Shaia and we went to their dinner appointment and I helped her make some grad announcements for one of their investigators (service) Then we came back to Yardley and the training sisters just stayed the night. It was good. 
The Zone Leaders talked with us after they doubled in and ended up giving me a blessing. I kinda hit my breaking point this week so it was much needed. Before the blessing they were talking to us as I expressed some of my concerns. The major one was that I just wasn't happy. I used to find so much joy in the work and now I didn't feel that happiness. Elder Reynolds told me something that no one has ever said to me. He told me that it was actually ok to not be happy. REALLY?! ok. For some reason that was the thing that helped me snap out of my funk. So I'm happy again so far. :) 
Life is just lovely in Yardley. Yous would love it here. It's right along the Delaware River. We actually had a pretty long conversation with Lois yesterday about how there is literally nothing in Yardley...and that's why we love it. They have a pizza shop and some water ice...and that's about it. Today we are driving along the river road to New Hope to do some exploring with the Doylestown sisters. It's going to be so charming. The Pennypack sister's were going to come too but sister Bettilyon is feeling Lymey today :(. 
We found a wild flower preserve in our area this week. It's called Bowman's Hill Wild Flower it. I wanted to go oh so badly but it's closed on monday's...of course. I also saw a sign in front of a nursery that said " Nicest Geraniums in Town!!!" ha, I thought that was really funny for some reason. My companion didn't but I just pretended Mom was in the back seat laughing cause she would have thought it was funny too :). 
We took a lunch break on the little trail by the delaware on Saturday. Then a flock of geese tried to attack us so we took that as our que to leave. Geese are freaky things. I think they just wanted us for our starburst jelly beans. We also saw a woodchuck. yes they are real. She had two babies and they were making a mad dash from the river to their hole. Have I told you that there is a tiny house on Yardley main that's number 114 1/2. We want to move there, it's the perfect size for missionaries. Two more things: Sister Wrights family sent us Sheri's Berries! YUM! and we made taco's this week :) also good. 
Anyways...This letter is getting a bit random. Let's all pray for good news this friday when transfer calls come in :)  Lydia had a new date for August 24th...It's a long way off for many reasons. And Bobby is scheduled to be baptized on June 1st! yay! 
Love Yous! Have a happy happy happy day! 
Love, Sister B. 

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